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Yet Another Testers Needed Thread - Yet Another SMW Hack (closed)
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The hack is now available in the smw hacks selection, its currently in the waiting selection.


I will take this, but you have to wait to the next Friday (GMT+7)

Layout by Koopster
(Please understand that I am not good at English.)

I have played this hack funny.
There is no progress glitch, but I found a minor bug.

I can go over this ceiling. If there was something special here, it would be understandable.

- Here, here and here graphic are strange.
- There is a sally cut-off example of here, here and here.
- This question block does not work. Maybe it was because of the ghostly forest.
- Why does Mario die when I touch this place? Oh I see why I die in this position. Thank you for your answer, KDeee.

There is not much left. But I may have glitches that I did not find, so I'd like to get feedback from others.

I am yoshi9429 enjoying Lunar Magic and Touhou Danmakufu ph3 and RPG Maker MV.

This jump is hard, even I use wall-jumping. I canīt go up anymore.

Layout by Koopster
Originally posted by PMH
This jump is hard, even I use wall-jumping. I canīt go up anymore.

You can grab those blocks on the left(the red ones), stand in top of them and press Y.

- Why does Mario die when I touch this place?
The idea of the level is having weird perspective, for example all blocks are upside down, the level layout itself is on the right side(rotated I mean) and cherries are mirrored(should be, apparently I missed few), so technically "pitfalls" are on the right side, instead of bottom like normally.

- This question block does not work. Maybe it was because of the ghostly forest.
That is weird, same exact block is used many times with same tileset and all no problems, but in this level it just doesn't work(not even if I move it around), I'll have to change it then.

As for the other stuff you posted, I'll fix them in next beta, thanks


I did not stick with this one for very long, got tired of playing rather quickly.

Disabling Start+Select is generally not a good idea. Especially if you expect the player to play your levels more than once to get everything they could want. I spent many lives going to that first stage again in order to get the heart container; granted, I didn't do it the intended way, but I had more fun doing it my way. Just that, every time I failed, I had to go make Mario die.

I did not feel like the existance of the player is accounted for. Basic things like the contrast between different objects in the first Lava Factory level - the chains really did not stand out to me at all, even after I kept using them. Plus, contrast between foreground and background in that level is not very efficient in general - I often forgot the lava existed because it sort of blends with the background, and moving the terrain and moving objects all being of a similar grey... It just... didn't work for me, and I got tired way too quickly. Be very careful about how "busy" your setpieces look.

I liked the attempt to make something different. The more SMB2-esque gameplay and the more SML2-esque map are very much evokative of their source inspiration, and it's a bit different from what generally occurs with SMW ROMhacks. It makes itself rather clear from the outset, which I do appreciate.

I might try this one again later, but I'm not too sure.
(Sorry if my english is bad, I try to do my best)

Let's go !

Welcome to YASH!

Nice introductory level, gameplays are very interesting!
I like this type of hack #tb{^V^}

Moutains Ruins #1

A nice level, good GFX as well as a good level design. But, I don't like the level music.

Mountains Ruins #2

Level similar to the 1st but vertical this time, a nice level.
I spotted this small bug, when I die in the level it misses a block at the midway point.

Moutains Ruins #3

Different from the other, I liked the concept of the two level possibilities. #tb{:j}

Moutains Ruins #4

The first part of the level is correct, but the second part is rather annoying.
Indeed, because of the new abilities (no spin, load on the ground, etc ...), personally I had difficulty to finish this level with that but it is only a personal taste.
Otherwise there is the sprite bug when we get into screenscrolling pipe.

Pirahna Island #1

The Level rather correct but I think screens scrolling pipes are too slow.

Pirahna Island #2

This level is annoying because the small pirahna plants that come out of the pipes are way too slow to come out and get in.
I spotted a weird palette here

Pirahna Island #3

Level rather fun although a bit frustrating sometimes because we do not know too much when it is mandatory to do walljumps
Also I found that these two plants have weird move. (The one on the right moves in all directions)

Pirahna Island #4

A Special level, I did not especially like the 2nd part it is just "waiting" because either one is propelled by cannons or one has to wait 15 seconds in the screen scrolling pipe.

