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The Graphics Request Thread

Welcome to the Graphics Requests thread! Here you can request original graphics or rips for graphics-savvy users to tackle.

Keep in mind that the purpose of this thread is to increase SMW Central's array of available resources, so this isn't the place to request someone to draw/rip something specifically for your hack - but rather, to request something that doesn't exist yet, but could benefit you and your fellow hackers.

To all request makers and fulfillers, make sure to read the rules thoroughly before using this thread.

Requesting Rules:

1. Your request must be feasible.
Requesting ultra realistic or detailed graphics, or something that'd require a huge amount of tiles to be drawn/ripped (player graphics, for example) might not get yourself someone to fulfil it.

2. No private requests.
Every request fulfilled in this thread is expected to be made public. Don't make a request expecting the resource to be kept unique to your hack.

3. No more than one unclaimed request per 30 days.
If you made a request and it hasn't been claimed yet, please respect a 30 days cooldown to make a different one as to avoid overloading this thread with requests. (Note that you're free to make a new request if your previous request has been fulfilled.) This rule applies even if you delete your request, so think before requesting!

4. Make your request clear by respecting the request formatting.
If it's not quite clear what you're requesting, it's going to be hard to fulfil it. For the sake of organization and clarity, please utilize the following format when making a request here:

Request Name: If your request is a rip, then what exactly do you want to be ripped? Provide a link to a sheet or image. If your request is drawn graphics, then what do you want to be drawn? Keep it short for this field, as there's a Description one later in which you can go into full detail.
Type: Original/Rip
Purpose: Foreground/Background/Sprite/Layer 3/Misc.
Description: If your request is drawn graphics, then describe in detail what you want to be drawn, what it should look like (shape), the intended size, if it's a reskin and what it's for, if it's for decoration or if the player is supposed to interact with it (for Foreground), etc.
Style: If your request is drawn graphics, then how exactly should they look? Simple? Detailed? SMW-ish? SMAS SMB3-ish? SMW Redrawn-ish?
Colouring Style: if your request is drawn graphics, then what colours do you have in mind for it? Also, how should the colours look? Dark? Bright? Unsaturated (washed-out)? Saturated (vivid)?
References: If your request is drawn graphics, provide references that can help the fulfiller set the correct style and colours for them, like screenshots of your hack or the level they're intended for, or screenshots of other graphics you're using for your hack/level. Please link to them so the post doesn't clutter up the page with images.

5. Respect the artists and rippers.
Do not pester artists or rippers, whether they have claimed your request or otherwise. Drawing and ripping takes time, and it's very nice of them to ever do it voluntarily.

Supporting a Request:

If you happen to want something that has already been requested by someone else, you are welcome to quote their post and display your interest as to make it known it's something wanted by multiple people. Feel free to suggest additions/extra features to it, but be reasonable and don't completely hijack a request.

Fulfilling Rules:

1. Claim a request by quoting it in this thread.
Make sure to let it be known that a request has been claimed, so multiple people don't end up working on the same thing.

2. When claiming a request, be responsible.
Before claiming a request, please assure yourself that you'll be able to fulfil it in a reasonable amount of time. If you find yourself unable to finish it, unclaim it as soon as possible. Don't leave requesters waiting unnecessarily.

3. Submit the fulfilled request to the SMW Graphics section and link it here.
As such, make sure it complies with the corresponding section's submission rules.
Hope I'm doing this right. If its too much for you I apologize and you are free to skip this request. Ill be also amending (editing) my request as well if that is also the case that I have do by any staff instruction for compliance if I unintentionally did something wrong. Anyways here is my request as follows below.

Request: Aesthetic Beach

Type: Original

Purpose: Background (Layer 3 is optional)/Foreground. I find myself preferring to have a complete set to set the theme for a possible level idea I have.

Description: The general description is that its basically an abstracted beach scene complete with water, sand, and islands that you see out of typical beaches. The difference here is that abstraction with the themes seen in vaporwave art. The abstractions in question is that one should be looking out for using pastels and/or neon colors to represent the composition.

