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SMW Future (Team) + Green Plumber Adventure (Duo) (New Demo Of TGPA)


The voting is over.

This hack is now going to be Super Mario World The Shadow Queen Returns.

2-A Thunder Attack

2-6 Underwater World

Bouns Section of 2-6

2-Airship The Doomship

2nd Section of 2-Airship

Boom Boom Boss in 2-Airship

3-1 Forest Vallay now has Layer 3

2nd Section of 3-1

The unfinished Toad Town

3-2 Chain Chomp Woods

Undead Koopas and Goomba Concept.

Userbar made by Green Jerry.

EDIT: Forgot the New Working Overworld map

New Music

Castle Made by TheJullasicFox

Boss Theme made by TheJullasicFox

And Goal Tape Clear music made by TheJullasicFox
Userbar made by Green Jerry

I've already seen some new screenshots on Discord, but I'm gonna say it right here. It's looking very good as of now! I think the bonus section of 2-6 has way too similar foreground and background palettes. Also, it's nice TheJullasicFox made a few ports for you!
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Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.

They're not ports, I made them from scratch in a MIDI editor, then ported them to SMW.
Also, here's the userbar code
EDIT: I updated the userbar to use the new title.
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Have you considered looking into FLStudio? Also regarding your compositions. Well, they're empty, they're melody but that's about it. I think you might want to improve your composition skills before you compose stuff for other people. Three channels isn't a lot to go on, and could become really stiff to listen to very quickly. Three channels is okay for ambiance or something similar, but for something energetic like a full level, I recommend using all eight or at least six of the channels. All in all, it really needs work.
I did use FL Studio. Also, toad64 seemed to approve of them, so I just went with it,
I probably put the most effort into the boss and stage clear music lol

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Originally posted by TheJullasicFox
I did use FL Studio. Also, toad64 seemed to approve of them, so I just went with it,
I probably put the most effort into the boss and stage clear music lol

I hope you improve the music you did TheJullasicFox. anyway SMWTSQR is now has a build for user to play.
Download Link

WARNING: In Boom Boom Castle and The Doomship The game will softlock once you beat boom boom.
Userbar made by Green Jerry

why not fix that before releasing the demo build

like at least end with an "end of demo" stage instead

3-3 Forest Ghost House

3-5 Forest Lake

Bonus Section of 3-5

3-Castle Old Castle

GIF image of the pipe in the overworld map

Grassland music by Blind Devil.

I port everything in to a new rom due to PIXI and Bosses softlocks
but i not doing that yet because there no SMB1 Goomba for Pixi on SMWC.
Userbar made by Green Jerry

Seen no one making a reply. I made some cutsence for the intro level.

Userbar made by Green Jerry

You are not looking like a queen.

I feel you bowsy, I thought that shadow queen should look epic #smrpg{gdi} (It sounds epic.)
You'd better to make dialogue look cleaner with "enters", and not just slap it all into one mess.

About 3-5: If that blue thing on background is water reflection, then it really should use black outline or something.

About pipe in OW: Looks cool.

Everything's looking nice so far, but I have a suggestion for the grammar in the "cutsence".
Originally posted by Grammar suggestion
After the events of Super Mario Odyssey, Mario and Peach returned to the Mushroom Kingdom, but where is Bowser?

Bowser: Where am I?

I'm in a... dark cave?

???: Hello, Bowser.
Bowser: Who are you?
???: I am the Shadow Queen!
Bowser: You don't look like a queen!
Shadow Queen?: I look like a Koopa because I haven't possessed Peach yet.

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The "cutsence" is really great graphically, but I have several nitpicks:

First, it seems like you do not have graphics for an apostrophe. I believe you can just shift the two 8x8 tiles for the comma up.
Also, your colon seems a bit... thin. Try to bold it a bit.
Originally posted by toad64

It will be much better if the dialogue is actually separated by lines. If it doesn't fit, make it two screens. Or you can just split each line to a separate screen.

By the way, what tool did you use to make the "cutsence"?
Placeholder until I have decided what to finally put here.
Originally posted by Sapfire
By the way, what tool did you use to make the "cutsence"?
It all Vanilla.
Userbar made by Green Jerry

I has now port everyting to the new rom

New Rom Update

Seen i port everything to a new rom there going to be new add to the game and few updates for a pass few day or a few weeks.

1: New Patches and New Sprites.

Minimalist Status Bar Patch (Bottom Version) and Cluster Sprites.

The Minimalist Status Bar is still in the game now using the Bottom Version and cluster sprites are in the game too.

2: New level and New Blocks

4-1 Grassy Triga and Screen Scrolling Pipes.

Seen it is Christmas i making a half grassy half snowing level and the other level in world 4 are snow levels. Screen Scrolling Pipes are in the game too.

3: Worlds
Scrap Map and world that has been changed.

7 world cheese main overworld map is now overwrite with the world 4 snow main overworld so World 7 will has a submap. World 5 Giant land is now going to be Giant/Mountain World instead.
Userbar made by Green Jerry

New Rom Update 2

Sorry i didn't showcase the another update but i going to show the main boss of world 2.

Larry is now the Main Boss of World 2

The Demo will be in the Winter C3 2018.
Userbar made by Green Jerry

You might want to use Larry's actual hair from the original Mario World, that looks like Iggy more than Larry, especially considering how Iggy was blue in Vanilla SMW.
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New Rom Update 3

New Level and changing in the level.

4-2 Ice Block Canyon

add water of the background in 3-5

New Icon on the overworld

This Keyhole icon show that the level has a secret exit.

This Evil Face icon show that the level has a mini boss.

This Flag icon show that there no checkpoint in this level.

Here the full sprite of larry with his original hair.

Userbar made by Green Jerry

putting 3+world's resources to work, i see
I like how you indicate what kind of level the level is by using the icons on the overworld, I don't think I've seen any other hacks do that.

Aside from that, the level looks pretty empty
your simplistic human mind cannot possibly comprehend the complexities of my thoughts
The cave tiles look really messed up with weird mirrored tiles and what not. The new icons look fine even though some of them are hard to notice (mainly because it's just an 8x8 space you are using what can't really be changed sooo). The Larry sprite is looking neat too.

Though my favorite has to be that image:

I just really dig this background. It looks amazing!

Oh and since I am here again I might just want to say again that I am very happy to see a lot of improvements regarding your hacking skills over the year. Keep it up!
// Layout by Maxo
Two last overworld icons are messy, particularly the last one. It's hard to notice what kind of a flag it is. The evil face shouldn't have the black outline. If you remove the black outlines which complicate anything from two last icons, it'll be easier to notice the details.
I have a Discord server as well! (by joining, you agree to the rules)
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.