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Himajin Super Mario World 2017 Edition (current version is: 1.0) By Konata Izumi
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Hack Testing - Himajin Super Mario World 2017 Edition (current version is: 1.0) By Konata Izumi
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No screenshots, because that would ruin the suprise :P
Hi, I'm a signature!
Hack Thread
Hack Testing Status: Available.
Layout by Koopster.
(Sorry if my english is bad, I try to do my best)

Yoshi's Modded Home

Took of the Thwomp Boss. (I think it's a test)

Here we Go!

I'm not a fan of the level design, putting screens scrolling pipes all over the level is not really a problem but sometimes the foreground is not good, like here.
There are also some problems, there are two small cut-offs here, a major slowdown here and a tileset problem here.

(WIP) Enemy Yoshi

The idea of ​​using a generator block is not a bad idea but there are some problems, the chunks have very weird animations sometimes like that or that. The balloons of the chunks remain frozen to the ground I prefer to say it because for me it is not normal.
Adding a "Side Exit" or a provisional goal, because being forced to die troubles me a little.


The level design is not bad, it lacks a few decorations and some passages are similar which makes the level a little empty at times, so it is way too short I finished this level in 14 seconds.
There is a small problem that bothers me these blocks should be on top because they make it cut-off with the decor.
Also when I finish the level in the overworld I heard the action of the Yellow Switch Palace.


This level started good but ended a bit bad.
In the beginning the level design was correct, it was not too empty I liked the use of the Cave FG with the palette used for the Layer 2 this gives a beach effect.
But after that, it's already the midway point and besides this pipe take me to the end of the level.
The second part is a bit empty no decoration, no coins, moreover here when I go up I do not know that sprites fall on me. I think about preventing them from falling it's pretty annoying, i find.
This level could have been better.

A b s t r a c t

I would admit that the level looks abstract but is not good.
I really find no fun in this level, already because in almost all the level there were slowdowns.
For me there is not a great work in this level, it is rather repetitive and boring.
The sprites are placed a little randomly, the level is bland, almost no room, no decoration.
This level deserves to be reworked.

#1This is a Castle?

A very strange level. The first part contains too many sprites which causes a lot of slowdowns, the palette of the fireball is weird the same for screens scrolling pipes.
Also the atmospheres are too different one passes from the normal to a ice castle without particular reason.
The final part outside is far too boring, too long and too repetitive.
Moreover, you use the midway point for a goal, but it makes not very good, you can use the Map16 to take the tileset of the Goal point and modify his palette. (because i think it's because the palette of the goal point is weird)

Dusk Walk (WIP)

For the level design the first part and correct although there is no background i think it's better is you insert a 8-bit background.
The second one is too repetitive it's just platforms and koopas.
I think using a 8-bit foreground is not good for your style of level design.
Also the midway point don't work.

Plains Night (WIP)

It's the same level as before but backwards. There are exactly the same problems as before.
Repetitiveness, no background ...
Besides the midway point does not work, but compared to the previously level, I'm teleported in the void.

Generic Ice 2

The level is short, and a little empty. Also the disposition of the sprites is bad at first there are a lot of sprites and then... nothing.
Also there is a muncher that is replaced by a bugged tile.
This level must be continued, it is too short.

Overall, the hack have good ideas but they are generally badly exploited.
Also many levels are repetitive or are badly built.
The difficulty of the hack is also quite random at first it's easy after it's hard, then easy and normal ...
Some levels are not very worked, I take for example "A b s t r a c t", the idea was not bad but the level it is not at all worked.
Also, it would be better to have your overworld to you and not that of Mario World.
The hack have potential it would just have to work properly your levels.

I hope that's help you.

Note: 3.5/10
Layout by Koopster
Title Screen

The foreground looks fine, just the Pipe being right in the ledge looks a bit wierd.
The corners of the Blue and Green Border don't look to good. replace them with a different tile.

Introduction Screen

I like that you used the Custom Text thingy. everything looks fine, but not the background.
Having only one color in the BG looks weird, and it kind of hurts my eyes too.


You could have tried to make a new one, but whatever. But there's still some things that i don't like on the OW.
For example A purple Super Nintendo Logo and a bit of cutoff on the brigde, This on the main map and That.
But i like your music choice. even tough the one on Yoshi's Island doesn't fit, but it's an unedited OW anyway.

Yoshi's Modded Home

The Water in the Background doesn't look good, try to change it to pallete 7
The cement blocks and the Switch Palace Tiles look kind of weird.

Why does the green pipe lead me to a custom thomp boss fight?
The boss spawns Net Koopas, with glitched graphics. I guess you changed the hopping flames to net koopas yourself, for whatever reason, maybe you got the wrong sprite number.

After i defeated the Boss, i got the first castle destruction scene, and then this happened.