The background should be mainly conveying a warm color for both the background color and the water, either red, orange, violet, or pink in color. The background can either have islands in the distance, or an aesthetic sun in which there are lines segmenting the base of the sun depending on what you decide to draw for the horizon point for the water represented for layer 2. For the aesthetic sun, it should be represented halfway if you decide that the sun should border the water's horizon line. If you are generous enough to do layer 3, let only the sun be drawn in that. The sun's size can be either 32x32, 48x28, or 64x64 pixels (length x height btw). For the islands, the sizes can be either 16x16, 16x32, or 24x32 and should be spaced out when placed in the actual assembly. It is recommended that the island details are silhouetted as a contrast if you decide to include the aesthetic sun as part of the detail. The background color that sets the rest must be able contrast the water color as well as the islands and aesthetic sun. You are allowed to dither the background color if you wish to have stars represented at the top but that is optional. In fact, ExAnimation for this request is optional. Finally, the water is the majority that is seen befitting of beaches in which it takes up the lower half of the bg. The water may be beached, that is have actual sand and waves bordering the liquid, though such details as above are optional to have.

The foreground is mainly just a typical beach, mainly drawing sand as a solid. The décor is mainly just a singular palm tree as well as a roman bust. Palm tree should be segmented from the head containing the leaves to the stem, with the dimensions being 32x48 in total, if the head and stem has the max height of 24 pixels. Roman bust seen in the Macintosh 420 album is 16x32 for the actual chiseled figure and square base. You are allowed to decorate the fill tiles befitting of what is seen out of beaches as well as make neon signs though those tidbits including other vaporwave references is optional.

TL;DR on the Required things: In both the FG and BG, warm, pastel/neon colors must be seen. BG has water and either islands or sun but cant be both for layer 2. The sun can be layer 3 but if you do that, the islands must be the required for layer 2 alongside water. FG is a typical sandy beach with only the palm tree and aesthetic bust as required décor.

Style: SMW Redrawn-ish. Usually expected that selective outlining is seen out of foreground. Background should have no outlines unless absolutely necessary depending on what you decide to draw more that is stated in this post.

Coloring: Must be of intermediate saturation and high lightness values, use pastels and/or neon colors befitting of the art seen in vaporwave albums as per the theme of this request.


Neon Color Chart:
Pastel Color Chart:

General Aesthetic Art:,100,500,500&q=98&fm=jpg&fit=max

Aesthetic Sun:

Modern Redrawn Mario Bros. 1.5 (last update - February 14, 2023, some new bonus frames, tons of minor touchups to various poses)

On Pixel Art Requests: Depends on what it is and if I have the time for it. If its complex and I don't have the time, don't expect me to accept it.

Projects I support:

Sign me to be the fulfiller of Sprite Graphics, however, I will be unable to do graphic tilesets, as spriting in Paint is an easy task, but inserting these will be a hard task...

So I would like to see my tilesets into .bin

NameBoneyard Tilesets

Mod edit: fixed table stretch.

Have a frost day~
@Blizzard Buffalo
You can use snesGFX(tools selection) or this site to convert any pictures/tilesets/backgrounds to snes/smw format.
Originally posted by Blizzard Buffalo
NameBoneyard Tilesets

Done! Download Here

I am working on a ROM Hack of Super Mario World for my friend and the ROM Hack is called "Super Walugg World" because my friends cats name is Walugg.
Anyways, I know how to edit the textures like Mario, Koopa Troopas, Coins, etc. but its really hard for me to edit the Title Screen.
So can somebody please edit the Title Screen and replace the "MARIO" part in the logo with "WALUGG" instead!
You can just give me the GFX.bin file of it when youre done!
Email me at: [email protected]

Thank you!!! : )
I would like Piranha / Venus Plants & Koopas; redrawn in the shapes of SMB3 versions while being retooled to use SMW default palettes.

For reference, this is how Giant Koopas look after such a task is completed.

Edit: I got tired of waiting and decided to do this myself.
Request name: More smw pipe extensions.
Type: Original
Purpose: Foreground
Description: similar to pipe extensions available from this site and ripped from mfgg. Except I would like the addition of pipes with different slopes that can connect to existing up right pipes.
Style: Smw styled
Coloring style: vanilla
References: The actual game itself, or the the smw pipe extensions in the graphics section would be useful.

