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SMW DLCR: A Basic Collaboration >> ALL CLAIMS CLOSED

Link Thread Closed


@ AbuseFreakHacker Yeah go ahead.
@ glitch4 Thanks, everyone has worked hard.
I think sometime tomorrow I'll release a bps with all our levels so we check each other, and make sure inserted the right version and I didn't forget/miss anysubmissions.
I haven't had much time, it's a busy time of year for me. So I want to make everything is on track still.
I fixed the links in my posts. (I just learned how to insert links)
This collab seems to be very solid, I think I'll give a try because why not? I'd like level 113, aka Valley Of Bowser 3

Also, a little question, am I forced to use the sublevels or can I just skip them?

And as a little suggestion, maybe you should add colors for the level list, so people can look more easily what levels are claimed, finished and free
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Is there still place left and if so, can I take Blue Switch Palace? I'll possibly take more in the future.
@lukacspatrick Thanks. If you don't mind a may use your sampler (because of the open overworld) to release those finished levels for testing.
@ Shiny Ninetales Yeah you can skip them. I think one of mine has. I do agree with coloring the list... But I don't how lol.
@ IanBoy141 there is plenty of space, go ahead.
Originally posted by zacmario
I do agree with coloring the list... But I don't how lol.

Anyways, can I claim level 11E next? Thanks!
Level 125 Funky is finished.


Tbh is this to hard ?

Edit:Can I make a another level too ?
@ AbuseFreeHacker I'll look if it's hard. Yeah you can make as many as you like.
@ Kyanite Thanks, sorry about the rules mix up. Yeah you can have 11E. You're welcome.
Ok, I already finished my level, you can download it here

Some screens:

I'm looking forward this project, probably will do another level if I get motivated
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
I like the color idea! Also, maybe you should remove the levels that can't be claimed (Yoshi's House and the unused levels).
Here is a direct link for the correct version of level 22.
@AbuseFreakHacker I beat your level and it isn't hard.
Any slots left? And does the level need a specific theme or gimmick to it?
your simplistic human mind cannot possibly comprehend the complexities of my thoughts
@ Shiny Ninetales Looks preety good.. I'll add that to the patch Iam gonna upload soon.
@ lukacspatrick It wasnt my idea :/ However you are right about removing the unused levels.
@ Epic_Manky There is slots open, just as long that it follows the rules it's good.
edit: Link removed.

I think any .Srm file that uses the original overworld is fine? (It still has some original levels.)

Feel Free to file Complaints below :) I used the updated advanced version rom, if thats hated on we can change it.
I'm claim Level 20: # 5 ROY'S CASTLE: Castle
The graphics are glitched and the rom crashes if I use my .srm, is there a working one?
Oh well I can use cheat codes.
Cutoff pipes in Yoshi's Island 3
Yoshi's Island 4 not inserted
Donut Plains 1 not inserted

Reply to post below: ok.
(again, sorry I don't mean to be rude)
Link to updated sampler
Maybe I'll just use the normal rom for now, I see I'm missing levels too.
Could you do a Huge favor, can't get to pc now. could you export all the levels to a normal rom and repost the a link for a patch?
Looks pretty good!
Edit: sfc? We are nuked.

Wait, you included a .sfc rom!
Otherwise looks good, but there is a Yoshi coin glitch in the goal area. (You placed it on a screen boundary)
edit: I'll claim Red Switch Palace Forest Fortress.Nevermind.
This is preety creative, good job!

I started 107 finally, no screen shots yet though.
I tested the other levels, here are some errors:
Some slowdown at the end of Donut Plains 1.
Donut Plains 3: One end of the midpoint is visible, the other isn't. Not sure if this is a problem.
I will edit this post if I find more.


Link Thread Closed