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SMW Future (Team) + Green Plumber Adventure (Duo) (New Demo Of TGPA)


I Forgot to post this

This does not mean this hack is working on.

I change most of the bosses around and add other bosses in some worlds.


original Boom Boom - change to a Larry Boss


Add a Boom Boom Boss



original Undine boss - change to a boom boom boss


I change Undine GFX to a Lakitu

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I back working on this hack because i want finish one project at a time.


World 10 the last world of the game.

Here my plan for C3 for my hack this year
Play the early access build or show off cool updates of SMWTSQR.
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I release a C3 level sampler

Check it out
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Sorry for not much update of SQR due to other stuff and school

I rework 1-2 with a new layer 3,new level design, new hdma and tone down the difficulty.

I new music made by Blind Devil is Here

Pleasant Greens

This music will be used or the main overworld map or use only for world 1
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I finish 1-2 reworked level

Also this game will include cameos and references to other games like Sonic , WarioWare and others.

Also I like to point that some custom music in few of demos and builds are from other games as placeholder.
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Here a new name and title screen of TSQR
Super Mario World Future The Shadow Queen Returns

Also I not going to use Lunar Magic 3.00 and use new updating tool due to incompatibilities of patches ,blocks and other things
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Your title screen has a typo on 'future' while this word was written correctly in your post. Other than that, it's okay.
I have a Discord server as well! (by joining, you agree to the rules)
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.

"The Shadow Queen Returns" is way too dark. I get it that it's meant to be dark but it should also be easy to read.
This Hack has now a team hack
come and check it out

EDIT: Screenshots form C3 Winter 2019

More Screenshots of 5-3 Hey Mushroom!

5-Ghost House (Subcon Ghost House)

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The Discord server is now revamp

come and check it out
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This Video about the New Bonus Game

However due to VLDC11 we has to now put this hack on hold so we can make VLDC11 Levels Now
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This Hack has now got a trailer

The Trailer was made by youngboi.
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we are now porting The Shadow Quenn Returns into a new rom for updating tool and for Lunar magic v3.00(edited)

want to help doing the porting I will be sending the base rom an all of the gfx,asm an music

just ask me
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I finally released an base rom for SMWF.

Download Base Rom Now.

This also mean that we are getting progress for the hack.
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I finish 5-Ghost House.

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Originally posted by lordkronos100
Could you Fix The Problems in the New Base Rom :D
I did that all ready.
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