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I agree.
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Sounds about right
>Mark danced crazy!
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Is this it? Has somebody finally cracked the code on how to greentext on smwc?
patch doesnt work on a vanilla smw rom.

looks like its a mystery... #smw{o_O?}
Originally posted by Steven
patch doesnt work on a vanilla smw rom.

looks like its a mystery... #smw{o_O?}

Wait, really? Either your rom isn't clean or my rom wasn't clean...
yep, downloaded a new rom and it still didnt work.
Yeah, my "clean" rom was corrupted. The download should work now.
I'm spending all hours of the night trying to 100% this just to see if you did anything but fuck up the visuals and put the default music in different areas (Just started about an hour ago).

(This will probably end up being a huge waste of time, but I'll screencap or record a video of everything I find and put it all in one post when I'm finished)
Don't worry, I have literally nothing better to do.

If you find that nothing is here by tomorrow, I was too lazy to finish, there was nothing changed at all, or I felt like editing together a bunch of clips into one video (in which case, wait like one or two more days).
Place your bets now, folks.
Oh look, a slightly edited preset layout :|