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L is Real for 2017! + 2 Mystery Hacks

Hello everyone!,

I will be participating for C3 this year!

L is finally real!

Now the green little bro Luigi is finally appearing in his own 3D adventure then he should of appeared in originally!

I am currently updating Cjes's Super Luigi 64 Hack! There were some things missing from his hack and some things were unfinished such as the caps still being Mario's caps and giving Luigi his own abilities. This will make it the most completed full Luigi adventure in the world Super Mario 64.

Unfortunately Cjes left the internet and also deleted his YouTube channel due to him being super busy with life. He was originally gonna update his Super Luigi 64 hack but left the internet leaving it unfinished. As tribute to him I am going to finish his hack he intended on updating since he left.

Below is a list of Features and Improvements going to be included in this hack.

-Bonuses outside of the game will be included with Super Luigi 64 ;)

-Luigi's Caps are no longer the original Mario's caps in the "!" Blocks (This applies to the Wing and Vanish cap along with when Luigi loses his cap as well)

-Mario face model is disable on both the "Press Start Screen" and "Game Over Screen" (It's currently not possible to edit the Mario head model yet.)

-Super Mario World/Super Smash Bros. 64 and Modern Alternate color patches for Luigi included. This will affect the caps color too.

-Luigi's name appears in the credits replacing Mario's name

-A separate patch with Luigi using only Mario's main physics minus the running speed to go up hills. #smw{;)}

-A separate patch being able to jump high, run faster resulting your childhood dreams to run up that hill to get that red coin in Bob-omb Battle Field easily, slippery tractions, swim faster, air meter depletes faster underwater and when you are caught in the gas, slow at carrying objects and possibly adding the beta triple jump.


Below are some screenshots. I may have had no time to show off a trailer but that doesn't mean I can't show screenshots #smw{9.9}. Maybe some new things are in those screenshots who knows? #smw{;)}
I even asked a certain someone if I can make something with Luigi too!



This hack will work on the following media's and will be released as patches.

-Project 64 1.6
-Everdrive 64
-It's own Virtual Console
-NES Mini


Super Luigi 64 will release Summer 2017!

Special Thanks to Cjes for the base of his hack since I don't own the hack itself but added new content to finish it, Quasmok for making that lovely logo and other content and help, Neweegie for testing Super Luigi 64 and MelonSpeedRun for helping me out in general!

FAQs will be asked below

Q: Why does Luigi have only high pitched Mario voices and not his own voice clips?

A: This one has to be the biggest answer I made.

Charles Martinet didn't voice Luigi in a game until Mario Kart 64 (North America) in which that game came out a year after Super Mario 64.

Charles Martinet generally first voiced Luigi in Mario in Real Time which is an interactive system that was introduced around 1992.
I didn't want to use the voice clips from other N64 games, they were inconsistent sounding and there were not enough clips to replace them all either. I would of used his voices from like Mario Kart Double Dash and Luigi's Mansion (Super Mario 64 DS reused some of those clips from the two games along with a couple from Super Mario Advance 2 but the quality for those clips are not very good to be used in an N64 game) or even just Super Mario Galaxy alternatively but they would sound way too modern for a classic game.

Besides the clips would be hard to add in with the N64SoundRip Tool and I would have to keep getting the Sound Rate right until it was correct by opening my ROM like let's say 50 times which is quite time consuming so I didn't bother with it.

The high pitch voices actually comes from Super Smash Bros 64/Melee which the voice clips are Mario's but high pitched. No Mario game uses those high pitched Mario voices and think about it Luigi's voice is actually depending on build dates for various N64 Mario titles.

Since Cjes wanted to make this Luigi accurate enough as if he were actually playable in an N64 title, he based everything on "what's the next thing to Super Mario 64". Since SM64 was a "rushed" game, according to a lot of the broken/missing features that were later implemented/fixed in the DS remake, if they were to rush Luigi in as a playable character, the voice would've most likely just been a higher pitched Mario (Similar to how Boo and Bowser's laugh are the same clips but a different pitch) but each of there own clips have a different to save time. Which I theorized that the voice clips in Super Smash Bros 64/Melee were meant to be given to him since Luigi was supposed to appear in the original Super Mario 64.

That is why I kept those clips I find them funny and fitting since Luigi was nearly the same character as Mario back in the old days even when Luigi was actually a "Green Mario" until Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) but then they kept making him one until after Super Mario Land. In Mario Kart 64 (Japan), Mario Party 1-2 and Mario Kart Super Circuit, Luigi was not voiced by Charles Martinet but by Julien Bardakoff (Bardakoff is currently affiliated with Ubisoft). Luigi had high pitched voices but not based on Mario's clips. If you really want those modern voice clips, You can send them to me if you want but good luck trying to import them unless you are very good at handling the soundrates. They have to sound right without any issues.

My goal is to make the mod have an N64 feel to the criteria.
When abouts will this be released?
Just wondering cause it might be fun to just play a slightly different version of SM64 for once!
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I am hoping to release Summer 2017. #smw{;)}
I know C3 is over but I better leave this right here that is finally coming. Just to make the post a little more interesting.

Well this looks great. Can't wait to play your good hack!
I wish that there will be Year of Luigi Part 2 next year. Keep it up, Koopshi!
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Well next year will be his 35th Anniversary so who knows.
Thanks i will try to release something for his 35th Anniversary!