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Thank you all for the feedback, going to rework the wave effect to something less intrusive.
For the level itself, in general I'm not good in water level design, I've started the level with some ideas I think were good (the outside of the ship mainly) and other that I don't think are bad, but neither that special. For this level in specific, I was thinking about adding a secret exit somewhere, so there will likely be a re-work of that areas, If i'm able to think about something better and tie it to the main area.
I was also thinking in the near future, with more level completed, to have a beta-testing with all' I've done so far to also have some feedback about the actual difficulty, gameplay-wise I need to relay on savestates because I'm simply not good enough, and I'm not sure if I'm nailing correctly the difficulty of some parts. I'm also starting to think how to put the overworld and a general idea about other things. The length of the final hack will be probably near 15-20 levels, with a special zone included, not sure right now how to set it.

Also, I was thinking about the last area in gravity's enemy to rework it a bit, not completely getting rid of the rainbow shell, but keeping it in a different way and for less time (probably leaving the p-switch wait part and then you can directly go to the pipe without doing the slide part), will re-work that part in one of this days then eventually post the new images of that area.
Beach Time

Layer 3 level with 2 main gimmicks: a stronger current that prevents going right without an item and a dolphin that follow you around.
Freaking good level with layer 3 and dolphins. That dolphin following you was particularly interesting to see! I've never thought that this sprite has ever existed and its potential was used very well!
I have a Discord server as well!

Back to working on my VLDC12 level!
A super strong current isn´t anything too special per se, but you were able to pull off many creative obstacles with this gimmick. Very good job here.

By watching the video i get the impression that the last section, with the following dolphin, is even more difficult than the previous parts of the level. However this could be an "optical illusion" and by playing the level it may turn out that this part isn´t such a drastic difficulty peak.

The only thing I´d change is the beginning where you have to wait for the Koopa. I´d shorten it a tad if possible. "Dodging" the cheep-cheeps 12 times is a bit repetitive, but at all this is nothing major, so you can ignore my "little advice" here. It´s just something I would personally change. Overall as I´ve said before, this is a really cool level #tb{:D}

Star Platinum

Line guided platform level, with some more things in it
Pretty cool level as always. I like how you tried to replicate Ultra Star and make it fun somehow.

You could have seized the opportunity with the shells in the penultimate room, especially around the beginning since you only seem to juggle the shell at least twice, although it could be just me on that one.
I hope you keep the good work up and stuff!

I always disliked these kind of plat-form levels, but yours seems pretty cool (and difficult).

I especially like the part where you have to avoid spinjumping, while sitting on the invisible Yoshi. It was well executed and quite creative.

Keep up with this promising hack #smw{:TUP:}

Thanks a lot for all the criticism and compliments, I really appreciate them!

Cheap Odissey

I've actually uploaded the video some days ago, but forgot to put it here! It's a basic level with the butter bridge autoscroll, filled with hammer and baseball chuck.
Compared to other levels you´ve uploaded i think this lacks a bit of creativity. Not much though. And considering that you use the butter bridge autoscroll in this level (which is per se quite difficult to handle) you still made a decent stage with it, which never gets boring.

One thing I´d like to complain about are the ropes in the top left corner you can see at about 1:23 since they seem quite out of place (yet I guess their purpose is to "deliver" the green shell you´ve used to shell jump previously).

tl;dr This stage is interesting, but more a "basic" level than a really "outstanding" one. Still well done.

Yeah, not really one of your most creative levels, but it's still good nonetheless. You should just watch out for the sprite limit since the pollen might not spread due to the (almost massive) amount of sprites in the level.
I agree with Sariel; hide the ropes so their cutoffness doesn't show up once the screen scrolls.

Global Warming
This would have been my KLDC entry, but I hadn't to much time to work on it and I wasn't able to complete it untill now. It's an ice level with insta killing water and blocks that can break with the fire flower.

Right now, I would say that the rom hack is almost finished, most of the levels are completed, some need some polishing, other are fine, but I still have to complete the final stage (only done one room so far) and come up with an idea for the final boss. Also, right now I'm very busy with personal stuff, so I can't say exactly when this will come out. Counting the special levels, there are a total of 17 levels (which only 3 need to be finished, counting the final stage). I will maybe only add one more stage eventually, but even if I don't I think this is a resonable amount of levels, considering also that some levels take 5 minutes without failing.
It´s a well designed level featuring fire flowers + ice blocks. It also contains many timed lifts, but since you continuously vary their setups, so it doesn´t feel repetitive.

The only thing i would redo maybe are the palettes. Currently the FG as well as the FG use bright and dark colours and I mixed both up at some parts. I know it may be hard to find anything else for water and ice but maybe you can at least use bright blue solely for the FG and dark blue solely for the BG or something like this, so the two are at least strictly seperated. Or maybe this is just me having a strange perception #tb{XD}

But yeah, design-wise this level was excellent again. #smw{:TUP:}

Ye, good level! I really like the amount of variety.

Aside from what Sariel said, you might as well remove the first timed lift after the whole dolphin wave, since crouching between the tight gap while big is better than relying on the platform.

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