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Super Mario's New Wacky World! - C3 2017 Demo

Hi! Mario1989 here, Today, I will be showing off my newest hack in a playable form, The hack I'm showing this year is titled, "Super Mario's New Wacky World!" Here's the plot of the game, (You don't have to read it all.)

One day, After Bowser was defeated in Super Mario World, Yoshi's friends built a replica of Dinosaur Land, Without coins and blocks. Yoshi replaced them with boxes and fruit, The next day, Bowser invaded the replicated Dinosaur Land and hired new koopalings because they're recovering from the last battle from Mario, The new koopalings were, The Crazy Ground-Pounder, Kario, MwgaGoomba, SpinDine the Lakitu, Bass and finally, Fishin' Boo.
Luigi was too tired to join the adventure, So Mario goes on the adventure himself.

Here's the .ips file uploaded to MediaFire:

And the overworld is temporary, It will change when the hack is ready.
I regret writing this...
I personally don't like applying a lot of patches to check out hack releases, so it'd be really helpful if you posted a few screenshots of your hack to catch mine and other people's attention!
Your layout has been removed.
Here's the screenshots.#smw{:|}
I regret writing this...
I'm not exactly sure what I think of this demo. Let's just go through it.

The title screen is a little lacking, but I can't expect much from a demo. The first big complaint I have is with the VWF Dialogues. The default pattern makes the text a little illegible and the text formatting of the intro is of very dubious quality - every paragraph begins with a new line and it never wants me to press A.

It ends quite abruptly, too. If you'd like, I can help with this, I've messed around with this patch a lot. Most of the following messages are fine, however, the Yoshi message is also a little odd.

The color of 32x32 box which surrounds the player on the overworld doesn't match the border's color. I know the overworld is temporary, but this is something which you might overlook in the final overworld.

Starting off with the first level. The level design is okay. It's impossible to exit the first bonus section (level 09E, clouds with coins a yellow switch block) - you end up in an infinite bonus game. Also, the tile for the third Yoshi Coin in the status bar is flipped vertically.

The second level is quite short. There's an unedited message block with questionable placement and the Sumo Bro. is virtually useless - it can't create flames this close to an edge.

Now for the final level. The layer 3 tide goes below other layers and scrolls with the screen (fixable with this generator). I'm not even sure if you wanted a tide, considering most of this level is built in such a way that going into the water is impossible or unnecessary (and especially because level 102 has water by default). Also, the Bouncin' Chucks at the end haven't got much room to breathe, which makes them quite easy to dodge. This level was also a little short.

Overall, I think the walljumping and ground pounding (which you could have told the player about) abilities you gave to Mario are very underused - in the hack's current state, they might as well not be there. The hack looks fine visually, however, as rude as it may sound, some of the design choices (e.g. the very impractical placement of the item box) and bugs (e.g. the infinite bonus game in the first level) make me wonder if this was even tested.

You should consider polishing this a little more and maybe making better use of the new mechanics you've added. It just seems sloppy and rushed right now.