Here we go!

The level does look kind of weird. You can get stuck here, and when you already have a mushroom, you can die by jumping up to the cement block above the small pipe, also, the small pipe doesn't have a good pallete.

A bit of cutoff here.

Is that first white Pipe supossed to lead me somewhere? because i come right out of it when i enter.
That 3 Up moon is way to easy to get.
The rest of the Level was pretty okay.

Enemy Yoshi

I honestly had to laugh a bit when i saw the bouncing Yoshi.
The Block that gives you Throw Blocks could have a better Pallete.

This looks... very broken. And this too.
Also, some Sprites dissapear becasue of the Sprite Memory.

And then the Level just ends. You could add a side exit.


I thought this was an unedited Yoshi's Island one at first.

The Level was pretty Flat and Short.


The Palletes look weird, but the Background Pallete really could use some work.
That pipe with the R over it leads me to an Exit?
Why even is this level called VLDC11?

a b s t r a c t

Nice Level name, i'm telling you that.
but oh my lord the background #wario{O_o} please change it.
The Status Bar has bad palletes, so do the cement blocks and note blocks, and the note block graphics are glitched when you jump on it.
The whole level was a bit unfair, there's a part where there are enemies all over the place, it causes a lot of slowdown too. And then it leads you to the mentioned Thwomp boss again.

#1This is a Castle?

Nice graphics!
The Pallete of the Vertical Fireballs is a bit weird.
The pallete of the pipe in the Second room is also bad.
The part with the Boss Bass and the Dolphins was really long and boring, because you can kill the Boss Bass, and then there's nothing to look out for.

Dusk Walk (WIP)

I kind of liked this level, i liked the 8-Bit graphics. But the second part was less fun, you just walk forward with just a binch of koopas.

Plains Night (WIP)

A Level where you go from right to left, that's something you don't see everyday.
But still, nothing too special.
and the level ends again.

Generic Ice 2

The first screens has just a bunch of enemies.
That transparent Layer 1 is kind of hurting my eyes.
There's also this one weird Tile.
And then this event happens.

All in all, the gimmicks were kind of nice, but the Level design could be a bit better. i'm not gonna comment on the Overworld, since it's almost unedited, but there are still some flaws. Some of the Level names were kind of weird too, like VLDC11.

So, yeah. This needs a lot of work. But still, good luck with it!
I'm going to say right now, I am not interested in points, nor am I posting for that.

I decided to play this, and I am severely disappointed and underwhelmed. There was clearly no thought toward teaching through gameplay, no thought toward making a challenge without bland sprite spam, most likely very little iteration in obstacle design and enemy placement, very rarely a cohesive mechanic to focus levels around, custom palettes are routinely terrible, difficulty is horrendously inconsistent... the list goes on.

You need to go back to the drawing board. As far as I'm concerned, nothing in this is salvageable. Even levels like Dusk Walk, which have a decent thematic concept, have no binding mechanic or thought put into the actual level design.

Look at analyses of actual Mario games. See how you can borrow the general flow of ideas without just copying other levels. Read APPALLED. Consider the mechanical purpose of every level. Place every object and sprite with some kind of intention. Look into how other people make good levels.

You need to step back from making levels, and come back with a fresh, educated perspective on level design. And for goodness sake, "Tip: Fix any errors you see before releasing any demos; "I'll fix it later" isn't a good excuse."

I've become very grumpy these last few years, and have been biting my tongue here in SMWC's forums quite a bit. I just want to let you all know that if ever I come off as harsh, I still care about you all. You guys are great.

(Avatar by, butchered by me)
(Please understand that I am not good at English.)

This Mario has many places where the palette is strange.
And the level design is not good.
A b s t r a c t is a concept, but the design of a 1-1 is not so good.
It's okay though. It was a little fun.
But there were some bugs.

The main bug is a glitch that can not go through after passing through the midway point at this stage.

- Here and here Shelless Blue Koopa pierces the wall.
- This is not a bug, but I do not think I need to drill this part without a reason.
- There are graphic errors here and here. In the case of the Thwomp boss, sprite overruns are also caused by unknown sprites.
- It is difficult to jump to this area except for feathers.
- The graphics on the grinder are strange when slid killing. I know this is the concept of the map, and I can not say it's a big bug.
- Movement pipe does not work.
- Dusk Walk (WIP) : The midway point of this level does not work.

It was a normal Mario. And it seemed to me that I was watching my first Mario. If you love the level design and take the feedback of others steadily, you will have a good Mario.

I am yoshi9429 enjoying Lunar Magic and Touhou Danmakufu ph3 and RPG Maker MV.
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Hack Testing - Himajin Super Mario World 2017 Edition (current version is: 1.0) By Konata Izumi

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