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Vanilla Epic


I working on a vanilla hack called VANILLA EPIC!
This hack is a team hack with me and GbreezeSunset.
The only patch it has is New Super Mario Bros. Wii Styled Status Bar v1.7 and No More Sprite Tile Limits.
This hack don't has world,story just a level design hack.
Screenshots of Grass Path.

Brown Block Pass

Very Old Castle

Userbar made by Green Jerry

Um toad64, I didn't agree to work on you with this... I mean, if you need help with like palettes or level design you can always ask me, but don't assume that I am gonna collaborate with you if I don't respond to your PM (plus you didn't give me much time to answer and say that I wasn't interested). The screenshots look nice, but the FG swampy lake stuff in the last screens is not colored enough to actually look like a swamp. I definitely don't have time to work on anything besides my main hack, unfortunately, but I wish you best of luck on this one.

Graphics look great from these screenshots. But why don't you make an overworld? It would be a good plus to your designs.

Level Design seems good, but I can only judge when I play it or see a video.

Keep working o/

Anônimo disse...
"Além disso, Gevegir, você me decepcionou como um Hacker Brasileiro."
26 de agosto de 2009 18:16
Looks like good fun, but I don't like the palettes of some blocks imn Very Old Castle. They are too plastic-like and that makes it feel off compared to the decent ground tiles.
I have to agree with both Gbreeze and Minuy600. The palettes in Very Old Castle need some work. They don't actually look like swamp.

Nonetheless, nice job!
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Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.

Not gonna lie, this looks pretty good. The palettes need a bit of work, though.

Are you EVER going to finish a hack? This is your fifth project and not a single one of your previous works have even neared completion. Instead of canceling and pausing all of your hacks, just combine them all into one hack.
your simplistic human mind cannot possibly comprehend the complexities of my thoughts