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Mario is Looking for 7 Magic Mushrooms (Demo 2.0) by MultiMarioLP


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File Name: Mario is Looking for 7 Magic Mushrooms (Demo 2.0)
Submitted: Jun 1, 2017 3:53pm by MultiMarioLP
Authors: MultiMarioLP
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: This is my new SMW hack I am creating. The Hack is now Vanilla with Custom Music, Custom Sprites, ExGFX for Overworld, and little Custom Backgrounds. The corners I have drawn with YY CHR. You must to Find the Secret Exit in Level one first and Pressing the Yellow Switch Palace, before you go to the second Level.
I have already uploaded this hack, but I have reworked the demo version and made something easier.
I have translated the whole hack from German to English. The Difficulty Level at the beginning Normal, but will become later heavier, and the last levels could be Kaizo Light, Kaizo Normal. And now to the story. Mario wants to make a magical pasta, but unfortunately the 7 Magic mushrooms are missing, so he is Looking for 7 Magic Mushrooms.

- Map 16 Edit
- Mini Puzzles
- Custom Sprites
- Custom Music
- Custom Overworld
- Custom Boss
- YYCHR for Corners
- Little ExGFX
- Changed palettes
- Graphic Mix ( Forest + Ghost)
- Sprite Mix (Ghost + Castle)
- suggestions for improvement.
- Any criticism is respected.
- If you find any mistakes, tell me in any case.
- Later Custom Blocks, Gimmicks, more ExGFX, and later i
tried to use Custom Patches
I hope You have Fun with my SMW Hack.
Level quality isn't very good. The levels have a number of things going for it, but it's all applied rather haphazardly and disjointed. (ie: the second half of the first level is unreasonably difficult for a first level) In other words, the basic groundwork is there, but that's it. I don't know how useful this link may be to you since there is a bit of a language barrier (going by your message boxes), but I suggest taking a gander at it anyway.

Additional things that you should take into consideration:

Very minor, but miscolored text on the file select screen.

Generally speaking, the grammar in this hack isn't very good. If you insist on having your hack in English, then I suggest that you get someone with a better understanding of the Language to proofread all of your text for you.

I don't think this was an intended path, but you can skip a good chunk of the level using the silver P-Switch and running across the top here. Especially considering how easy it is to get the secret exit "normally" anyway.

Water like here should be surrounded by solid tiles. Being able to fall out of it like this isn't good.

Very Minor But: Something that's common in all of these levels is that the area behind the goal doesn't stretch itself out far enough, causing Mario to just constantly walk into a wall. Have at least one screen for Mario's victory march at each goalpoint.

Switch Palace (which has autoscroll) is literally just a guessing game on where to go, nothing more. Wrong Answer = Death

Very Minor But: If you insist on using fast autoscroll, fill this empty space with more of the ground/surface tiles.

This platform's chain. One Tile too low.
No Screenshot but: Shortly afterwards, you inform the player that they'll need a shell so they can continue on. However, there is a good chance that the two shells nearby will fail to do the job for one reason or another. The first reason being that it's very much possible (on a blind run) that hte player will have destroyed one of the shells (the safer one) before this message box. The second reason is that the next shell near this wall belongs to a Parakoopa that is flying in a pattern where it's possible that after it's stomped that it will fall into the nearby pit.

Off-Screen Damage objects (check the row of pixels at the bottom of this screenshot) Only the top pixel in the bottom row in Lunar Magic actually shows up.

- This death water really isn't necessary in a layer 3 tides level.
- This platform doesn't actually wait up for the player. It starts moving along it's track the moment it spawns, and Mario doesn't have that much time to actually get aboard.

This screen wasn't taken at the right time, but this (sub)level has poor sprite memory. Set it correcting by using the Lakitu icon in the menu bar and setting it to E (i think, going purely off of memory here). Either that or use the No More Sprite Time Limits patch and setting it to 10.

Suggestion: If you're going to force a Mushroom to be picked up (Mario automatically walks in this section), use this patch. Also the entrance to the next room can damage Mario on entry (he exits from a piep that's right above a skewer).

The standard overworld music plays when the boss is defeated. You'll need to edit Mouser's ASM file to set it correctly if your hack is using custom music. (which this one does)

Summary: Sub-par level design combined with numerous nagging issues that bring down the overall quality of this hack. This is probably your first hack, but don't let that discourage you from trying again. Just address the main issues listed in this post and try again. We all start somewhere.