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Sicari Remastered another demo lol

Since I've been holding it off so long and the hack changed so much since the last demo I decided to release another one despite saying I wouldn't ;)

this comes after a vote I had where most people said I should so here we are

Here's the link

and here are some screenshots lol

was gonna drop a trailer too, still going to try and do it, but some stuff happened and i haven't been able to do that here, but unless i say otherwise, expect it tomorrow or sunday

really hope you enjoy <3
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Woah, this looks really cool! I'm definitely checking this out.

I wish I could draw like that ;-;
I can´t count how many demos of previous versions and your other hacks i´ve already played, but it´s very nice too see you´re still improving a lot and i expect the final version to be absolutely fantastic #fim{<3}

Sicari a cute, cute!!

Definitely checking this demo later. Looks very nice compared to your previous demos, and the logo looks great!
I've seen this hack evolve more and more over the past couple of months and it never ceases to amaze me to see what it's becoming. So much love and care is going in this and you're one of the few people that genuinely enjoys making hacks.

Keep it up, I'll give this a play later. (Even though I've played lots of versions that were never released to anyone already!)
Those are some goode grafx™, remind me to play l8r

Eevee is lovely

I love your graphics dude, I'm sure this remaster will be a success

And you are the loveliest, don't forget it! #w{<3}
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Here's me being threatened by eevee to play this hack. Legit, no lies. i never lie.

My god, if I have to render a video 5 fu@#ing times again, I swear to f- *is shot*
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You have shown a few screenshots of this hack to me before, and I can definitely say that you didn't disappoint after all. I dig how extremely detailed the graphics are; this feels like a legit SNES game rather than a SMW hack due to the sheer amount of details at the first sight.

I'm truly sure the gameplay is also enjoyable. I'll give this a shot later, but for now, keep it up~
Everything looks a lot better than the original, and I'd say it's a huge improvement over the last demo as well. At this point you might as well call this Sicari Remastered Remastered #ab{;)}

The last screenshot looks specially great, the background is lovely. Keep it up!
Looking great right now! Always great to see hacks with original characters, and this one is no stranger. One of these days I'll get to actually playing though this.

Can't wait for the demo next C3, too.
Gave this a shot, I had lots of fun playing it.
I'm glad you people seem to like it.

I was going to make a trailer, but that's likely not going to be finished now, sorry... :c

perhaps after c3!
Had the luck to try your hack on its earlier wip versions; really happy to see you submitting a new demo now! The screens look lovely, I should really find the time to give this a go: I'm sure it'll be a good time.

Good luck with it, I hope to see the final version soon! ;)
I'm just glad you've never given up on this hack. You've been working a long time on it, and it shows. The fact that you look back at stuff that's already been done to improve it and polish it is definitely a strength, not everyone does that. At this point, you should rename the hack Sicari Rereremastered lol haha
Also don't worry about not making a trailer right now, you'll have other opportunities to make one (such as release, release or release)
Good demo! I enjoyed playing it, lots of fun!!!
I'm so hyped, I cant wait to play it :D

Always surprising with those high quality graphics,
keep up the good job Eevee
#peace #smw{:peace:} -DMB
Your pixel art has steadily improved over the years, Eevee. This is looking good as expected.
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