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SMW DLCR: A Basic Collaboration >> ALL CLAIMS CLOSED

Link Thread Closed


slowdown probably ok, midway easy enough to fix. that pipe in one of my levels has cutt-off too.
Ok, I think I can do another level

Give me level 18 please, Sunken Ghost Ship
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Hey zac. I've been kinda busy with irl stuff so I haven't been able to finish my level. Can you give some more time? I'll have it done this month. Oh and you put my vanilla secret 1 as finished, please change it to yellow.

Level 109: VANILLA SECRET 1: Underground, secret exit, vertical (mes)
I'm going to drop Forest of Illusion 1. I literally have no ideas for it, and I'm busy with a current project atm. Sorry about that.
@ mes Fixed the list, no proplem thanks for letting me know.
@ Kyanite No worries, I understand good luck with your project!

@everyone I haven't had much time myself, it's a busy time of year for me.
can i help, too? i'd like to claim level 2.
It sounds interesting, I'd like to make Star World 3 (Level 132), make it a true level rather than just two screens.

Edit: I can remove the Vertical Scroll or this is against the rules?
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Download Waluigi's Wadventure - Demo 2.1 Here
I'll claim level 105, I'd like to make it a tutorial level. (I know, it's not like anyone here doesn't know how to play SMW but I'm doing it anyway.)
@ Christian07 You sure can!
@ Matheus2653 Yes you may have it, it is unfortunately against the rules to mess with vertical scroll :( . Let me know if you want another level without vertical scroll, but it sounds like you really want that one.
@ lukacspatrick It sounds good, you never know. Someone might learn something :)
Hi fam, can I claim star world 3 plz

Don't worry, the donut plains 2 level will emerge soon

For some reason star world 3 sounds super fun to make. Yes, it will be just as short as the original lol
sorry GbreezeSunset, Matheus2653 just claimed it. I was in the middle of updating the list :(
Here is level 105.
It didn't really turn out as a tutorial level, did it?
Contains 5 Yoshi coins + 1 moon + 1 Easter egg + 1 glitch (optional).
Solution for moon:
There's an invisible block column right at the start of the level, near the left wall. Get max speed, reveal the first invisible block. From here, jump to the mushroom/flower block with max speed. Jump to the invisible block you revealed earlier, then start revealing the other invisible blocks, and you should see the moon on a horizontal skinny pipe!

As usual, if you find something too hard, PM me and I'll edit this post with the update. After all, it's the first level, I want it easy.
I'm gonna take Larry's Castle, Valley Fortress and Way Cool.
Claiming 10F (Valley of Bowser 4)
Star World 3 is now Complete!
This level was based on the Airship levels that has in several games in the Mario series (although it is not 100% an airship). This stage has auto scroll and Yellow Yoshi will be necessary to get the secret exit.


I would also like to work at Donut Secret House (Level 13) and 2# Morton's Castle (Level 7) too.
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Download Waluigi's Wadventure - Demo 2.1 Here
this collab looks p neat. i'm gonna claim Chocolate Island 5 (1C) and try to give it a shot. i'm assuming you can't change mario's starting and midway entrance position, right?
yo can I get uuuh.....

and a diet #6 WENDY’S CASTLE
First off, I apologize to the others I said could only claim one level at a time. 3 people in less then 24 hours offered 3 levels each(one ask by pm), I think I'll experiment and say yes. If it goes well I'll let others claim several levels at once.

@ alexanite You can move them around.
@ Matheus2653 Looks preety cool.
@ lolyoshi Okie dokie
@ GlitchMr Yep
@ snoruntpyro Yes I'll mark you down.
@ lukacspatrick I'll check it out later!
hi can I have 10A (vd3), 10B (ds2), and 116 (vob1)


Link Thread Closed