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Favorite hack difficulty?

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I'm suprised to see that there's literally no thread on this. Kaizo is included.

For me it has to be between Normal and Hard. I want a good challenge but don't want it to drag on for too long or having to resort to savestates.
Normal or Hard.

I think Super Mario World leans on the easier side of things until the later worlds.

I like making Hard hacks as I like having more creative and dangerous set ups in level so it keeps the player on their toes.
I'm not sure if I really have a favorite difficulty. It's possible to make an easy, normal, hard, very hard, kaizo light, kaizo hard, or pit level that is amazing and fun.

I think most of what I enjoy is Hard or Very Hard however.
Very Hard. At this point (like many other here I guess), I have too much experience with platformers to properly appreciate something easy or even normal again. But at the same time I'm not really fond of Kaizo (even though the few hacks I played in this range of difficulty were excellent tbh).
Very Hard is best difficulty tbh
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I have played lots of amazing easy, normal, hard, kaizo, and pit hacks. But, I'd be lying if I didn't say that very hard and kaizo light are my favorite. Without savestates. It's more fun for me to play and watch. That being said, insanely long gauntlet levels in hard hacks will make me go crazy.
Originally posted by GbreezeSunset
That being said, insanely long gauntlet levels in hard hacks will make me go crazy.


I don't think I have a "specific" favorite difficulty setting besides the obvious kaizo or pit difficulties. I enjoy mostly Normal, Hard and Very Hard if they're done in a fun and unique way.
Hard and very hard.
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hard or very hard because anything under that isn't a challenge lol
Normal. Unfortunately.


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Originally posted by AbuseFreakHacker

Why? Is it because of the slowdown you use? I kinda enjoy kaizo hard hacks because sometimes when I use slowdown, the level is a bit more easier and a little bit fun. I also enjoy hacks of other difficulties, except pit hacks.
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Because it's a damn good challenge and it's fun to break your fingers.
Either normal or Kaizo light/hard. It seems when I first make a Kaizo hard level, that's when it's most fun to try to play or test, and then replaying it later isn't as much fun, and the more of a gimmick a Kaizo (light or hard) level has, the more fun it is.
Normal difficulty isn't frustrating or mind-numbing.
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I haven't really played that many hacks, but I'd gladly play anything from around normal to kaizo:light. If I had to choose just one difficulty, then I'd say hard.
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Originally posted by ft029
Originally posted by GbreezeSunset
That being said, insanely long gauntlet levels in hard hacks will make me go crazy.





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Honestly if it's well designed, I don't care what difficulty it is, except I'm not really a fan of kaizo hard or pit.

If I had a choice of a bunch of well designed levels of each difficulty rating, I would probably choose kaizo light.
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Normal or Hard but I sometimes play Easy hacks.
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