Thanks in advance I think these can add some variation to level design.
Request Name: Furniture
Type: Original
Purpose: Foreground
Description: I'd like to see some furniture for houses, bars/cafes, whatever, because section kinda lacks it. Anything that has tables and chairs will be fine.
Style: Any, preferably SMW's.
Coloring: Preferably dark, but I don't really care.
References: SMW's Sunken Ghost ship is one of the SMB3 airships none.

Request Name: Gameshow Host
Type: NPC
Purpose: Foreground
Description: I need an NPC of this for my CLDC Level. I would like him facing left.
Style: Casual, Stylish
Coloring: Doesn't matter
References: Chris Harrison:

Originally posted by MrMartley64
Request Name: Gameshow Host
Type: NPC
Purpose: Foreground
Description: I need an NPC of this for my CLDC Level. I would like him facing left.
Style: Casual, Stylish
Coloring: Doesn't matter
References: Chris Harrison:

Is this good enough? You didn't ever specify what kind of game show, so I just went with a quiz show Toad.
Expect little to nothing from me for now.

Player graphics are the only thing I do right, so come tell me to make one you want.

Go to my profile for more trash of mine.
Ooh! Looks good!
Request name: Old Cottage

Type: Original

Purpose: Foreground and Background

Description: Foreground- The floor of the cottage consists of mostly dark grey rocks with small cracks in between them, revealing cement under the rocks. Around the cottage, there are rusty and dirty barrels laying around.
Background- The background would be the walls. The walls are white and crumbly, with stones poking out of it. Also, there are a couple of fogged out windows with crude, rough, wooden borders around them.

Style: Somewhat realsitic, but still close to the SMW style

Coloring style: Use mostly insaturated colors to give off the feeling of "oldness"

Request name: Better Layer 3 smashers
Type: Original
Purpose: Layer 3
Description: I find the original Layer 3 smashers in SMW to be rather lacking, even for 2bpp graphics. I'd like a more detailed version of them. You may use as many colors as you want provided that it doesn't require more than 4 palettes. (Layer 3 palettes 2, 3, 6, and 7, in that order, would be good.) It doesn't need to fit into the graphics space that the vanilla ones use, either.
Style: 16-bit-Mario-ish, but better quality than SMW. A good reference would be SMAS (especially SMB3), or many of Gamma V's graphics.
References: I mean, it's a Layer 3 smasher...I would assume that you know what one of those looks like.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
NameSuper Mario Maker - Underground


Mod edit: fixed table stretch.

Have a frost day~

Request name: Ring Man
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Sprite
Description: I would want a Ring Man replacing the Kirby boss please. I tried ripping Ring Man all by myself but recoloring teeny pixels is really painful, especially in YY-CHR. 8Bit version please, beacuse I want it to be the boss of my MegaMan shoutout level.
If you're on Firefox 70+, and you don't see the blur effect, go to about:config and enable layout.css.backdrop-filter.enabled and gfx.webrender.all
For the best aesthetics, use Chrome, or with some settings, Firefox.

Colour scheme based on the awesome ViM theme, Gruvbox.
Originally posted by Blizzard Buffalo

Like this?
Request name: Super Mario Odyssey urban stingby (disgusting mosquito thing)
Type: Original.
Purpose: Sprite.
Description: In the newest Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey, some critters also known as Urban Stingbies make a debut (found in Metro_Kingdom). I've been searching the web for sprites in SMW or SMAS) style, and i found nothing. I'm really in need of this spritesheet for a C3 sprite (doing my C3 stuff now otherwise i will forget), so if anyone has the time to and is willing to do this spritesheet for me, i appreciate a lot. The larva frames could be 32x16 (5 sprites: still, walking 1, walking 2, squished and broken [hatched]), the grown mosquito 32x32 (3 sprites: flying 1, flying 2 and nose-broken [just hitted a wall]), and a single 8x8 sprite for the "skin particle" (shatter piece that comes out when the maggot turns into an adult being)
Style: SMW-ish
Coloring style: Saturated

2D Reference (this helps a lot i guess):
SMW-Styled could mean a number of things, because of all the inconsistencies the sprite graphics in SMW have. Is there a specific kind of sprite you'd like it styled as?