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2017 Kaizo Level Design Contest (Rules and Submissions)

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The 2017 Kaizo Level Design Contest

Here we are with another edition of the Kaizo contest. Like last time, it will be open for a month, and submissions must be posted in this thread. All entries must be posted in your file bin. Your challenge is to craft up a level that can be done without tools ala Kaizo Mario and around the limit of 6 (six) sublevels. This, this and this are perfect examples of levels in that style, which are manageable to some people. Requiring excessive slowdown and/or puzzles that are either extremely complicated or take a long time to figure out will dock points in the level design category.

There will be a collab, so please specify if you want to enter in the compilation or not. If so, read the instructions located in this thread. Include the necessary files too - custom music, custom blocks, custom sprites, level files (.mwl) and .map16 files (and any patches you may have used). That makes our job easier.

The Base ROM

The base ROM will include the following patches:
  • All submissions must be in the form of a .bps patch. For instructions on how to create a patch, check the FAQ.
  • All entries must be possible to complete (especially savestateless), so test your level before submitting. Be sure to test your level and patch thoroughly for possible game-breaking issues.
  • No pit levels. The reason is that only a few people know how to do most of the required tricks and glitches.
  • Your entry will be instantly disqualified if it's a corrupt patch, a ROM, or there is a segment that is impossible to get through.
  • All entries must be compatible with bsnes or Snes9x.
  • Your level may contain no more than 2 exits.
  • Do not lock your entry.
  • Entries will not be downloaded until the deadline has been reached, so your link must be working at that time!

DEADLINE: All entries must be submitted by June 2nd at 16:30:30 UTC.


Creativity (30)
Did the entry display creativity? Did it display cool tricks, and put new spins on old ones, or does it contain a bunch of overused tricks and/or nothing interesting?
Level Design (40)
Was your level fun, well built or interesting? Does it have a consistent difficulty curve?
Aesthetics (10)
How does the level look like? Does it look polished or does it have some unnecessary cutoff? Are the palettes fine?

For a total of 80 points.

Glitches are allowed, as long as they aren't really difficult to pull off and they are well known (i.e. "Big Mario in Small Gap" or the invisible Yoshi glitch). If you must, put in a message block explaining what glitch is supposed to be performed and/or how to do it. However, glitches that are complicated and tedious such as wall jumping/catching and corner clipping will lose you points in the level design category. These are usually frustrating and just not fun to try and do. If you have any questions about which glitches are acceptable, feel free to ask in the discussion thread.

Custom blocks and sprites may be used, but remember to make your difficulty equal or comparable to Kaizo Mario.

You can insert patches to prevent the use of already existing glitches and/or to alter certain aspects of the game. Just be aware that some patches have the chance of causing technical issues and compatibility problems with certain emulators.

You may insert music into your level if you'd like, but it's not mandatory. If points are lost in the aesthetical category for something like graphical designs that are a bit off or unexciting, some of those points could be awarded back if the music choice is good, so it will only help. This won't happen if the music is blatantly unfitting (as in, sky level music in a cave or ghost house music in grass plains); this could take away points from the aesthetical category by itself.


There will be trophies for the 1st place winner, 2nd place winner, 3rd place winner, and all other participants.





Please don't submit a level that you clearly put no effort into simply because you want the badge. You'll just be disqualified at sight.



Remember, judges won't download the entries until the deadline has passed. You may fix/update and reupload your entry as many times as you'd like before the deadline, but if you do, don't forget to edit your reply with the new download link.

If you have any questions or you want to discuss, feel free to post in the discussion thread. Good luck, have fun, and don't forget that you can always take a look at some of our Kaizo hacks in the SMW hacks section or the Kaizo subforum for inspiration!
List of people who want to take part of the compilation:

Big Brawler
a hick
Compilation: YES

I wasn't going to enter the contest but I couldn't resist making something for the compilation.
(Updated because 2nd section was too hard.)

Note on the name
ULTRA STAR was a kaizo 1 level. There was a direct sequel in kaizo 2 and a fan sequel in Dram World. My level uses the general AE S T H E T I C and some elements and ideas from these levels.
Compilation: YES

I wanted first post but Morsel beat me to it :C

EDIT: made some obstacles easier to parse
I don't like playing kaizo levels because it's too hard. And I also hate making kaizo levels. Why? Because I'm a narcissist and I love the levels I make so I replay them 3 millions time. Not for testing, just because I love my levels. But kaizo levels are too hard so even though it's my own level I ends up hating playing it. Why did I made a kaizo level for this contest then? The answer is: I dunno lol. Just wanted to make something in lunar magic and there was this contest and I was "why not". Also that this year is kaizo "light" aka kaizo beatable without savestate is good. My level is beatable without savestates. When I tested from start to finish it took me around 1 hour savestateless and boy I ain't doing that again. But since I'm not used to kaizo I don't know if my level is actually too easy for kaizo or not. Maybe for me. I don't know. I am a big fat butt.


In the compilation.

It's your average kaizo level full of death blocks with vanilla graphics and no custom musics. Not first place here I go.

Level video

2017-05-11 : Updated my level (made some part easier/ less cowcrap)
Compilation: YES

This is the first kaizo level I have ever made and I'm quiet happy with the results. It's probably gonna be nothing compared to what other people have made, but I had a lot of fun making it. :)


EDIT: Felt like making a video showcasing it:
Level Video
Here's my disaster of an entry:

And the level video:

Took 3 hours with minimal savestating, but I'm also not good at Super Mario World, so I dunno how the difficulty is.

EDIT: Yes, I would like this to be in the compilation if it can.
EDIT 2: Fixed download link and bps patch
Compilation: YES

Let's hope I don't get a tie, this year. ;)

The three trials

"Heck yeah! done early. Now I can relax..." *proceeds to update level with fix the night before* "OK, 16 Hrs 1 Min 52 sec left, still ok."

Yes, I'm going to be in the collab. hack.

It's hard, but if the timings are learned, it can be done. Second room is the hardest.
Want to see my Super Mario Timeline?
Here's my entry for the contest. This level will be tough and a bit long, get prepared for the last room.
Hell Awaits in this gruesome level!

And yeah. I'll definitely be in the collab!
Compilation: YES

Mole Shenanigans

Won't get the first place, but definitely not the last. Anyway, I had lots of fun making it!


EDIT (05/24/2017): Included an ExGFX file I totally forgot about
I have a Discord server as well! (by joining, you agree to the rules)
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.

It's about time I uploaded this to a wider public.

I would love to be in the compilation.
Compilation: yea boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Everything that isn't the insertion of the music, background and the sprites and the early design of the first screen was done within the last 24 hours...
I'm happy to hear feedback! I'll make changes next week if necessary.

i hope i win
Painfull Hills
Compilation: Yes, whynot?
Compilation: yes
gold rush

last updated 5/29

yea put it in the cumpilation

I made this within less than 48 hours, so don't expect too much from it lol

Also, put it in the compilation, cuzynot

Don't forget POW!
It's great when you just completely lose steam on your original level idea and then just kinda fart out a new level in two days.

Yes to compilation obv

Hydrocity Swim Test
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