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2017 Old-School Level Design Contest (Rules and Submissions)

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The 2017 Old-School Level Design Contest

Hello and welcome to the first ever Old-School Level Design Contest! Your challenge is to create a level with the usage of absolutely no custom resources and graphic rules you see in the VLDC contest; you are still encouraged to create the most creative level out of every aspect the SMW engine allows you to work with. Not only that, but like with the VLDCs, this will have its own compilation! Nothing too fancy but still worth playing.

Rules and Guidelines
  • You're not allowed to use any tools other than Lunar Magic to modify your ROM. This includes everything, from AddMusic to STEAR.
  • You're not allowed to (re-)insert GFX or ExGFX into your ROM. Consider the #lm{extgfx}#lm{insgfx}#lm{extexgfx}#lm{insexgfx} buttons off-limits.
  • You're not allowed to enable the #lm{sgfxby} Super GFX Bypass. Use the original tilesets listed in the #lm{gfxby} Graphics Index only.
  • You're not allowed to edit colors in the global palette or enable a custom palette for your level. Use the original palette presets only.
  • You're not allowed to edit any Map16 tiles. You are allowed to use Direct Map16 Access to place individual Map16 tiles into your level, but only tiles that the original game used from the first 2 pages.
  • You're not allowed to use any functions in the #lm{l3gfxby} Layer 3 GFX/Tilemap Bypass. You are also not allowed to enable the "Enable advanced bypass settings for Layer 3" setting in the #lm{props} Change Layer 3 Settings dialogue.
  • You're not allowed to edit the background tilemap manually using the #lm{bg} Background Layer 2 Editor. You are allowed to use it to copy a background tilemap from another level used in the original game.
  • You're not allowed to use custom or edit original ExAnimation. Both #lm{exan} Level ExAnimation and #lm{exang} Global ExAnimation are off-limits. You are also not allowed to change any settings in the #lm{aniset} Edit Animation Settings dialogue.
  • You're not allowed to utilize unintended behavior and glitches in your level design directly. This includes glitches the player has to perform at will, such as block duplication and walljumps as well as glitches you as the designer can utilize, such as tile 1F0 and similar, the fake water glitch, line guide warping, etc. You are allowed to place sprites outside of their original use-cases, such as having water sprites in air enviroments and Ludwig's Fireballs outside of his boss battle, so long as it does not look glitched visually.
  • Do not try to find loopholes in the rules. Doing so means disqualification.
  • You can work with a partner if you wish so.

Deadline: You can submit or update until 18:00:00 CDT (23:00:00 UTC) of June 26th.
Submission format: Please submit a .bps file (no .ips, but .bps), along with every .mwl file of every modified (sub)level in a .zip or .7z archive. Also, please specify if your level has a secret exit or not, for the sake or clarity and more ease for the judges. If your level uses message boxes, include a .txt file with each of the messages to prevent us from missing them in the compilation.


The following judging scale will be scale will be used:

Level Design: 30/30
Was your entry fun? Did it present a correct difficulty curve, fun gimmick usage and intricate usage of sprites?
Creativity: 20/20
Did your entry do more than just jumping over Koopas? Did it go the extra mile by including a gimmick that could be considered unique?
Polish: Negative 10/10
Does your level look presentable? If it does not look at least as good as a level in the original Super Mario World, up to 10 points will be deducted from your score here.

For a total of 50 points.

The judges will be:
- Aeon
- Impetus
- idol

The trophy design is not yet finished, but I promise there will be trophies for every participant. That being said, if you submit an entry that's terrible just for the purpose of getting one you won't get anything.
Additionaly, the first three places will be able to choose a game prize from our list, so check out for that!

If you want to discuss something, please use the discussion thread. For the sake of being ordered, please use this thread just for submissions and edit your original post for updating an entry instead of creating another. Good luck and have fun!

Finished my level in 2 hours.

New update:
Removed midpoint because
Galaer said that it doesn't need a midpoint.

Edited intro message and level name.

Here's mine!

I started on this as soon as I saw the announcement for this contest on the Discord server. Now I'm leaning more towards doing a choconilla hack for my next project after SMB: The Early Years.

BTW, the level has a secret exit even though the dot is still yellow. I just didn't bother editing the overworld.
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Fishing Jumps

Userbar made by Green Jerry


One exit
Updates: 1

EDIT: removed the first lightning
Tricky but hard

Version 1.5, last updated 20.6.
Lost Castle

- 2 exits
- no moon
- 5 yoshi coins
Forest Mario
Hello Guys, I have Discord. DaiaNerd#3629

Entry v2

Originally posted by Level Entry Notes
by HammerGuy

Level name is basically a placeholder, though if no level renaming is a thing for the collab portion, is fine as is.

As I considered it a midgame level I would assume the player would have access to the Yellow Switch Palace, and any Top Secret Area equivalent, thus they are provided.

No secret exit; Does have Dragon Coins; One hidden 1up somewhere.
Here's my submission!

This level is inspired by level 05 (Donut Plains 3) in the original game. Hope you enjoy :)

No secret exit
My entry. It does have a secret exit, and I think it could work well as an introductory level.

e. Oops. Forget to add the .mwl files. Here.

e2. Here's a video of my level. Clicky, clicky!
Here's mine.

This level is pure design, no Dragon Coins or secret exits to be found. It would fit in like, World 6.

A line-guide type level with one secret exit. Red Switch blocks are used. I have provided the Switch to turn them on.

Made the secret exit more interesting.


Contains secret exit & 5 Yoshi Coins. No moons.
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