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Toad strange Island C3 Level Sampler

Toad strange island level Sampler Download


Userbar made by Green Jerry

I'm happy to see this project is still on going. It has a lot of potential.

I'll give it a play when possible and also post a review if I get enough free time.

Keep up the good work!
This looks pretty nice actually! The 1F0 graphics are a little silly, but other than that I might give this a go somewhere down the line!
Your layout has been removed.
Some of the graphics are weird but this looks pretty nice overall.
your simplistic human mind cannot possibly comprehend the complexities of my thoughts
Thinking you should maybe tone down the yellow in that level I'm assuming is the Yellow Switch Palace. While that bright of a yellow works in small blocks, having it just be giant blocks of only that color is a little much to the eyes.