Spooky's Forest #1

Just before leveling up, there is little "2" that has nothing to do in the name of the level in the overworld.
For the level it is rather simple and correct but the music is much too epic compared to the level.

Spoky's Forest #2

Level similar to the previous one, but again I find the music too epic.

Spooky's Forest #3

The first part is correct but the second is very boring, there is too much key to find. There are too many sprites and a few blind jumps.
Also the music still does not match with the level

Spooky's Forest #4

Nice level, although the output is quite complex to find.

Lava Factory #1

This is a good level FG & BG combination is fine.
I noticed that fireballs generate a buggy tile.

Lava Factory #2

This level is not bad, but I find the midway point wrong place it too early.
Note: The thwoms bugs when they fall into the lava.the left tile is not present)

Lava Factory #3

This level is a bit harder than the previous ones quite fun to play.

Lava Factory #4

I like this level, the passages of the thwomps or you have to break blocks with are very well done.
Note: The note block palette is weird

Overall, it's a rather nice hack but I find that it is slightly ruined by the new skills (WallJump, NoSpin, ...), some passages become frustrating and sometimes annoying because of them.
Also in the early world the screen scrolling pipe are very used but they are too slow I suggest a replacement of this with the screen scrolling pipe patch version.
The surprise mushrooms are pretty sadistic. I think it would be better to remove the explosions and instant damage, because it is not possible to avoid
But in general the levels are good.
I hope that will have helped you. #tb{^V^}
Layout by Koopster
Patch notes for beta 2.1
for download see first post.

Mostly just fixing the minor issues, but I made larger changes to 2spooky forest 3&4. I didn't fix some of the minor graphical issues since on some of them I dont know how to fix them, and some requires too much effort for tiny change(I will fix them, but not now).

This is also last beta for now, I want to make more levels but its gonna take me while(Im probably gonna start working on this more frequently on summer) so I guess thats it for this thread unless someone wants to check the changes or something.

Thanks everyone for testing#ab{:)}.


Heyho I've played your Hack (Version 2.0). Still I don't have any clue what the orange mushrooms do. Played on Snes9X v1.54 for Windows.
Sorry for any spelling Errors and my gramma. I hope it worked out to be easy (and right) to read.

So this hack is heavy on free choices. You can choose your world order, you can collect stuff if you want to, you can dig for item's in the gras etc. I've played the Levels after finishing them, because I wanted to collect everything. And I couldn't cound the A Coins by the Layer 3 bar. Therefore: this hack really needs to show, what you have collected in a level (or a world for the hearts) and what not.
And it needs the 'Start + Select to quit a finished Level' feature, so the player can exit a level, which he entered to collect forgotten stuff. And I don't see why I have learned to look up and down for if not to get the tutorial heart.

The overworld... is this a Demo version? I know that the SMB3 OW was ugly too but... Anyway's if you want that style than at least have curved lines to Show Marios paths. Thats easy to do.
So as a Player you start the hack, have the tutorial level and than you walk your way over the overworld after understanding the quest -> Press switches. But I was to desorianted. It's about searching the path yourself, but therefore there is too less to find. SMW gives you OW Even's use them! Give be stuff for playing the world. The Main OW is so boring that it would be perfect to expand it further and further with your Progress.
If the OW would have some grassland levels so the player could practise the new moves before he enters a world, he would feel way safer because he wouldn't go instantly in an area with undefined difficulty.

Soo. I played it Mountain, Forest, Pirhanaisland, Lavaworld and Special. First I went into the Forest area where I was overstrained and left. Then I went to the "Mountain" area (Which seemed more like ruins)and than the difficulty was okay for me.

Mountains: very heavy on exploration and I love that. And I wonder why the flying block dont take place in MOUNTAINS. A place with differing hights. It would be cool to have it, just placed in a gras tile you dig out so you can have fun with it. Level 4 is my favorite in the hack BUT there is this one Thing with those pipes... okay they are to slow, I think you know that. But: I really hate it, when a pipe sends me somewhere and than it doesn't send me back. If I left something behind the game punishes me for testing pipes. If you need to have one way pipes, please mark them with coloures or a arrow or so. It's frustrating this way.

There was some Out of bounce stuff too, but I didn't play the latest Demo so I'll hold back with that.

