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Rise on this island C3 Demo

(Rise On This Island Demo)
This hack is base on a dead hack name rise.

Userbar made by Green Jerry

Underway's work can never be perfectly replicated but this looks pretty nice
your simplistic human mind cannot possibly comprehend the complexities of my thoughts
The dark green of those pipes looks And that transition whenever the grassy ledge meets the cave tiles looks weird every time, as if it's cutoff.
Well, this hack looks good, but it's pretty empty enemie-wise. Seriously, 1st level lacks any kind of obstacles to dodge. A few koopas, chucks, that it. Oh, and any other level too.

Hey, I can jump out of black nothing!

I honestly don't really like those stretched bridges.

Those pipes are very weird, better to replace them OR at least make other pipes with Priority = on

When Save prompt appears, HDMA disappear.

Again, it looks good aesthetically, but it lacks any kind of challenge. It makes hack boring to play, I know, you can do better than that!


Wow,That Look Like A Good Hack,I Wish You Complete This Hack#w{=P}
This looks like a decent attempt, but yeah it's best to test your levels that don't cause any issue! Anyways, decent hack and keep that up.
the levels start out nice and easy which is generally where you want to be for a world 1, and it definitely seems like you know how Underway's signature style worked. I'm just hoping you can fix the spelling errors and make the treetops in the forest levels look better, as they currently look like they're lazily repeated.