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Another Mario World 2: Luigi's Mission by Super Stiviboy

File Name: Another Mario World 2: Luigi's Mission
Submitted: 2017-06-17 05:41:58 PM by Super Stiviboy
Authors: Super Stiviboy
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 70 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: Here it is, the sequel of my Vanilla Hack 'Another Mario World'. This one is Vanilla too, but with some small changes:

- One Player only Patch
- Custom Music
- Custom Palettes
- Custom Luigi GFX
- some mixed GFX in some levels
- one level with custom layer 3
- Exanimations

After Mario saved Peach again, Luigi heard that King Boo wants to take over the World, again. So Luigi has to stop him once again.

Have Fun!
Overall, this hack has promise, but overall shows a lack of creativity. Levels are short and very easy with long time limits, but very little diverse gameplay in them. They're kinda on the boring and forgettable siede, to be honest. I'm genuinely unsure what to suggest to fix them aside from redoing them from scratch, but I don't think that'd help. Perhaps you could ask some peeps in the hack testing forum for help? They may be able to pinpoint what you can do to fix this better than I could. Now, onto the major things.

First off, what gets your hack rejected is Ice Cream Valley A- about halfway through the level, an autoscroll starts up. The problem is, L and R Screen Scrolling is enabled, so if you press R to scroll the camera into the autoscroll, the game softlocks. What this means is that you can still pause and press buttons, thus exit the stage if you've cleared it, but the game is locked in a state where nothing can move. If you have yet to clear it, that's it, game over. Time won't even tick down in this state. If you want an autoscroll, you should put in a warp, make it impossible to scroll naturally into it.

Second, a few levels lag when there's Chucks around, such as Cookie Desert 3. Might want to check that out, make sure you don't overload the screen with sprites!
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