The OW Level to enter the Final World: Why the Message Box? It's obvious, I mean please it's useless and every gimmick in a jump 'n' which is explained by Gameplay is gold!

The Palaces: Those are perfekt for the difficulty curve. If you use these blocks in the 4 worlds you can make difficult worlds easier by playing the other world before. That'd be a even better use for those than the original because the original didn't give you so many choices.

The Muncher/Pipe/Pirhana Island... I did not like this world. Due to the 404 Level 0 Problem which was killing my Progress in a Level every time I found a pipe I could enter out of all those hundreds. Probably because of that I didn't even find the heart in this world... sorry. And I have the feeling this is the hardest world. Maybe it's supposed to be this way and I was just dumb entering it before the Lava world.
Exploring in this world is so hard due to the flame throwing pirhanas and basically no ground to stand on safely. Sorry I don't have much to say about this world, just give the Player more to throw, so he doesn't feel so helpless.

Forest world: Man that's not spooky at all but it's really good. Only the one foodball seems out of place but I think you will fix that anyway. I loved this door in #2 and I love the Music and the graphical use.
I like the Ghost house. (even though it is overloaded with 1-up's and the out of bound look's so dangerous as a player.) So that and the Mountain area where my favorite.

The Lava world: I like the design. It's easy to die but not if you are patient. There are to many powerups. I pretty much never got hit by something that didn't instant kill me. This world is to easy to be number 4. It's hard enough to be number 2/3 and with less powerups it may be a good number 3.
I found even the heart to easy to get, with the hint right before it. It's likely that you don't make it up those blocks before the pit and you get it by accident so the message box is: First) Uo obvious. And Second) In the wrong place or level.

So the difficulty curve didn't work out for me. The level's didn't really get harder but you get more lifes and practice playing so it's close to a constant difficulty but due to your progress it's even getting easier. (exept of Pirhana) I'd like it more getting harder and harder even if you search for hearts. It'd be perfekt if the worlds get harder in a fair way but so that you really want to search for them. Give me a reason to go back and search for them, when I have 6 hearts. With 6 it's hard to get killed by anything else than lava or death pit's.

That's it for now. I think I'll play it again after some versions so I can see the progression. It was fun even with Pirhanapipeland. <.< Okay the rest was really cool, maybe a bit to easy but okay, let it be a easy hack.
I'm hoping to see this hack grow, please continue with updates it.

Hey ShadowFantasie3710, you isn't a tester.

Layout by Koopster
@PMH Ooh sorry. Hope it's not to late to register afterwords?

Ok. Let's start.
Welcome to YASH!
A nice beginning.
Pirahna Island #1
The level is ok, but the scrolling pipe is too slow.
Pirahna Island #2
The level is very annoying because there are too many nipper plants. They also come out and get in the pipe slow.
Pirahna Island #3
A sprite bug here
I'll play others level later.

Layout by Koopster
Quick note on the smb3 pipes since everyone is complaining about them:
-I cant change the speed(according to instructions it came with, its buggy or something)
-I can make them to go both directions, I'll look into it
-Some sprites glitches up when you are inside the pipes, its bug with the pipes themselves and I dont know how to fix them(I'll have to ask GHB since he made it)

Orange mushrooms are random mushrooms, they have random effect(acts like mushroom, gives 10 coins, explodes, hurts mario or gives 1-up)

Also where did you get into the error room in pirhana island? I'll look into other stuff you mentioned later.


(Wow now I found the OW pipes leading to the Mountains.)

Patchnotes. That's really cool. This is Version 2.1

(I don't want to spam pictures so here are only the links)

In #4 of Pirhana Island if you have the mid Point and reenter the Level. Than you end up in the Error room:

All These Error rooms are in #1

These are the pictures of the pipes: (2nd one)

If you enter these pipes they lead in a bonus room. And in there these pipes are the ones leading to the Error room.

EDIT: This one in Mountains too:

"Works" the same way.
RC 1.0 patch notes
Download (RC1.0) 8.6.2017 (DD/MM/YY)

New version available for testing, there are many changes and new levels available.

Since I know many people dont bother with A-coins(aka yoshi coins), and if you dont want to collect them normally(dont worry, I personally tested that you can get all of them) theres debug room next to the very first level(it will be unavailable in the final version). Its only there because the challenge world requires specif amount of a-coins to access.

