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SMW Future (Team) + Green Plumber Adventure (Duo) (New Demo Of TGPA)


New Rom Update 3.5

This it just for showing the mind boss of 4-2.

At the end of the level you get to this unfinished cutscene of the elite trios from the Mario a Luigi series.

After this cutscene you will in a room with other enemies like in SMB3 but instead of Hammer bro you will be with other enemies.

The Door you see is just for testing

image of the exit to the Ice Cave.

Userbar made by Green Jerry

Everything's looking great so far, but I think you should realize that it's cutscene, not cutsence.
Other than that, it's all good.
please click this!
Originally posted by Tob
Oh and since I am here again I might just want to say again that I am very happy to see a lot of improvements regarding your hacking skills over the year. Keep it up!
Thank tob for then nice words.

New Rom Update 4 The Semi-Finale

1 New Decorations and Decorations that has to changed.

The Trees and the hills was from Toad strange island as a placeholder but now change then to 3+world version instead. The only New Decorations is the fences.

New Levels 4-3 Mt Winterland

Crazy Cap Shop Return

The Graphics for the ripped crazy cap logo is made by Thejullasicfox.

Minor Stuff.

I remove the black outline for two icon.

I change the overworld again.
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New Rom Update 5 The Finale.

Merry Christmas

SMWTSQR now has a another Build for christmas.

Download Link

This Build fix a bug of a softlock after beating boom boom.
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3 things about your new hack build:

1 - Your level design is not innovative or impressive, but it is very cool and good to play. I would say that you are on the right way. Keep it up! #smw{:TUP:}

2 - This room is very strange.

3 - I recommend you take a look at the palettes of levels you've already completed, some things in them could improve. I leave in the highlight the screen, where the yellow on the floor really bothers because it contrasts too much with the brown.

Just another point: The generic level theme(I say the song you used) has dropped very well. I enjoyed the nostalgia that play your levels brought me.


Originally posted by Revail
2 - This room is very strange.

This was use to add a checkpoint because it overwrite the background the main level. But i remove that room and remove the checkpoint Flag.

New Year Eve Update

All 4 Switch Palace in this hack are hub level.

I only done the Yellow Switch Palace in world 2 but it unfinished.

Userbar made by Green Jerry

January 10th 2018 Update

I changed the Icon on the file select screen to a mushroom (just for fun)

New Enemies

Hammer Chuck
A pitchin' chuck except it throws hammers.
Made by Erik

4-4 Unnamed Snow level

World 7 Monutain Submap

I has problem with the rom with PIXI 1.2 for SubOffScreen. I hope it will fix soon.
Userbar made by Green Jerry

C3 Demo can be download right now.
Userbar made by Green Jerry

The Beta Small Mario now has a lookup frame.

Disclaimer: i don't know this lookup frame sprite. it from MFGG made by LuigiHoax

Did you remember That mushroom Cave level when i finish it.
4-A Mushroom Cave

2nd Section

Userbar made by Green Jerry

This hack is going be on hold because of the CLDC 2018.
Userbar made by Green Jerry

I finish the CLDC 2018 level

I now done the Green Switch Palace in world 4

4-Fortress Frozen Terror

At the end the castle you fight undine but it will be change to a lakitu soon.

4-5 Midnight Ruins

4-Castle Obsidian Fortress

The C3 demo will be in the Super Mario World Hack section soon.
Userbar made by Green Jerry

It now in the hack section.

This new version fix some things.
Userbar made by Green Jerry

I redesign 1-1.

for now on i going show the aesthetics.

Userbar made by Green Jerry

Looks nice. Your hacking skills have definitely improved over the last year or so. Keep it up!
your simplistic human mind cannot possibly comprehend the complexities of my thoughts
Really nice looking. I hope you finish this hack.

plz pm me ideas to put here cause i dont have ideas

Sorry i didn't post anyway on updates because i busy on stuff,school
and a New SMBX project.

New version of 1-1

5-1 A night at subcon

mini boss of 5-1

world 5 submap

This world is base of a old hack call Super Toad Chamber.

5-2 Shy Guy Hills

5-3 Hey Mushroom!

world 6 giant land

world 8 pipe city

world 9 cloud world

Userbar made by Green Jerry

I working on a New SMBX project call SMW MORE!

So This hack is now pause.

Userbar made by Green Jerry

Pausing a project to work on an entirely different one? It's almost like you've done this 4 times before.
your simplistic human mind cannot possibly comprehend the complexities of my thoughts
I struggle staying focused too, but you should finish this first.
I think you should finish this first too, its a good hack and already have +5 worlds :/
"You all play, I win!".