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Staff Spotlight - April 2017
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Happy middle of April!

For this month's Spotlight, I interrupt my VLDCX judging with no shame to interview MaxodeX - he's the most recent addition to the staff team, yet is already one of the most hard-working section moderators. He's been helping out a lot to clean up our music submissions! Also a really rad guy and a personal friend for years and I have no idea how he has never been awarded MotM or something, smh

Koopster aight let's start!!!!!!!!!!!!
MaxodeX !!!!!!!!!!
MaxodeX im shaking
Koopster same
Koopster interviews are always the most awkward thing for the interviewer lol
MaxodeX why tho?
MaxodeX I better start writing formally now probably
Koopster cause the interviewer doesn't act natural
Koopster it's especially bad for people I don't know tho
Koopster alright it starts from the greeting
MaxodeX I see, lel
Koopster no scrap the greeting I'll just ask the first question lol
Koopster ahem

Koopster So, Max, how did you get into SMW hacking??
MaxodeX what a classic
MaxodeX It all began when I was like, I dunno? Probably 7 or 8 years old (dam, ten years ago). I had 0 experience with the internet, and I was just looking for a SMW ROM online since I had lost this cool CD where I had a few trillion SNES games. I then found a link in a site called Taringa (shoutout to latinos), but instead of containing just SMW, it also had Lunar Magic 1.63 on it and a minitutorial video, explaining it was a program that allowed you to make your own levels. That got me excited real quick since what kind of child wouldn't get excited about making your own stuff out of one of your favorite videogames?? I eventually started looking for videotutorials on YouTube which 9 times out of 10 included a link to SMWCentral, so that also answers how I found this site. 😉
Koopster I wish every SMW download had Lunar Magic in it. Think of how big SMWC would be today :p
MaxodeX (dam)
Koopster er I mean think of how many people would experience the fun that is SMW hacking!
MaxodeX oh the joy

Koopster Hacking such a simple game is pretty fun to do, so I'm not surprised you stuck around for so long, but I'm pretty sure porting also played a role.
Koopster You've grown to be one of the site's most experienced porters and you're also a guitar player today! So tell me, how did you get into that? Did you start porting because you had interest in music, or was it porting that got you into music??
MaxodeX That's a really cool question! Porting definitely played a role into staying for so long here, heh.
MaxodeX Actually, now that I look back on it, I began playing guitar almost at the same time I tried my hands at music porting. Fact is, I've been into music ever since I was born since my dad would constantly feed me with his music-- he has an entire room in the house for his few thousand CDs and vinyls, but I didn't have interest in making music until I reached 7th grade, where I was told I needed to choose an instrument for the class. I chose guitar, since almost every song I heard back then was prominently guitar music.
MaxodeX That was the same year I joined SMWCentral; I was working on my first hack (rip) and seeing how some of my friends had started making graphical rips and ports, I went "maybe I should learn a skill as well, everyone else seems to know one". It was funny, because since I had 0 knowledge of music at all, I used my guitar for getting the right notes in some of my first ports, or I tried to play Mega Man X songs in my guitar by listening to the ports I'd made. I hadn't noticed I used to port alongside my guitar a lot, haha.
Koopster That's pretty interesting! Man, classes asking for the students to pick an instrument? I wish my school had done this :o

Koopster You mentioned your first hack. The Ancestor's Treasure, was it? I remember playing the demo ages ago... you lost it, right? :(
MaxodeX rip in peace, you were good son real good.
MaxodeX I was crafting it to be a great "first hack". I was very cocky and I knew first hacks were considered to be really bad and not worth uploading, which is why I was aiming for it to be the exception!
MaxodeX rip
MaxodeX Recently I got a nostalgia attack and decided to "restart" it, which is kind of just taking the best plans I had for it and retaking the good ideas I had which I executed poorly. I hope someday it sees the light of day-- I really want to be able to say "I've made a complete hack/game!". 😃
Koopster Nice! Good luck with this new incarnation!! I was about to ask you about your current projects :p
Koopster So... you got any projects you've been crafting up, other than this hack? 🤔
MaxodeX Thanks for the good vibes!!
MaxodeX I think I haven't been planning much for ROM hacking lately, honestly. I've simply dedicated to making random ports, entering contests/events, and generally simply wandering around the music forum. Also had in mind to make more use of the BRR section; I think I'll attempt to make samplebacks of various real-life instruments (like famous electric keyboard samples).
MaxodeX However, I have been thinking lately about trying my hands at a game making program (Game Maker Studio, Unity, what have you), at least for the experience in programming and more game design, and also been sort of happily busy with a band I formed in college (my first good band like finally), playing around at the streets and the university's studio. This is also sort of motivating me to get me more into composing original music, since I was never really confident about my composing skills, and it will most certainly come in handy for both a game project and a band project! I hope that by the end of the year I could make a simple platformer game which can lead me into bigger and more ambicious projects. 😃
Koopster Oh wow, that's really neat!! Best of luck with that stuff, man! Also having a band sounds totally amazing 😄
MaxodeX It is! Especially with non-crappy musicians like at schools ❤️
Koopster lol
Koopster I wanna see you guys playing live one day tbh
MaxodeX We'll publish a video whenever we're good enough!

