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SMW DLCR: A Basic Collaboration >> ALL CLAIMS CLOSED

Link Thread Closed


I already sent my level weeks ago, but for some reason zacmario still didn't list it as finished.

Here's my level. You will need the No More Sprite Tile Limits patch for this one. It's pretty challenging (I think), so be prepared for that. ;)
Hi again! For my 27th post, I wanted to do something sort-of-big, so here it is:
A Smw DLC Collab sample!
Updates: 3


It's like a compilation(?). I included a 96-exit srm so you can play your levels without completing a bunch of the original levels. Some sub areas are also broken because I used mwl files. Thanks to TheBiob for helping with applying the patch fix.

I included Luansilva12's level.

(If anyone is still watching this post for updates, no I'm not updating this sampler anymore since the hack is almost finished. If you're wondering where the .srm went, it's in my filebin.)
Awesome, I'd love to play levels made by other contributors

Edit: The levels included are:

YOSHI'S ISLAND 2 by SwagAssMustafa
YOSHI'S ISLAND 4 by RussianMan
IGGY'S CASTLE by ft026
DONUT PLAINS 1 by ft026
VANILLA SECRET 2 by Minuy600
STAR WORLD 1 by lukacspatrick
TUBULAR by RussianMan
and GROOVY by myself
Originally posted by lukacspatrick

@ Lucayorlando I'll include Kyanite's level tomorrow and hopefully apply the patch fix. If anything is broken, send me a PM!

Ok, I'll check back on the thread tomorrow
Ok, I'm back.

@ Lucayorlando Sorry, I just forgot to mark you finished.
@ lukacspatrick I can send you the rest of the level files if you want to put in that rom.
@ Kyanite This hack doesn't utilize the NMSTL patch, but we will figure out something.
@everyone Anyone else finished and the list doesn't say so?
@ zacmario Thanks! If you want, you can make the later versions of it.
@ Mario Doge Are you working on your level? You should be done with it even if you don't have much free time. (Sorry I didn't mean to be rude)
Ok, so I just played the new version and there are 3 new levels:

DONUT GHOST HOUSE by lukacspatrick
CHOCOLATE ISLAND 1 by lukacspatrick
and of course VANILLA DOME 4 by Kyanite

By the way, I found some glitchy tiles in Kyanite's level

Those are most likely upside-down munchers. Next time you import a level, remember to also import it's MAP16 tiles, or else you'll get glitchy tiles
There's no .map16 file included, how do I import it? I think a while back zacmario said that we aren't using Map16. I'm confused.
More likely they didn't read the rules ;) No patches or map 16.
Oh well we can fix it.
I've been silently looking at this collab for a bit, and it's pretty neat. (Despite already sort of kind of happening.)
But it's also got me interested in participating. :)

If it's open, I'd like to take a stab at Level 12A: GNARLY.
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
I'm not sure of the project Koopster references to but I think it is dead. But that gives me an idea, we should try to seek out that project and it's authors. If it has decent levels maybe those peoples work could actually see daylight again.

Yes you may have gnarly.
Level 5 finished.

Link to MWL

Originally posted by zacmario
More likely they didn't read the rules ;) No patches or map 16.

When you did say that? I read through this entire thread, and nowhere did you outright say "no patches or map16". I thought it would've been atleast okay to use a patch, because of this you posted:

Originally posted by zacmario
A while back I gained Lui37's permission to use his smw advanced hack in the finished rom hack section.

Either way, the rules should've been more clear.
Even though it's not that important, i'd love some feedback on my level. Maybe i'll also claim another level but I don't know.
yo give me a random level thx
@Kyanite yeah I should have been more clear. No map 16 or patches. While I do plan on inserting these in lui's rom, I also may put them in the GBA version.
@ Gbreeze how bout number 9? The donut plains cave.
@Luansilvah12 thank you.
@minuy600 okie I will look.
Hey wanted to ask if I could participate? I would then like to take Level 125 Funky.
I'm not trying to make it hard
I think this is one of the best collabs ever happening. The design is pretty good so far.


Link Thread Closed