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Hello, peoples. Still looking for folks to fix their levels ;)
Well I guess I'll just fix any major issues how I see fit and submit the hack. ;)
It's better that you fix the levels by yourself zacmario (or any other helper like RZ1), if you wait to people notice to fix their levels we can wait forever... and that's not good.
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
100% agree.
I've been quietly fixing issues in the background.
I'm just putting option outthere so there are no hidden surprises.
I see you submitted the hack, and can't figure out how to do the overworld credits. I think Mathos said he could give you an UberASM code for that.

Originally posted by Mathos
I support both alexandrite and lucaskpatrick's suggestions. For the latter, I can quickly provide an UberASMTool code to display the author name. All that's needed is for whoever is in charge to apply MarioFanGamer' OW Border ++ patch with its default settings.
Your indeed correct, however since then his life is too busy now.
I see you submitted the hack

Can I still post feedback? Do I still have to work on my level that I actually forgot about?

Oh yeah definitely can!
Infact I strongly encourage anyone to leave feed back or fix/adjust their levels for v1.1
First I want to talk about Roy's Castle.

I was able to beat the original Roy's Castle and honestly while it was difficult and a few obstacles were on the precise side, it was a perfectly doable level and it wasn't a very long either. I am completely shocked by what you have done to the level though and I would probably be furious if I was the one who made it.

Here is a side by side comparison.


You just took out the obstacles all together and turned the level into vanilla Roy's Castle with a spike ceiling essentially. You originally did the same thing to Lazy's Vanilla Dome 3 level by taking out parts you thought were difficult. Don't just gut people's levels like that. Not only is it disrespectful to the author who made it, but it also makes the level a lot worse since there is more blank space with nothing going on. I personally think the original Roy's Castle was perfectly beatable. You shouldn't significantly alter the author's work unless the level was actually unbeatable or broken or if the difficulty was actually unreasonable (like Kaizo:Light difficulty) which it isn't. I honestly found Vanilla Dome 3 and 4 harder than the original Roy's Castle.

Ask the author who made it if he wants to make changes to it.

Now I want to talk about Valley of Bowser 4. I went ahead and re-inserted GlitchMr's VoB 4 level, and honestly I am really impressed with it, however the second half of the level is very finicky with the throw block part. I had a very tough time not getting the throw block to accidentally hit the rocks. Or the rocks would spawn too close together and I couldn't jump on the flying koopa. I think he should slightly tweak that section of the level. Overall I really liked the kill Yoshi gimmick, especially considering the limitations of this collab.

I am really disheartened that you just scrapped his level and replaced it with a level with broken vertical scrolling and sprite glitching platforms. Please for the love of god put his level back in the collab. When I want to play a collab, I want to play the levels that the author made and what they envisioned, not what zacmario wants the levels to be. The person in charge of the collab should only make sure that the level functions properly. Don't completely take away someone's level design.
Chocolate Island 5 is not inserted?
Originally posted by ZAGESAW

If this is how you're "fixing" levels, I demand you make an uncensored version of the game. You can't just strip away the obstacles and call it a fix: it just makes the levels feel soulless and feel uncreative, and also a stab in the back if you actually know of the original unaltered levels.

And if you remove any obstacles in my levels, I WILL NOT allow you to use my levels in SMW DLC until I MYSELF make them easier.
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(rip my other userbars momentarily)

Not too long ago, Zacmario was making plans for a sequel to this collab called "SMW DLC Pack 2":

What I would suggest, in order to maintain the integrity of the authors' works of this collab, is why don't you make the first pack mandatory to have normal to hard difficulty (compared to the original SMW)? And then, you can move all the levels that are really hard (but not Kaizo: Light) into Pack 2 and make it mandatory that it's the same rules as SMW DLC, but much harder. Best of both worlds?
Honestly, It's not worth the headache. Someone else will need to take this over.
This started as hack that offered a similar structure to the old school level design. Basically I wanted to give users some thing to do while they waited for the contest results. That ship long sailed.
Some of these levels have a really high difficulty, no testors or I was able to beat them.
Very few have offered to fix thier own levels.
Some chose to not follow the rules, and I accepted the levels anyway. Which I shouldn't have done.
In order for me to continue this, I would have to remove all the levels that did not follow the rules unless the author is willing to fix it.
The rules were NO map 16, No changing settings, No changing palletes. Keep original sub levels, no glitches, no kazio.
So just ignored that, and I should have rejected the level on the spot but chose to be nice. I should have known better then that.
I don't want the grieve thats coming from this, far to busy to deal with it. So If someone wants to take over, they are more then welcome.
If you PM me all the unaltered levels, I could pick it up and finish what you started.
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(rip my other userbars momentarily)

Honestly, I can understand zacmario's headache with this. This project escalated too quickly at unthought points, plus some people just vomiting their levels without testing before or even without following the rules.. at least you recognize you partially did it bad zacmario, but there is also fault of that people.
My suggestion is: NUKE all levels that doesn't follow the rules and that authors doesn't give a fuck about them (unless there's a really minor issue in a level that can be fixed by anyone and that the fix doesn't affect the playablity of the level). I know, this might be a bit extreme, but it's the only way to ensure people make levels that actually follow the rules.

