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RussianMan's Rips

Hello there and welcome to the


Were I'm gonna to show Rips from Shrek 2 (GBA)

1. Shrek's Swamp BG

Original Background a bit longer, but doesn't loop propertly in SMW, so yeah. Also added extra tiles on the top.


2. Night Background


3. Coins

I don't know how to make GIFs, so here's all frames.


All Rips in one!

That's it for now.

Have a nice day!

SMW C:\\user_19007_shree\posts >> target.display('layout_mathos','Sea of Science')
Oh God, that moon looks so lovely, I really wish I had this back when I used to hack. It would have been such an awesome thing to use.

4 leaf clovers on the coins? Pretty cool. Coins are a bit too shiny, though, and they become hard to see in backgrounds with bright colors, like in the screenshot you've given. It took me a good 6 seconds to figure out where the coin was, but that's probably just me.

Great work nonetheless!
@Shree Thanks a bunch! Yeah, I agree that coins are a bit too shiny, but it's original palette from the game. So, yeah.

Nice rip with the night background! Not too big on the swamp background though, to be honest. A little too muddled to really look all that good.
Well, thanks! IDK what to say about swamp BG, because this is how it looks in original game.

Good rips! I liked them, nice job!!
I can see myself using the night background and coins, actually. They really fit with SMW's art style. The swamp one is obviously highly situational though lol
Thanks a lot man #tb{:j}