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SMW Future (Team) + Green Plumber Adventure (Duo) (New Demo Of TGPA)


Hey! So, we're planning to have more than 95 levels in this hack thanks to a patch released by MarioFanGamer!

My plan is 116, not sure how many worlds will there be.
Reason why I'm not doing TGPA:AFP stuff for a long while:
To celebrate my success in mathematics, I wanted to mix my favourite game, Super Mario World with mathematics. That's why I'm not doing a lot of TGPA:AFP stuff for now. I did not give up our Luigi hack, but it's planned to be released AFTER Super Mario World: Mathematics Edition.

Release schedule for TGPA:AFP:
Demo 3 - 10 August 2023
Demo 4 - 10 August 2025
Demo 5 - 20 August 2026 (I'll not work on this hack in 2024 due to heavy classes and university entrance exam after one year.)
Final Release - Not scheduled yet. Any updates to fix issues will be made in that year.

Also, I'm now the level designer so there won't be any demos except C3 Summer 202x and August 202x years.

Demo 3 will include these levels and the ones from C3 Summer 2023 releases:
2-Castle, 3-1, 3-2, 3-Ghost House, 3-3, 3-Fortress and 3-Secret 1
I haven't posted anything for The Green Plumber's Adventure for a long time, neither TheOrangeToad. But the hack is not cancelled, we'll keep on working soon. Currently I'm getting closer to the university exam. It's going to be a difficult year. Next year I'll take the university exam.