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Guess That Level

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The purpose of this forum is that you have to post a screenshot of any Super Mario World level, and the person below must guess the level the above shot was taken in, etc. etc. The shot may also be taken in Lunar Magic. To prevent spam, you should post around every 7 posts.

Here's my picture - It will be recognizable to anybody who beat SMW.

That one's pretty easy, it's Forest of Illusion 1.

Took this one with Lunar Magic. I wanted to grab one of Wacky World, but I couldn't find it.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
Man, I wish this would've worked. Oh well.
If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.
Groovy obviously #tb{TwT}

Let's spice up the difficulty:

valley of bowser 3

Forest Of Illusion 2...? \_( ._. )_/

That's Star World 5. (I was gonna say Star World 4 because of the background, but then I realized my mistake.) #ab{>_>}

What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
Chocolate Island 2

This one shouldn't be a surprise.
Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
Your´s Tubular


Valley Fortress.
Vanilla Dome 3.

*everything stops*
Yeah, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation...
*cut to next post*
Chocolate secret?

lost my computer which had lwrc4 on it, rip.

new hack soonTM

Doughnut Planes 1?
Front/Back door. There's literally one level in the game that uses the spotlight.

vanilla ghost house

wuts this?
Yoshi's island 2, easy!
how about THIS?
And have a Very Merry Christmas!
>My Layouts<

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