If you already played last beta(note, I dont recommend to use old save due to changes A-coin locations and overworld, it can cause bugs/glitches), at least play these levels again:

2spooky forest 3
Pirhana island 2
Pirhana island 4
Bowsers Castle
All of Challenge World


First of all, this is the first test where i'm not gonna give points for a level anymore. It's not neccesary to do so because I feel like the score does not give an accurate representation of how much I enjoyed the hack.

Moving on.
Title screen: Not too bad at all, but it's very loud and the 'Press Start' button does not fade when you actually press start. Feels a little bit unneccesary.
Welcome to YASC: This hack is already off to a more than decent start. The level is constructed nicely, the secrets are hidden enough i just the right manner and you have enough time to learn how the new blocks and SMB2 mechanics work. One thing that should be noted is that you can get on top of the level with a Propellor Block if you backtrack with it to the part just after the hidden pipe. Also, jumping on a trampoline with such a block in your hands will make Mario move off it rather awkwardly. It's nothing major, I just like to point that out. You also get a coin when you hit an exchange block, making the cost 9 coins if you have more than that.

I'm gonna do the worlds in order of difficulty, so i'm first going to go to the Mountains, before heading to the Piranha Island, etc. Let's go!

The Mountains
Mountain Ruins #1: The level is solid, but it has some pretty big oversights I would suggest looking into. The level has two midway points, which is particularly weird since they are almost right next to each other. I'm not sure what the purpose is to do such thing. The level also slows down to immense proportions just after the second midway point on the mountain, because of many sprites needing to be loaded at once. Last but not least, if you take a Propellor Block into the second pipe with the last A-Coin, it turns into a glitched sprite that can be thrown but not stomped on. Now I understand why it gets destroyed in other cases, but not here.
Mountain Ruins #2: First of all, I died randomly while lifting on a Hoopster while he didn't do anything for like 20 seconds. Something else that only started bothering me now is the fact that you get pushed back a bit when you get hit. That's not much of a problem in horizontal levels but it can be frustrating in levels like this, where you can fall down to the start when you have bad luck. The last A-Coin is painful to collect because you need great timing to kill the Nipper Plant and still hang on the vine because otherwise it takes quite a lot of time to get back. This may all sound quite negative but the level is decent otherwise, if a little boring.
Mountain Ruins #3: Yikes. I'm sorry, but this level was very painful to get through. The bottom part is relatively easy and pretty okay to play, but the top part is CARNAGE. So many Bob-Omb Bros., so many trick blocks that break when you step on them and the part with the vines has a really unfair part where you basically have to take hits below the A-Coin. Collecting the A-Coins was really brutal too. It seems like you are forced to fall down after collecting the first 2, and that gets stale in a very quick tempo. The 3rd is fine to collect when you know what you're doing, but if you don't, you quickly have nothing to use against the Turn Block wall. You can get stuck there for multiple reasons if you're not careful. The fourth one lets you have forced hits twice, and the final is a bit too obvious. Once you go down at the end, the level is suddenly underwater. I don't think that was meant that way unless i'm missing something. Overall a weak and frustrating level.
Mountain Ruins #4: Sadly, this level wasn't very entertaining as well. The difficulty has spiked in really annoying fashion. The ideas are nice, but they have not amused me too much as of yet. The controls are starting to get wonky as well. SMB2 mechanics together with the regular SMW ones don't exactly work well as of yet. The second A-Coin is very confusing to get too. Do you need a P-Switch? If so, I can't find it. What's the use of the trampoline too if you can't bring it with you to the second half? Last but not least, the Nipper Plants look glitched when killed by a vegetable. There are lots of issues with this level and I hope that it's difficulty gets calmed a bit. For a 1 star level, it doesn't feel like that at all.

Overall, this world needs a lot of polish, especially difficulty-wise. Hopefully Piranha Island has better quality because the potential is there.

Hack progress: 6/8 exits
Play the demo right here!
Also, jumping on a trampoline with such a block in your hands will make Mario move off it rather awkwardly.
Im not sure what causes this, since its the only level where it happens. But since you can still access the pipe there without it its just silly glitch(I have no idea how to fix it so..)

The level has two midway points
There are two because of the two paths, so that player dont miss it if they take path without one and dont explore the part with it.

