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SMW Future (Team) + Green Plumber Adventure (Duo) (New Demo Of TGPA)


World 5-4
The Dark Forest (seriously need a better name)

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I like the environment and the enemy choices. They're not traditional forest enemies but are pretty fitting when used consistently. May I suggest a name for that level? Lightless Leaves.

As for me, interest to help has been growing slowly and I really want to contribute with something in the near future. I still have my own hack and other things to do but I hope to sort everything out until the end of this month. We can chat on Discord in the meantime whenever possible.

Roy Koopa is now in the game as Mouser for world 2.

I also update the todo list and an new base rom.

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It's a nice job. I can't make a better work than you !

Edit : It's better than my 2016-released hack.......

This layout was designed by... Me lol.

SMWMTL Version 2.28s released on September 26, 2023 !
Download now!

Still rocking Windows 7 in 2023 ! :)
Windows 10 s*cks !
I've finished 6-1 GIANT LAND!
Also an prequel to this hack is in the works
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The new level makes me believe that world 6 is going to be a Big deal.

Anyways, how do i join the team? Who are the admins of the team?
Originally posted by Pitchin Luigi
The new level makes me believe that world 6 is going to be a Big deal.

Anyways, how do i join the team? Who are the admins of the team?

Just ask me.

And here's are the team:
Toad64 (Me)
Blind Devil
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Super Mario World Future is going to be a part of my new series call, The Mario Future series. I've will tell you more info about the series soon but here the prequel hack to this team hack.

(Ignore the while space)
The Green Plumber's Adventure is the duo hack that smwfan2019 and me worked on. This hack is an bit more vanilla then SMW Future but it will still use custom asm of sprites, blocks, uberasm and patches.

Tool that smwfan2019 and me used.

Planed Demo Release (C3 Winter 2020)

(No Story Let)

Here the progress to the prequel so far
1-1 Grassy Fields

1-2 Beige Heights

1-3 Ruins in the river

And heres SMW Future

9-1 Floating Landscape

More Update to SMWF and TGPA will happen during C3 Winter 2020
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it's going to be a team hack?
Yes, i am joined a team hack
C3 Stuff:
Music Request, Graphics, Ports, Mario Kart PC Custom Tracks, Overworld, Mario Kart Tour Fans Club, DT's Music, Clothes and Certificates, MIDI and Coverarts

Tonight.. tonight..

Join Discord server now: DT's SMW Hacking Server

My YouTube Channel: Dispace Troblex

Contact: DT Music and Gaming#8283
Click me, it's C3 time

The SMW Future discord server was deleted due to inactively however My Main Server Toad64 Grassy Dimension will contain SMW Future and The Green Plumber Adventure stuff here.

Click me to go to my main server

Also the todo list is now replace with a claimlist instead

Click me to see
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For now on, most of my future projects will show progress each mouths

Super Mario World Future

New base rom have just been released
it includes lemmy boss fight
revamp toad houses
and MORE!

Very Early Entrence To Peach's Castle

Redesigning 3-Castle because screw the Magikoopa gimmick

World 3 Lemmy Boss Fight

Revamping an toad house

The Green Plumber Adventure's

2-1 Cyan Kingdom WIP
Section 1
Section 2

2-2 WIP (SMWFan2020 made this level)

Sadly, Young Boi is resigning due to him not making enough updates. Because of this, I'm going to add applications for writers who like to join and help finish Super Mario World Future because my writer skills are kind of crap.
How to join,
Ask me by PM
ended on 15th April
also it you like to join and help as a writer, you will be part of the future team.
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The C3 box it include the progress of SMWF so far and a new hack in the works

We have a few more staff members now

codfish (He make Graphics)

Dispace (He makes levels)

Dark Prince (He beta testing this hack)

However we have one user that is resigning.

We have resigning Blind Devil due to his inactiveness

More progress will be show next mouth however you see some progress done if you enter my toad64 dimension discord server.
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I'm glad to see your work in progress. Only I need to wait for the complete team hack rom
Sorry for the long wait and not following the mouthly progress.

I just have things to do like school or parent stuff.

anyway here some progress of SMW Future

The Overworld Border has been updated

3-A Inside of the Treetops now has a giant tree on the overworld map

6-A Deep Of The Spinys was finished

6-3 Giga 'n' Bigger

6-Castle Morton BIG Castle
Unfinished Begin Cutscene

Main Level

Boss Fight (Morton) Ignore the door (Used for play testing)

Ending Level

Unfinished 7-1 Rocky Greenwinkle

Also i have the TGPA rom from SMWFan2020 so suspect some updates on TGPA.

Bowsette's Conquest from OrangeDaisy is on haitus for now.

I hope the mouthly progress will still be followed.

Credit is always nice.
Userbar made by Green Jerry

(I'm working on TGPA:AFP with TheOrangeToad.)

I finally released a demo of The Green Plumber's Adventure: A Future Prequel. However, there are some changes I've made because of some problems and for some additions to this ROM hack:

- Added SA-1 v1.40, making Minimalist Status Bar unusable due to
DMA map conflict, when Minimalist Status Bar is compatible with the latest SA-1, it'll be changed back to Minimalist Status Bar. Actually it glitches the world map.

- There are two new message boxes, one in 1-1, one in 1-Castle.

- Red coins now give you a 1-up.

- In World 1, it directly opens the path to the warp to World 2 when you beat Larry, the first castle boss, instead of having to go to right. (This is temporary)

You can get the demo here:

NOTE: In case you miss the first moving bubble in 2-1, you MUST catch the bubble at the end of the pipe (the pipe where you exit and have to jump on the bubble to continue), and not miss the ball to make progress.

I really sorry for a lack of activities in term of SMW Rom Hacking for different reasons and heres are the reasons why.

1: Taking a break off SMW Hacking
Due to certain sprites like the custom torpedo ted sprites not working on my current PIXI version i discuss to take a break off SMW Hacking for a bit apart from making contest levels and also because porting SMW Future to a new rom would be really annoying to do so that why i took a break instead.

2: My Youtube Channel and TV Archiving
Throughout early this year i use my youtube channel to archive TV stuff and sorta my recording stuff for TV Timeline Playlists on my channel and i still doing that to it day which is how most of my activeness during the SMW Hacking break period occur.

3: Motivation
Motivation for SMW Rom Hacking was not as active as 2017 to 2020 because i was focusing on other things like my prevising stuff, School, etc, and i feel a bit of a sense of burnout if that continue more on SMW Hacking so that i doing hacking less.


Recently i starting to become more motivated on SMW Hacking and that why i create this post and also TheCrazyBuzzyBeetle has temporarily return tho he will be gone again after august i believe.

Also like TheCrazyBuzzyBeetle said above he has added SA-1 14.0 and release a normal demo of our Duo Hack, The Green Plumber Adventure: A Future Prequel so check it out if you are curious.

Again Also, What about SMW Future well i am slowing having plans on returning to that Hack and aim for a Mid or Late 2022 full release. Just need to port this hack too a new rom again and we will be good.

Thx For everyone for liking me in the SMW Hacking scene and i hope to finish these twos in the future. And improve my english too.
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SO, I've released the second demo of The Green Plumber's Adventure: A Future Prequel!

NOTE: Be careful at level 2-3. Unless you need to, do not fall at the pits or do the jumps early so if you fall to any water pits, you can continue the level by jumping with the springs and you won't be squashed by autoscroll!

Download: Avaiable through TGPA:AFP's SMWC3 Summer 2022 thread.