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2017 Old-School Level Design Contest (Discussion)

Link Thread Closed
Everyone scores 50/50 because I love all of you =D

ah, actually i guess i'm not allowed to do that ;-;
I don't think I got any feedback for my level. I'm still humble though. That's kinda sad for me.#tb{:(}

But good luck, you guys. Hope you win.
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sorry there hasn't been a ton of info on this lately! it shouldn't be too much longer, but there is one minor issue...

aeon's been gone for nearly two weeks now. while he could show up at any time, he has been inactive for a long time before while he part of the staff team (and im pretty sure he was let off the team due to a long hiatus), and rather than just wait and see if he comes back i decided the safest option would be to reach out to someone else to judge. if aeon comes back before the judging comes out, great! if not, well it's already been prepared beforehand!

so FPzero will be taking over judging, and he's gotten a really good pace going so far, so yeah i'm hoping it won't be super super long still until results come out haha. hang in there yall!!
2017 is year of judgement fails.

i forgot this contest even happened can we just give FQ first place and be done with it
umm... can i help you!?
I wondered what was going on with the contest. Thanks for the update! #smw{:TUP:}
Originally posted by Hobz
i forgot this contest even happened can we just give FQ first place and be done with it

the ultimate solution to all of our judging woes
Give frozenquills 5th or riot
The results are in..
It's seems everyone has tied for last place, we need to make new levels for tie breaker.

JK.. take your time.
I actually thought you were being serious, but then I read the second line. I guess I'm getting too excited for the results to come out already. Let's hope the judges are making good progress!
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did i win yet
umm... can i help you!?
judging update perhaps?
Wow, I can't believe I won! I love you guys.
By what I've seen of jusging progress, results will come out very soon. Probably before the end of this month, and the faster it's done the better. I've been pestering the judges a lot 👀
So when/if this turns into a compilation hack, will there be a "Best" world and "Worst" world like in VLDC?

If I don't get 42nd place or lower there is something wrong here
Originally posted by Erik557
very soon.

How much is that in Torchkasian minutes?
Time is up lads, show us the results or i'll start a riot.
I would make a joke about Frieza blowing up Namek in "5 minutes" but I don't think anyone would get it
🏆#smrpg{y} #smrpg{ohno}

e: the falling man is u and the mario is me
umm... can i help you!?
Link Thread Closed