And I dont know how you are getting major slowdown in part afterwards since I tested it multiple times on real hardware(and snes9x too) and theres only very slight slowdown there

I died randomly while lifting on a Hoopster while he didn't do anything for like 20 seconds.
Hoopsters are bit buggy in many ways, and theres only one version of them in the sprites selection so I cant really do anything about them, sadly

Something else that only started bothering me now is the fact that you get pushed back a bit when you get hit. That's not much of a problem in horizontal levels but it can be frustrating in levels like this
You can fight back the knockback by holding the opposite direction of the knockback(did that make any sense?), but this is only vertical level where it can be annoying so its fine

The last A-Coin is painful to collect because you need great timing to kill the Nipper Plant and still hang on the vine
uhh.. You dont need to hang on the vine to kill it(I dont even know how you can hang on vine and hold veggie in the first place, although I think you can do that with snifh's)

On the left side of the on the top there are two veggies, and you just throw them straight and it easily kills the nipper. Nothing painful about it.

Mountain Ruins #3
I had the feeling that the top part is bit too hard so I'll take look at it. The vine part is easy if you dont hold down Y/X(so you dont grab omb-bombs while climbing) and you can use that to kill the bomb bros easily, and get A-coin too. It just takes little timing and patience.

Once you go down at the end, the level is suddenly underwater.
I have no idea how this could possibly happen, none of the secondary exits has the undetwater setting set or anything, and I cant replicate this at all. Must be some weird, rare bug.

The second A-Coin is very confusing to get too. Do you need a P-Switch?
You mean the one on lower route behind smb1 blocks? You are supposed to grab shell from shell bro and use it to break the block(s).

What's the use of the trampoline too if you can't bring it with you to the second half?
To get into the upper route(and use it to bring shells where the spring is to get the A-coin, but throwing the shell up there is what I intended for that a-coin), I guess I should remove the vertical pipe above the midwaypoint so that player cant just walljump over there.

And can you be more specif about the difficulty? Im really unable to tell whats hard and not since Im skilled with platformers(and I made this hack so I naturally know how everything works) so just saying X is hard doesn't mean anything to me so its hard for me to make something easier when I dont know what part is too hard.


I'll respond to your answers when i'm done testing. Don't worry, i'm not ignoring you on this. It may take a lot of time though.
Now that that is out of the way, I can move on to...

The Piranha Island
Piranha Island #1: I haven't got a lot to say about this one. The design is decent and the graphics are too, but there are a few errors. Sprites can pass through the pipes, which causes graphical errors and causes the level to become a little more difficult for negative reasons. The mushrooms also suffer from that, because when you touch them, they get stuck in the ground. Something tells me that wasn't intentional. Last but not least, some pipes lead to about the beginning of the level. Sure, you can take a pipe and you will be back in a while, but it remains a pain in the back because travelling through pipes is pretty slow. You can also walk back though, which makes this problem not as tiring. I would still reccomend changing that up. Overall though, this level is quite good.
Piranha Island #2: Dang. I wish I could say positive things about this level, but I can't. There are many unfair moments that could anger a person easily. Having the Nipper Plants come out of a pipe non-stop and not letting them stop when you're near is frustrating, and the same problem goes for the few sideways Piranha Plants here. The message box is trollish because it's difficult enough to already. Finally, the donut blocks fall too quickly and don't seem to respawn, which bugs me because the secrets aren't exactly worth it. Nope, this is not a well designed level but it did catch a nice SMB3 feeling. Always think of the positives as well I guess.
Piranha Island #3: This level is good. I enjoyed to play through this one quite a lot. Sadly, I still have some problems with it. The hidden 1-Up turnip at the part right past the start is unneccesary. You can get enough 1-Up in this level anyway and you recover your health which makes the nearly forced hit a little questionable. Furthermore, there's a pipe that leads you some way back instead of slighty further in the level, and i've seen that before. It's kind of irritating and it makes the travel feel more like a punishment than a reward for finding it. Change that up a bit and you're all good on this one.
Piranha Island #4: This one has a lot of troubling things to get rid of. You can exploit the secret pipe in the area above ground and get as many 3-Up Moons as you want by taking the 4th path, exiting, and coming back again to do the same. It's useful to get 99 lives but I don't think that is supposed to happen. The first mushroom underground is difficult to get to with the jumping Nipper Plant in the way and there's a 'shroom a little bit upwards anyway, making this one unneeded. There are a few instances of unfair hits again with the Piranha Plants and Nipper Plants not pausing when you get near like in #2. Tryclyde is okay but shoots too many fireballs at once and has an awkward hitbox at his tail, making this tougher than it needs to be. Lastly, and I should have mentioned this before, the ! block in the message block has the right half of the block on the left and vice versa, which is probably not intended. As a whole the level is well designed, but take these notes into account.

