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"Ruined my childhood" moments
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Okay, so, I was thinking back to a few days ago about something everyone was talking about on Discord; it was about the Kirby anime having what's pretty much sexualization. "My childhood is ruined" is one of the phrases that came to mind.

Has anyone ever seen something that pretty much ruined a childhood movie, show, game, etc.?
Isn't that the mission of Rule34? And to a lesser extent, DeviantArt?


Internet pretty much did as a whole. Spoiling games everywhere and DeviantArt making me have questionable thoughts about Latios and Latias which make me feel poor, just to name a few examples. It's really annoying how you're pretty muxh forced to use the internet by now.

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when my dog died and then my parents divorced
When i was a kid, i've seen these Mario Parodies where he dies all the time

And Rule34, but i don't care at this point.
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CRPGs in a way "ruined my childhood" because I used to love Chrono Trigger(still in my Top 10 at least), Secret of Mana, FF7, FF8, (other JRPGs) so much and thought they were the greatest but when I played the classic Fallouts, Arcanum, Vampire: Bloodlines and Torment and saw how much depth and care went into the writing, lore, immersion and richness of the experience as a whole as opposed to just bouncing from plotpoint to plotpoint while occasionally pressing the 'confirm' button to attack enemies. There's just no comparison.

The theory that Glinda the good witch is actually the villain.

Also, SMW hacking. Maybe the overall ROM hacking scene but SMW especially.

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
Watching a video about Card Captor Sakura's nasty little details that naive children like young me wouldn't ever have noticed.

Also creepy, but sound theories about cartoon shows that I used to watch.

Last but not least, finding out what ??? meant:

It's quite ambiguous as to what that actually is, but yes, we can all assume it's her vibrator.
I don't think anything so silly can affect my childhood at all.
For me, for my childhood to be ruined, some horrible shit would have to happen during it.
Otherwise, it just doesn't work.

Either that, or I'm just too insensitive.

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Cooking Mama did nothing wrong!

Oh, so you want me to tell you about my recent crimes? Hm... I've downloaded a ROM for a game I don't physically own and pirated some music.
My childhood is unbreakable!
Originally posted by Gloomy

That's nothing compared to Super Princess Peach's ending rofl. How this got past censors is beyond me.
Didn't play Super Princess Peach and it's a rather recent game, so I guess it wouldn't count for my childhood even if I played it.

But yeah that's messed up, wtf Nintendo.

I'm just gonna say this, I think the whole complaining about "my childhood is ruined" is total bull, at least the way it's normally used. I hear it a lot with either reboots or rule 34 porn, but the truth is no matter now bad something can be, it 's not like this stuff is going back in time to literally ruin your childhood.

I believe the correct usage for this term is when something is so bad it actually ends your childhood then and there (and none of these things are THAT bad anyways tbh)
Officially a Mega Man addict.
Major thanks to Giga and Erik557 for the layout.
I don't think anyone really means it when they say "ruined my childhood". I mean, it's more of an internet meme than anything, lol.
Hyperbole is something often used in English, after all.
Originally posted by ThePat545

idk if i've ever had a stake driven through the heart of my childhood as the meme's traditional definition would suggest.
I guess hearing good things about cartoons i completely avoided as a child because i didnt like the art style (Reboot, Jackie Chan Adventures) would count because it's almost like I wasted my time watching garbage shows when I could've found myself watching shows that are actually good.
I'd say when someone says "ruined my childhood", what they really mean is "ruined the innocent memories of my childhood", which makes more sense and is somewhat plausible.

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
I ruined my childhood by developing discrimination and taste. As a wee lil human spawn, I would watch just about anything animated and play anything on a cartridge and more or less enjoy it because it was animated or a video game. The overwhelming majority of those cartoons and games were really bad in every possible way and it is only as an adult (and, coincidentally, have far more options available to me) that I realized it.

When I feel like indulging nostalgia, oddly enough, viewing old commercials do the trick far better than anything else.
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Yeah, probably r34... Not much to say...

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Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - "Ruined my childhood" moments

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