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100 Rooms of Enemies V3.0.0.: The Full Edition >> Trailer...s! + V2.0.0. Soundtrack Origins

Hey there mates and femates, this is Daizo Dee Von, presenting you two trailers for the
upcoming final release of my popular hack "100 Rooms of Enemies", co-developed by Mellonpizza.
Encase you don't know, 100 Rooms of Enemies is a hack based on the Paper Mario: The Thousand
Year Door's "Pit of 100 Trials" and Kirby's "Arenas"/"True Arenas" featuring two modes:
Arcade, and D|D (Do or Die). In order to progress through the game, you have to clear all the
enemies on the screen to warp to the next room, and you keep doing this until Room 100 is
conquered. However, for "The Full Version", there are two major differences: everything is in
one ROM... and a new mode is added to the game. Now... you can either watch...

Or you can watch:

"Nightmare Mode" is essentially Do or Die on steroids, and it is only recommended to those
who've lost their sanity
long ago. All I can say about this mode is there is an extra boss,
all the transition rooms are cut in favor for a non-stop gauntlet, and you only get one
mushroom that spawns in a different room pur playthrough (anywhere from 1-99). You are able to
retry, but you'll always reset back to Room 1 instead of the room you died in. This
is the ultimate challenge.

Another feature between V2.0.0. and V3.0.0. is you don't need to beat all three modes to 100%
the game; you only need to complete the difficulty that's highest to beat it (Arcade = 33%,
D|D = 66%, and Nightmare is an automatic 100%). This is good for both players that just want
to play the game, and those tool assisted speedrunners who just want to complete the entire
at a fastest time possible. Speaking of which, we are planning to also include a stop-
watch for both D|D and Nightmare Mode to help further the ability to save times and brag to
your friends about how not only can you complete it, but you can complete it in a fast time!

But wait! There's more! I've also uploaded the original™ v2.0.0. Soundtrack!

It includes music in the game that you may have never heard before...

Well, guess that's it then. Get hyped! Or not, since this is just 100 Rooms of Enemies again
but with more bells and whistles and a more professional look. Seriously though, this'll
probably be the final update before I and Mellon can finally put this hack to rest for our
other projects. No, there won't be a sequel coming for a while. This hack already took a good 3+ years to make!

Cheat Code:

Too bad it's a little older of a hack or I'd give it a whirl (I played the original), but this thread looks sexy as heck, good job on that as well as all the new features! #wario{O_o}
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nice trailers!
Played this hack a long time ago, but holy shit I'm loving that trailer. Great work, man! The new features sound pretty cool as well.
IMO, the 90s styled trailer is better. These new modes sound interesting, so I might give it a try.
please click this!
The H Y P E
Porting music is like walking down a street. Sometimes it goes nicely and sometimes you wANT TO STAB SOMEONE IN THE HEAD DUE TO HOW HARD TH IS IS
Good job! I love the trailer!