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Level 106 complete!

e: @ft029: I played your Iggy's Castle level and it was short, but sweet. I think you should add fence Koopas and extend the first section a bit.
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

Well, I'm just a little lazy to work on my level :/
Edit: But did you checked my Tubular level?

Nearly done. I have to upload a video on it, and the download link will be in the description. Give me a few hours.
@ft029 Yes you are right. That's why I want to make sure the levels can become available again. I understand people come and go with what they want or can do. But we also have to make sure the same level isn't made twice.
@ SwagAssMustafa
Thank you!
@ RussianMan It's ok you already made one level. And yeah I played it. It's hard(for me) but it's expected for special world.
@ Minuy600 Thanks!
Hey zac. It's been quite a while since I last posted here. Do you remember my level? If so then, could you get the secret exit?

I'll look into the available levels to find the setup I feel the most comfortable with and then claim it, if that's ok.

You never mentioned it, but is authenticity a requirement?
Here we are.
I don't have the time to upload my video at the moment (gotta pick up a surden certificate) but I am done with the level. Please give me feedback on it. If there's something truly wrong with it, I will change it.
@ mes I sure do remember your level, and no I couldn't get the secret exit, but when In looked lm it looks like you need to bate a chuck. A couple invisible blocks might make getting back to the key easier. But I hope we will have 3 beta testers, one of each skill level, we will know for sure then to leave it or not, my skill level is not as high as others around here, so maybe I'm missing something really simple?
Yeah your more then welcome to claim more.

authenticity? You mean Nintendo like? It's preferred but not required. Or do you mean generic filler levels? they are ok too but we should aim to place them after a harder level as a space to breath.
@ Minuy600 I haven't played it yet. Thanks for finishing it up though!
In case you're short on time, here's the video. For completionistic purposes I guess.
I wouldn't have been able to play till tonight so thank you for posting. I really like this level I think it fits better then the original.
@ SwagAssMustafa I forgot to mention I liked your level too.
Can I make level 134?
edit: click
@ lukacspatrick Yes, you may.
I think it's safe to say 105 is open again.
I finished103 I don't have screenshots yet.

@ lukacspatrick err wait it's finished already.. ok. Oh I think you wanted 105 a while back, if you still want it help your self.
I may be able to do 105 in time, but lukacspatrick can if he wants.
Working on "A Mario Hack".
Yep, no problem. I left your name just incase you do get to it.
Thank you!
Working on "A Mario Hack".
Your welcome!
I'll let Mario Doge make level 105, I'll probably make another level tomorrow.
Thank you! I'll probably do 105 today or tomorrow.
Working on "A Mario Hack".
Finished YI 4!


Looks like this is YI 4... except you need to go from right to left instead of left to right!

Includes A button action!

@Mario Doge: You're welcome!
I'd like to claim level 22.
Also, I fixed a glitch and removed the Map16 fence in 134. Link is in the original post.
edit: Are secondary exits okay if they lead to the same level?


Link Thread Closed