I'd like to see this project finished, because I really liked the concept, but it's getting more and more roadblocks that it should't.

(Also, ZAGESAW, you got wrong the meaning of fixing levels)
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Originally posted by Shiny Ninetales
(Also, ZAGESAW, you got wrong the meaning of fixing levels)

Wrong meaning of fixing levels? Do you mind actually backing up that statement rather just saying I am wrong?

How am I wrong for pointing out that gutting and removing people's levels without consent is not the right thing to do? This is supposed to be a collaborative effort. There are so many things wrong with submitting this hack in the current state.

1. Not giving credit to the level authors. I played the whole submitted hack and not even in the end credits did zacmario credit the level authors. Why would you submit a hack without giving other people credit?

2. Levels and event titles that are obviously broken. Donut Ghost House still doesn't lead anywhere, and Chocolate Island 2 is unbeatable because you get smashed when you enter the pipe. The author of that level already fixed the issue, but it wasn't added in the submitted release? why?

3. Some levels aren't even in the collab, like Valley of Bowser 2 and Valley Ghost House.

4. Clearly not all of the levels have been tested. You should never submit a hack without testing them before hand. The Valley of Bowser 4 level that zacmario replaced was in a broken state. The screen wouldn't scroll vertically making the obstacles not in sight unless you brought over a cape. This also upsets me because the author who submitted Valley of Bowser 4 made a difficult but highly creative level, and it was replaced with this? Without author consent too. There are also other issues like some levels like Front Door having broken rooms. The ending yoshi house in the credits is the castle entrance instead of yoshi's house?

This hack was nowhere near in an acceptable state to be in the hacks section.

What really happened is you convinced zacmario to just rush out the hack because it was clearly not finished. By just not respecting the authors who put their time into contributing to this project and just doing what you want to it? If you weren't willing to lead this project then you shouldn't have been leading it.

Also collab projects always take a long time because of the amount of people working on it. JUMP 1/2 has been in development for 3+ years, asmwcp, asmt, jump all took at least 3 years. You can't just rush something out.

We can either just cancel this project altogether and I'm sure some of the level authors have lost interest by now, but others would really like to see this hack come to life, or we can find someone who's more responsible in leading a collab. Daizo already offered to help, and I wouldn't mind someone like him or idol to finish off the project.
When that happens, would my level be disqualified for having vertical scroll when it doesn't in the original?

I hope it's unaffected, because otherwise i'm probably out.
Basically my mission is to submit how all the stages were originally, good or bad (either submitted in SMWC's section, or just it's own thread). I'd rather have the collaboration be a reminder of how rules shouldn't be broken than a reminder of how stages should not be insultingly altered to the point where it feels soulless and bitter. If there is to be an SMW DLC Pack 2, it's goal should be to fix the mistakes of this one (in terms of both level designers and leading skills).

The only fixes I would do is bug fixes and altering incomplete/impassable levels to make them beatable. Anything else (deleting bad levels, altering obstacles, etc) either I will do in a later date, or someone else can handle it.

If zacmario gives me all the levels, then I will start.
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(rip my other userbars momentarily)

Just putting my two cents here...

Shiny Ninetales, it is EXTREMELY unethical to gut people's levels in a collab hack, whether they broke the rules or not. On top of all that, the levels that did follow the rules and was acceptable under Zacmario's hidden standards weren't even credited! There is no point in even having a collab if you are going to do something like that. I wonder if you would feel the same if it were YOUR levels being gutted. Once you make a major change in someone's level, it is no longer their level, but yours. The fact that you would even recommend such a course of action like NUKE all levels that don't follow the rules (as opposed to simply REJECT them) is such an inconsiderate and terrible idea that the only way to see why that would be wrong is if someone did that to you.

Zacmario, sorry that you followed terrible advice and got overwhelmed by pressure. It seems you have learned from the experience, so if you ever decide to do another collab in the future, I'm sure you know what to expect and what not to do now. Don't be discouraged!

As for Daizo's plan, at this point, that would probably be the best course of action. I for one would be much more inclined to play an "uncensored" but working copy of DLC. I'd love to see a Pack 2 with better quality control and consistency.

Lurking on this thread has been quite the ride! Good luck.
Not credited? The whole whole first page of this thread is credits. Wtf are you even talking about.
Btw I had put a credits list together.. And it was uploaded last night. As I explained in the the description of the hack. I said I was unsure how I would include them. I tried to get someone to do it with asm, but was unable to. So last night I uploaded it to my bin to be added.

So it is unethical to make users wait who's level had no issues, or minor issues who actually read the rules, or followed the beta and fixed their levels.... If that's the case I have an unethical one finger salute for you pal...
Why should I be expected to sit with my thumb up my ass for 5 ,6 years waiting for people to figure it out.. On mutable occasions I warned people on here and the beta thread I would change things my self if no response.
Dazio you have full permission to take this hack over. All most all of the old levels are in this thread.. Their are a couple via pm.

I don't think there will be a Smw DLC 2, after I'm called names and a thief .

I'm also considering leaving the community alltogeather. I don't want or need any of this.


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