Overall, this is a pretty sweet world and it's suprisingly easier than the one with 1 star difficulty. However, some pretty obvious glitches and exploits, plus some cheap hits holds me back on liking this more than I did. Fix those issues and you may have got something very good in your hands.

(I believe this makes my test points total the highest overall at the moment of writing, so an indirect thank you for making this hack available.)

Hack progress: 6/8 exits
Play the demo right here!
Guess who's back. Back again. Minuy's back. Tell a friend.
Let's go.

The Lava Factory
#1: Only now i'm realising that the orange mushrooms are a bad idea. They give random effects each time you eat one, so you can never predict if it's going to be an extra life or an unfair 'forced' hit. I don't like it and would suggest changing that. The Buzzy Beetles in this level aren't really nice too. They fall while they are right above Mario, which is bothersome to me because i'm really used to the SMB3 behavior where they fall a few blocks before him, and thus they are hard to dodge. Not only that, they don't roll on their shells and instead walk like nothing's happened, and to the right instead of the left to add to the unpredictabillity. Sadly, there are issues with the lava pillars too. They cut off with the regular lava quite blatantly and stay up for a very long time too. ANOTHER issue (i'm sorry) is that there's a Shy Guy near the start of the level that doesn't always appear, making it more difficult to get the two Musrooms in that area. And i've barely even reached the halfway point yet. The Message Box later on gets in the way of your jump and makes it incredibly tight and annoying. The 3rd and 4th Advance Coin are almost impossible to get without getting hit.
That's all I could find. I had to use save states because I was really sick of this level. I'm sorry, I can't find something positive here other than the not broken graphics.
#2: This level is a major improvement over the last one. It is more relaxing, a better balance of difficulty and relatively brief. However, there are still quite a lot of mess ups that could easily be solved. The right side of a Thwomp's body disappears when he falls into lava most of the time, and it's unbeleivable you didn't notice that before. There are MAJOR lag spikes in the section right after the message box and near the end with the Ball 'n Chains. The 3rd Advance Coin is once again very difficult to collect without getting hit or having luck with RNG. That's all I could find in this level. It definetly has given me a sigh of relief. Fix the issues I mentioned and the quality will steadily improve.
#3: Looks like the quality and fun of the levels is improving the further I go. The only really interesting thing I found is that Mario goes ballistic when a moving platform is close to a ceiling and you don't duck. That should be easily changeable. For the rest, props for a decently designed level. It's not great by any stretch of the imagination, but it works.
#4: I will repeat the statement I mentioned in level 3. This level is quite decent. There are a few inconviniences i'd like you to solve, like the inexcusable floating Sumo Bro flame at the the start of the level (seriously, how did you glance over that?) and the Thwomp Boss having an odd hitbox, being so straight in the middle that the sides don't hurt one bit. It also causes the boss to remove blocks that are above a block that hasn't been broken. Lastly, the same problem with Thwomps dissapearing partially when they hit lava counts here too. Otherwise i'm good.

Overall, this world started off being really frustrating and buggy, but ended up being solid but unsuprising and with a handful of easily noticable oversights. Things are only going to be more difficult now for me, so please cope with eventual critcism and frustration, even more than what I have talked about this time.

Hack progress: 6/8 exits
Play the demo right here!
(seriously, how did you glance over that?)
Because it didn't bother me, but I fixed it. (Same with twhomps when they touch lava, but I have no idea how to fix that).
I also fixed other stuff you mentioned, but so far its too minor to update the rom.

I also posted update almost week ago(rc 1.5), which mostly fixes stuff in challenge world along with some minor fixes and improvements(im mentioning this in case someone didn't notice).


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