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SMW DLCR: A Basic Collaboration >> ALL CLAIMS CLOSED

Link Thread Closed


Ok, I think this is right 0-o.

I had a thought about making a collab. It would be really simple, use the original map, music, level settings,no map16 , no patches, and use the original sub levels. (You don't have a sub area if you don't want though.)
Basically you pick a level, Control Shift delete it and it's sub areas. Then make a new level without changing any settings. You can you use anything available with that setting. If the original has a secrect exit, the new one must as well.

Link to levels spreadsheet

Red = Unclaimed
Yellow = WIP
Pink = Needs fixing
A project like this happened somewhere at some point but it died out.

The point of it was not only preserving settings, but the general idea of the level as well.

Either way, I claimed CI6 back then and if this goes on I'd like to do the same in advance. lol
doesn't sound like a good collab idea to me. I think you could just make that type of hack by yourself (how hard could that be? Each level would take like 2 hours max to make lol.)
Ok , koopster if you like you can have it :)
As far as doing it myself, well yeah I could. But 96 exits is a lot to do. Usually by 30 exits I am sick of the hack and don't want to work on it anymore. Plus I have never have done a collab so starting simple is the way to go. If people put work into this I don't want it to get wasted just because I got myself to deep. Besides, I just want something smw-ish to play without doing all the work myself.

I'll claim level A because everyone hates water levels.
Most of level A is finished/polished. The sub level not changed yet. I'll post screen shots when finished, and then ask to move this thread WIP.

A while back I gained Lui37's permission to use his smw advanced hack in the finished rom hack section. I think it's features are perfect for this hack.
Level A complete.

Now I'll claim level F
Well, the screens look good for me. First two screenshots look like they were taken at the same place. It seems weird for me.
I have a Discord server as well! (by joining, you agree to the rules)
Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.

Can I claim level 105? I also have a question, how many levels can a certain person claim?

Also, I think this collab will be fun. It has some interesting rules.
Working on "A Mario Hack".
erm, you're right. The screens are the same. I'm Not sure why that happened.

I mostly finished F. Its now a bridge area with flying cheep cheeps. Like the orig. It has a secret exit and wings that carry you to C8.

If people don't want in because of no Custom blocks, sprites,exgfx. I might reconsider allowing them. Exgfx would have to be Nintendo vanilla quality. Authors such as awesomezack, jaden1292, kinggeoshi64, pixel-gon, mario maker etc.

Personally I'd like to keep the original rules though. Feel free to speak up.

Yes you can have 105, better only claim one at a time.
Thank you, hopefully going to work on it some today. I don't know if I'll be able to finish it today, but hopefully sometime this week. Also, if the original had a sub area, does the new one also need to have one? Mainly saying this because I ain't good at warps, but can learn them anyway if needed.
Working on "A Mario Hack".
It should have a sub area. I can connect them for you. Just make sure its the same sub area level number.
Thanks for clearing that up. I will probably be able to connect them myself, but thank you for offering.
Working on "A Mario Hack".
yep, you're welcome.
Made a userbar for this hack, need to add the HTML:

HTML tutorial

EDIT: Added HTML, code used from the site w3schools. Do you like it? It's my first time making a userbar. Picture of the code needed to use it:

Working on "A Mario Hack".
yeah I'll put it on thanks. Do you think you can copy paste to text here, so I dont have to type it out though?
Originally posted by zacmario
yeah I'll put it on thanks.

You're welcome.

EDIT: I tried that but it just showed the userbar and not the code.

EDIT 2: I put the code so you can copy at this Pastebin link:
Working on "A Mario Hack".
Can I help you, Zack?
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

Yes, you may. Just let us know what level you want. I finished level F. The sub areas need help, but I think it's safe to claim level seven. When I get decent screen shots I'll post them of F.
I'll claim level 105. Is that okay?
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

Sorry mario doge claimed that one. I'll need a list at some point.
Currently levels c16, F, A, 105, are spoken for or finished.


Link Thread Closed