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Best free software to record level playing?

What's the best free software to record level playing with? I have used snes9x but it slowed my computer down quite a bit. Is there anything better?

Oh yeah, and I will be running it on a kind of old computer, but it can handle quite a bit considering it's age.
ZSNES can do it too. But I'm not sure your old computer can handle either. I'm not psychic so I can't say for sure.

EDIT: There's Also CamStudio (which is not Camtasia studio, and IS free) but that's even more resource intensive.
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I Use ZSnes, It works best
So when you guys record with snes9x, do you record as .avi? Cause that f***s my computer/emulator up(slow it down) and my computer is a month old. Or do you take that other format, which I can't seem to play with my windows player. Or do you need to convert it somehow?

I use camstudio now, but it can't record the sound from my soundcard.
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Well if Snes9x's recording is too stressful for your computer I have only 2 recommendations.

1. Go download CamStudio but DO NOT RECORD IN FULL SCREEN. Shrink the window to about 1/4 or 1/8 of your screen then record.

2. Use a real camera and find a nice angle.
I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.

Recording takes a ton of memory. I couldn't record anything without lag until I got a dual-core, so don't expect 60fps movies on anything less.
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I recorded Project64 in my YouTube Videos at 55 - 60Fps. Mind you, that could be my laptop's config. Don't use HyperCam, because that sucks like crap, and HyperCam lags like shit. It has something to do with the driver in use for your video card and CPU.

If it lags too much, it's time to upgrade.

EDIT: Make sure you have more than 256MB Ram. Anything less or exactly 256MB = Slowdown like you don't know what. Trust me.

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