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2017 Old-School Level Design Contest (Rules and Submissions)

Link Thread Closed

Concrete valley

EDIT fixed submission

1 exit
edit: modified some obstacles
Streamside Grove

2 exits

Just a chill forest level. No orange platforms, no Ninjis, no moving ledge holes, no bowling balls, no layer 2 elevators, no Tanasinn. \o/
Autumn Carnival

2 Exits.
5 Dragon Coins.
No Moon.
I am yoshi9429 enjoying Lunar Magic and Touhou Danmakufu ph3 and RPG Maker MV.
Fixed my patch(Hopefully)!
Stalking Castle
EDIT: By the way, the level has no dragon coins or secret exits.
EDIT: Fixed some cutoff in the lava.
Also, I've noticed that the patched ROM is twice the size of the unpatched one (which I'm guessing is why the original patch didn't work). Not sure if this means anything though.
Ghost Forest

I tried to make a new level theme that didn't exist in the original Super Mario World, but that would fit very well in the game too.

This level includes:
2 Exits
1 Moon
No Dragon Coins
Complete Hacks:
W.I.P. Hacks:
Download Waluigi's Wadventure - Demo 2.1 Here

An athletic-style level featuring a bunch of Koopas, P-Switches, and a drop in the end.

Has 2 Exits, 5 Dragon Coins, and a Moon.
Porting music is like walking down a street. Sometimes it goes nicely and sometimes you wANT TO STAB SOMEONE IN THE HEAD DUE TO HOW HARD TH IS IS
here's my level

I tried to make it feel like an SMW level so it's nothing special at all really. Hope you like though...

no secret exit
My, terrible, submission:
The Haunted House

It's a ghost house. (I couldn't think of anything =P)
 "Great work! Because this message is prerecorded, any observations related to your performance are speculation on our part. Please disregard any undeserved compliments."
My level now:
Iggy's fortress

It has one exit and all Dragon Coins.
Edit: I don't know why users say 'no moon'. Mine has no moon either.

Made in level 105 because I can't edit the overworld

Made in Lunar Magic 1.00
You can't be more vanilla than that.
Tbh it should have been a rule that you must use LM 1.00 that would have been fun to see everyone complain about some QOL elements being removed. And most of the stuff forbidden are stuff added in new versions of LM anyway.
LM 1.00 isn't too bad. For a first version of a romhacking tool made in 2000 it's pretty great.
Still there's some unsettling choice or some missing things. The most visible is no resize objects with mouse (need to use shift+arrow), goombas in tileset specific sprites, no generator category (shooters are in the other categories, generator are missing so need to be inserted manually), the change property in sprite header have two textboxes rather than a dropbox and it says it can from 0 to 3F??? (in new LM the max is 12)
Most important you can't have normal screen exit and secondary screen exits at the same time in levels. I didn't know it was like that in Vanilla SMW.
Also I don't know if it's me but it seems transition between sublevels is faster? Probably cause LM doesn't install millions hacks when you first use it (like that hack that allow both normal and secondary exit mentioned above).

LEVEL INFO (can't put in intro text coz LM1.00):
Level name: YOSHI'S ISLAND 1 (yes don't change it for the collab :D)
1 exit
5 duragon cuain
No moon

It's a very simple and short level like you would find in SMW I guess..?
I may update it.

No secret exit

I really wanted to come up with something more creative, but since I don't have the time to put something together in the next 7 days, I used my free time today to throw together something nice and simple.

I hope you can at least get a bit of enjoyment out of it.
My Youtube channel

Currently working on:
Project C

Finished project:
ghost water

no secret exit

updated 6/26
So Safe It's Boring e: update

2 exits
I don't know why i did this but, its here!
Illusion Island

5 Dragon coins, 2 exit and no moon.
it has also another level named "--Thank you--",
which is trying to replicate the "YOU ARE SUPER PLAYER" from funky
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