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Yoshi Colors: Player's Choice! [YI]

Along with the random input bot, I also coded a neat little patch that I find stands on its own, hence the separate submissions here.

Check it out!

You can press select to cycle through Yoshi colors on the map screen, so pick your own Yoshi color any time, any stage!

This part of the video I made showcases it in action!
This is actually pretty good, nice patch, definitely I'm gonna use it
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Sounds like an evolution of what you had going at AGDQ which is cool. Should be pretty useful for YI hacks.
Finally, I'm not forced to use that dirty, dirty light blue yoshi. Very convenient!
ooh them's fightin' words, don't be sayin' that in a bar full o' yoshers...
Don't worry, one of my closest friends is a Yoshi.