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[Take 2: UPDATED] Mushroom Kingdom - Under Crimson Skies: Full Release!

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It's no surprise to anyone that I'd release my hack during this Summer's C3. So let's get going.

Finally, after 6 years in my SMW hacking history, after (more than) 10269 restore points in Lunar Magic, I present a genuine full hack of mine, in which I put my body and soul. For about 2 years I spent times and times doing what would be, for me, the most unique and memorable one-man SMW hack ever created. I made levels and overworld, composed music, drew GFX, made ASM stuff and wrote a storyline - everything I could do in order to fulfill this task, and also to bring you joy, of course. After lots of failed, rushed hacks, frustrating tentatives and ideas, I am, at last, happy with this one. Finally, a hack I don't regret having done. Mushroom Kingdom - Under Crimson Skies is a dream fulfilled.

It is here! If you didn't notice already, this is a download link. - edit: Updated link, yay

Ah, oh yeah, screenshots.

And also the release trailer, uploaded a few days before C3.

And if you like SPCs, here's the OST for this hack. If you prefer not to make a download, here's an YouTube playlist.

Thank you for your patience, your support and your attention, people. After all, I owe this site a life. We had bad and good times, like in every relationship, but a thing is certain: if it wasn't by your existance, I would have never been motivated, or even able to finish this project. Last but not least, I hope a lot of people play this and enjoy.

Also: this hack is also meant to be a proof that it is possible for one person to learn stuff in all areas and make a good hack out of that. It's hard, I can relate, but it's totally worth the trouble. So if you're struggling with something... struggling with anything, really, please do not give up. If you dream of seeing your hack complete, exactly as you intend it to be, it's up to only you to do so, and YOU can do it! If I managed to learn, it's because anyone can do so!
Mind if I nickname this hack Embodiment of Scarlet Koopa?
Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.

i'm so totally playing this once i get the time
I don't regret snipping this from the hack moderators - so far I'm really enjoying this!
Originally posted by Mathos
i'm so totally playing this once i get the time

This, pretty much. Great work, Blind Devil! I haven't had any time at all to work on my own stuff, damn life...
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
Thanks, people, for the kind comments! I really appreciate it!

Well, I'm coming to say that I'm planning a really minor update, but it might be convenient to people who can have trouble at dungeons. Currently, the game only memorizes keys and locks after the midway point is triggered, so I'll make an effort to see if I'm able to make these always save independently of midpoints (they'll only reset in case of game over). For those that are already playing, don't worry - this won't give you any SRAM conflicts, so you can keep playing normally.

Again, thanks.
FINALLY! A hack with story to play.
It's been a while huh blind?
I'll play this hack and make sure to leave feedback
or atleast try, I'm not good to give feedbacks

but hey, I'm so hyped for it, I'm sure it will worth
keep up the good job, #Peace -DMB
I like what I see, will probably try this out later.
Layout by RanAS, modified by yours truly.

What an excellent hack! I've only played a few levels so far, but everything looks super polished and interesting. It's been a while I've seen a fully finished, consistent and story-based hack. For me, this is the best kind of them all. Congrats on finishing this, Blind Devil! The amount of work and time you put into this is really showing. I can see that I will definitely enjoy playing it to the end.
From what I saw and heard this hack is super promising. Can´t wait to play it for myself once i finished other moderation duties #tb{:]}

it's take long time to make something good. And this game is awesome. At it's gives inspirations. I think i want to play it on SNES. This looks awesome.
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When I have the 21 stars. I have yoshi but when I enter the final castle it does not leave me
This is excellent so far (though admittedly I haven't played too much yet). I remember playing one of your older chocolate contest entries and I liked your design a fair bit, so I was happy to see a full release by you.

Is the whole soundtrack custom by you? If so, that's ambitious yet incredibly impressive. There are a lot of pretty solid tracks that nail the atmosphere. I really like the Ghost Water Palace one in particular, and your boss themes.
This looks super great, excited to play it! Nice to see a full hack released too!!
Thanks everybody for the replies! I honestly haven't expected that much hype.

Well people, technical problems have arisen. A softlock has been found, thus the download link will be off for now. I don't think I'll be able to update it until before Tuesday, so I'll have to keep you waiting a bit more. This is kinda frustrating, especially because I ran once through this issue, fixed it, but now it is back.

So, umh... sorry for that.

edit: update came earlier lol
Golly, what a polished game. I almost want to make a polished and consistent hack now, but just almost :P

I'm just really having a peek since the game is broken, but I dig the exploration feel of this game, the non-linearity and all. I also really like how well the plot seems to have been pulled off, something very, very few hackers can do.
One pet peeve I have so far is that I wish text went faster. I also think the second half of the bramble level was quite slow. But so far, I'm digging this a lot! Great job, I've been anticipating this hack for a while. I hope to finish it once you release the fixed version!
I've been quiet for a year, but I feel like I should come out to say this looks awesome. Definitely gonna play this! I'll return once it gets fixed!

I wonder if it works on real SNES hardware. I kinda want to try this on my everdrive!
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It works on flashcarts since it doesn't use any enhancement chips. (Never mind my assumptions were wrong)

Other than the softlock thing, so far this is the best hack I've played this C3.
Layout by Erik557
Update (whoa I did it).

The hack's awaiting moderation once again. I fixed the softlock issue (was a JSL/RTS mistake hurr durr genius applause to me), and as a plus, I enhanced the object memory for dungeons as planned. Hopefully there aren't any issues other than the known ones (which I'm not able to fix at all) - they're mentioned in the Readme file.


Hope you all had a wonderful C3.
I'm almost fully done with the hack; still doing postgame stuff but I want to give my thoughts on it anyway.

Awesome level design - I had a lot of fun going through the levels that were mostly linear but still had some exploration to do. The dungeons, while mostly about exploring, were really fun to play as well (but admittedly I've struggled in Entangled Dungeon and Sub-Zero Stronghold (when I had to go to there for the second time) quite often). Other than that they played really well, the aesthetics were on point. 👌

I really liked that the overworld wasn't linear and that while dungeons did require their own amount of stars to be accessible, you still could play the levels at any order you wanted. I also really liked that the items you got in order to proceed in later levels you couldn't before also did were used in the overworld - that was really clever! I also dig the design of all the maps, especially the main map.

The soundtrack is really impressive! I've had listened to some of the tracks before the hack was released but nice that you left a download link with the OST too!

Oh Christ the power realms were so insane that getting past them was the most satisfactory thing ever. Honestly the final levels aren't as difficult as the power realms were.

To think there even are time trials for them postgame!

In the end this hack is one my favorite hacks played, if not my favorite of all. It's like a dream hack because it perfectly pulled off a lot of things I want to do on my own; a great story, somewhat exploration-based level design and a pleasant soundtrack (I can't really do this one lol). All of this was an incredible experience and I'd happily play this hack again.

Awesome work here, I really had a blast playing this! I hope you get the gold for best finished hack this C3 because you truly deserve it.
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