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Erik's ASM Showcase and Request Booth [Requests closed]

Welcome to my (again) rushed booth, where I'll display some ASM stuff I've made. I'll also take ASM requests, like last year.

Stuff done:

Shell-Collectable Coins and Dragon Coins (Update)
I added support for thrown Goombas, Mecha-Koopas and Bob-Ombs; the ability to collect brown blocks turnt into coins, SA-1 compatibility.


Nintendo Presents Fadeout
Makes the Nintendo Presents logo appear in a fancy manner.


Kicked Koopa Shell
This spawns a Koopa shell in a kicked state.


Custom Colored Bouncing Winged Koopa, Alternates Between Height
A koopa which bounces alternating between a high and a low jump. The coolest part (and the reason why this took 90 years to finish), it comes in a custom color! (Palette F by default, I recommend not changing the row to something other than E or maybe 9).


Ledge-Dwelling Mega Mole
A Mega Mole that behaves like sprite 5E, the ledge-dwelling monty mole.


Flyin' Football
A football that flies. When stomped, it will become the original game's football.


Para-Dry Bones
A dry bones that jumps like a green parakoopa. The extra bit configures the jumping pattern. The extra property byte 1 sets what dry bones to spawn when stomped on.


Super Mario Advance 2-Styled Yoshi Blocks
Gives you a different Yoshi color from the block depending on the powerup status and unblocked Yoshis. The yield (when all are unlocked) is random for small or big, red for fiery and blue for caped. When a ceratin color is not unlocked, it resorts to RNG.


Fire-Spitting Boo
Title. Unlike a normal boo though, this one will never stop following you #smw{>:)}


Flyin' Mega Mole
you guys are crazy A Mega Mole which flies! Includes two variants: one keeps flying horizontally forever, while the other emulater the red flying koopas.


Atomic Muncher
A muncher that will explode on ground (or ceiling) contact. The silver P-Switch behavior is identical to that of a normal muncher.


More Predictable Hammer Bro
A Hammer Bro that spawns hammers without horizontal speed, making it more of a timing obstacle than random.


Sliding Rex
A rex that slides in a similar fashion to a blue shelless Koopa.


Request table:

Jumping Parakoopa, alternates heightDone
Shell, kickedDone
Fade-In Nintendo PresentsDone
Spinjump from A to R or ADone
Ledge-Dwelling Mega MoleDone
Flying FootballDone
Flying Dry BonesDone
SMA2 Yoshi Block patchDone
Boo that shoots fireDone
Flying Mega MoleDone
Hammer Bro with patternDone
Sliding RexDone
Para-MuncherNot Started
Sprite DespawnerNot Started
BlowerNot Started
Block that Heats UpNot Started
Elite GoombaNot Started
Modify SMW health barNot Started
Better PanserNot Started
MinecartNot Started
Spider SentryNot Started


Para-muncher. A muncher (upsidedown, so it looks fine) with a parachute.
Create in bottom of overworld a line with the difficulty of the level
"Difficulty: ***" for example
Layout by Koopster
A better version of the dkc2 skull cart hosted here with accelerarion and deaccelerarion on ramps, and better hitboxes to be smaller. for reference
Modern Redrawn Mario Bros. 1.5 (last update - February 14, 2023, some new bonus frames, tons of minor touchups to various poses)

On Pixel Art Requests: Depends on what it is and if I have the time for it. If its complex and I don't have the time, don't expect me to accept it.

Projects I support:

rinkas from metroid

A boo that never stops following you and shoots fire in your direction.

Sprite about 3 times the size of a koopa as far as x and y, (gfx don't matter, and no movement animation of any kind matters, but if you feel bad then make it banzai bill) touching it is instant death, and it moves along at about the same pace of a koopa. (preferably it would spawn bullet bills from random locations on itself about every two seconds, but that may be difficult and its up to you)

so, in other words, large instant death thing that moves
Jumping parakoopa that alternates between high and low jumps instead of always having the same jump height. Should use pal E or F if possible so it works with your other parakoopa colors
Perhaps you can do my request?
NameElite Goomba
Short descriptionA goomba that's hard to kill.
Long descriptionThis is how it works. The Elite Goomba walks normally. When Mario jumps or spinjumps on it, before hitting the target, the Goomba launches spikes from its helmet to protect itself and it can keep on doing that, until Mario is done. Jumping on its spikes hurt you and spinjumping in it boosts you. When the Goomba sees Mario(is 5 blocks away from the enemy), it prepares to spit 6 fireballs at him. After doing this 1 more time, it goes to sleep and Mario can jump/spinjump on it. The Goomba will be hit and it will show an animation. Another hit on the Goomba will defeat it.

If it's too hard, then I don't mind.
A Broozer that destroys cement blocks (and maybe kills other sprites) with its punches. Should behave kind of like the NSMB one, blindly running in Mario's direction all the time and punching everything in its way.
A sprite version of this patch to work with this one of yours. I think the hearts could be shown at the bottom, or just like SMB2 did.
here you go my request

A modification of the cape (or separate) whatever is easier. To act like either the SML 2 bunny ears or Nsmb propellor, not both just whatever one is easier.
SMB2 panser sprite that actually functions like smb2 panser and not buggy and badly edited smb3 hammer bro.
Hmm, ASM requests... let's see what I can come up with. Something simple and not too hard to do:

CustomSprite Koopas that interact properly with slopes (Blue and red won't get stuck on them), and will stop every now and again to shoot a fireball at Mario. Tile Map and speed should be customizable.
a shell that's kicked (basically when it spawns, it's already kicked)
Originally posted by Fostelif
Can anyone make a better pushable crate sprite than 1524's?

Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.
Make a separate save screen similar to SMRPG or Chrono Trigger (or any RPG for that matter)
Currently working on:
Super Kekcroc World 4 (lol jk)
oh my god
I'll close requests for now. I'll analize the ones already posted to see which ones I'll make and which ones I won't.