Koopster So you've been on SMWC for approximately 20 years. What are your thoughts on the site? The people, the way everything's handled, moderation, etc. To you, has it changed, for the better or for the worse, from the time you've joined to now?
Koopster You've also been hired to moderation pretty recently. How has that experience been so far?
MaxodeX (tfw 20 years)
Koopster we're getting old D:
MaxodeX I always found this site to be really well organized. There's so many people involved that it's kind of hard to find something broken or subpar sitting around for very long. Especially these days, the PR team is doing amazing efforts in the forums and social media stuff like never before, and I think it's great. To be frank, I don't see much a difference in moderation since I joined until today, in the sense that things have simply changed according to the times and current tools and resources we have available today. What I do see is an increase in quality standards, which used to be a problem back then as you generally found bad or mediocre resources very often; nowadays you're much more likely to run into a really good port, graphic drawing or custom sprite/patch, which is fantastic.
MaxodeX The community is another story though. With how much the site's grown lately, it's slowly been divided into small groups that have all sadly been earning their own reputation. #smwc is a desert now that people prefer to talk in separate channels with their own groups, and rarely these groups interact with each other. I dunno, it makes me a little sad since everyone seemed to be closer to one another back in 2011-2014. This is the reason I love big contests and events so much, like VLDCX; these tend to bring people together for a short time and share ideas and it's really cool. There's so many extremely creative people in here it blows my mind! And usually people get along and help each other out. That's one of the things I haven't seen changed, and it makes me happy it's still that way.
MaxodeX About my own promotion, at first I was sort of intimidated by both how much there was to do and the fact I was new and basically had no idea where to start or what exactly should I take into account, and was afraid I'd get called out for doing a dumb (luckily hasn't happened (yet)). I asked around a little and got an idea more or less, and to be honest I've found it really fun, haha. I just could use a hand from time to time though . . . it's a lot of work!
MaxodeX mfw giant answers 🙄
Koopster aka good answers 👌
MaxodeX n0ice
Koopster About the community, I can see that as well... hopefully more frequent contests and the monthly gaming will help get people together again!
Koopster Also thanks a lot for you work as a mod so far, you've been doing really well!! 😁
MaxodeX Thank you!!

Koopster That wraps up the main part of the interview. Time for the classic quick and random questions!
Koopster Are you ready? (This is the first question)
MaxodeX oh boy
MaxodeX bring it
Koopster Favorite guitar brand?
MaxodeX Fenderrrrrr
Koopster Favorite musician or band?
MaxodeX Led Zeppelin and John Mayer booi
Koopster Do you like shrimp?
MaxodeX whoever doesn't like shrimp is either lying or just a weirdo tbh
Koopster wowie (shrimp is just ok)
Koopster How do you think you will place in VLDCX?
MaxodeX Obviously, 1st place. Realistically, probably between 20th and 30th place . . . (hopefully)
Koopster How do you think Prizm will place in VLDCX? 🤔
MaxodeX whos prizm
Koopster How do you think Pinci will place in VLDCX? 😱
MaxodeX my boy let's hope for the best
Koopster 🙏
Koopster Will you port K K Ska (Aircheck) for Hobz (guest question)
MaxodeX Only if I get a kiss.
MaxodeX (sure 😃)
Koopster Ok, I'll pass the requirements on!
MaxodeX lmao

Koopster Alright!!! Got any final words before the interview is oficially over??
MaxodeX FIRST: Sorry for the huge answers, readers! 🙏
MaxodeX SECOND: Thanks for choosing me this month!! I'm really flattered and grateful ❤️ I promise I'll keep doing my best unless college swallows me alive forever! And I hope to see SMWC becoming even better than it is today and more. Shoutout to the staff team and to Reznor too. xoxo
Koopster aww :3 ❤️
Koopster Thanks for your time and for the great answers!! And that's been April's Staff Spotlight, everyone - see you next time!

MaxodeX you were right it was awkward for the interviewer LOL
Koopster LOL
MaxodeX it was fun tho
Koopster 😳

shoutouts to emojipedia
Ayyyy Maxo!

This guy has worked his ass off the moment he got promoted and wiped off all the dust that was starting to exist in the music section. Kudos to you man, you deserve it.
Yo Maxo o/
Well deserved, you've been working hard ever since you were promoted. Congrats!

Congrats, Maxo, this is really deserved.
Originally posted by Koopster
MaxodeX Only if I get a kiss.

Nice, Maxo is on again lol

I should probably thank you for helping me with my ports and stuff tbh, since you were probably the only one which did help me, and I'm grateful for that. Keep up with the rockin' tunes too, man! #mmxbros

Also (really) late, but congrats on being a music mod! I dont think I would be able to do that as well, though, since MML is just not for me anyway (I probably wouldnt be able to optimize my ports to SMW anyway if it wasnt for a really helpful person), so good job on cleaning up the waiting SMW music field for me and everyone else. lol
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are there other music moderators besides Maxo? LOL

Congrats Maxo, you're doing it very well, completely deserved
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread

Congrats Maxo-Maxo Dex!

Also I prefer long interesting interviews instead of super short ones with nothing new added on. Hence my interviews used to be super long (in both content and time spent too).

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