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Yoshi's Island: Random Input Bot

I'm excited to announce this dumb fun project I whipped up for AGDQ 2017, and we actually gambled on it in the practice room (I lost $5).

Control of Yoshi is taken over by a very stupid but very fun "random input bot", can't really call it "AI" cause it ain't intelligent! Works on console with SuperUFO passthrough to a Yoshi's Island U1.0 cartridge, or just throw it in emulator.

Watch my YouTube video to see it in action!

Yoshi's Island: Random Input Bot (hack)
As usual, I also released the ASM patch here too!

The hack is my main submission for this, it includes the random input patch, several other patches to make it more playable & fun, and also several stages edited by Arnethegreat. He is credited as an author on the hack because of the stage edits. Read the hack description for more information.
lmao I left this running for a while and it got literally nowhere. It truly is not skynet!
Your layout has been removed.
This is simply hilarious, I wonder how far in the game you can go with this.

Fanatical like a Demon
Amazing omg, I love these types of things!
Major thanks to Suika Ibuki for layout!
I'm open for music requests, just DM me on discord and we can further discuss there.
SMAS Soundtrack Status: 100% finished
YI Soundtrack Status: 100%
YI Unsampled Soundtrack Status: 100%
NSMB Soundtrack Status: 7.89%
Killer Instinct Soundtrack Status: 14.63%
SPC Thread
From our family to you, keep your pants dry, your dreams wet, and remember, hugs not drugs.
What happens if you do this in Yoshi's Highland?
*everything stops*
Yeah, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation...
*cut to next post*
Originally posted by The Koopa Resistance
What happens if you do this in Yoshi's Highland?

Your PC will exploit
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread
tfw this got buried.

I still have to try this thing, looks like a good addition just to mess around (and place bets).

I wonder if this could be ported to SMW...