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List of Essential Tutorials

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In this thread, you will find a list of tutorials for essential tasks in SMW hacking, from the basics to writing ASM.
Tutorials marked with the "Missing" tag haven't been written yet. If you are able to write a tutorial for an entry with this tag, it would be a big help if you did so.


Tutorials for essential tasks you need to know.
Patching, Playing and Creating .bps Patches (Video Tutorial)
Managing Backups and Porting ROMs Missing
Helpful Diagrams for Everything

Lunar Magic

Tutorials to explain features and tools in Lunar Magic.


How to properly use basic Lunar Magic tools.
Palette Editor
Map16 Editor
Remapping Map16
Background Editor Missing
ExAnimation Editor
Secondary Entrances Missing
Layer 3 Bypass
Title Screen Editor Missing
Recording New Title Screen Movement


How to use Lunar Magic's extensive Overworld Editor.

Tips and Tricks

How to make the most out of Lunar Magic.
Level Design Tips
Kaizo Design Tips
Fake HDMA Missing
Common Vanilla (VLDC) Tricks


Guides for everything related to graphics manipulation in SMW.


How to insert graphics (GFX and ExGFX) into your game and use them in your levels.
Inserting (Ex)GFX Files


How to edit existing graphics, mix tilesets and draw completely new ones.
Using YY-CHR
Ripping Graphics with Lunar Magic
Ripping Graphics with Graphic Editor
Ripping Backgrounds with the online BG Ripping Tool
Mixing Tilesets Missing


How to further edit and enhance graphics.
Color Reduction for Layer 3 Missing


Tutorials to change the music in your hack.


How to insert and configure new music.
Inserting .txt Files (AddMusicK)
Using the MSU-1 Chip


How to compose and port music to SMW's mml format.
MIDI to MML Conversion (Porting)
Creating Samples (.brr)
Using .brr Samples for SFX
SPC to MIDI Conversion


How to edit and fix existing music.
Addmusic 4.05/M to AddMusicK Conversion

Code (ASM)

Tutorials to teach you how to use or write ASM.


How to insert all kinds of ASM and get it running properly in your hack.
Inserting Blocks (GPS)
Inserting Patches (Asar)
Inserting Sprites (PIXI)
Custom Sprite Collection (SpriteTIP) Missing
Inserting Overworld Sprites(Overworld SpriteTool)
Using UberASM Codes Missing


How to write your own ASM.
Making Hex Edits (ROM Map)
[Beginner] SMW ASM Tutorial, required for all further ASM tutorials
[Intermediate] General ASM Tutorial, more in-depth read after the above tutorial
Using Macros in Asar
Writing Blocks
Writing Patches
Writing Sprites


Further ASM documentation.
Removing Asar Patches
Window/Mask Registers Tutorial
In-Depth HDMA Tutorial
Stripe Image Format
Custom Objects (ObjecTool)
Cluster Sprites (Cluster SpriteTool)
Working with Mode 7
SA-1 Pack Tutorial and Documentation [Erik offered to update it.]
SuperFX ASM Guide
SPC700 ASM Introduction
SPC700 Hacking In-Depth
Link Thread Closed