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Tyty's Graphics Thread

Graphics is plural because I'm -probably- going to be adding at least another set. I have some plans if free time allows ;)

I haven't participated in a C3 in a very long time, but I've created a dessert themed foreground tileset for the occasion.

Fits into one ExGFX file, uses a decent amount of palette space though most of it is for alternate colours on the candy bits. Really, you only need a large portion of 2 for the cake and a bit of 3 if you just want one colour of candy.

Downloads here:


Rocky Coast
Huh, these look sweet. (Pun intended, kill me.)
In all seriousness though, these do look really nice. I'm especially impressed with the Licorice graphics + having slopes with them.
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I'm getting hungry just looking at these, Teyla. I hope to see more from you before this C3 is over. *eats tileset and gains a couple pounds*
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Ha, the jelly beans turned out pretty good after all.

This looks really nice when all put together. Glad you were able to finish it up. Good job!
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Now all we need is a hack that intentionally misspells "Desert" in the World 1 ending sequence. Something like "Onto World 2: The Great Dessert!" just to mess with people.

VERY good job on this though, I love the licorice ropes most of all.
This tileset looks so great I wanna eat it (pun intended because my puns are bad). I specifically like lucorice ropes, but I hate black lucorice taste (how in the actual heck do they eat this?!). Everything fits together. Keep up!
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Sweet! This is very well drawn and i cannot think of any improvements how you could make this look even better. It´s incredible how lovely this resembles a real cake, lollipop, etc, yet having it´s own SMW-like graphical charm. Definitely something I´d like to use for my hack #w{=3}

Wow, candy tilesets are becoming very popular these days. This looks really neat.
Unfortunately, since I fell back asleep this morning, I won't be able to finish the second set I was going to submit on-time, so instead I'll give a little preview.

Essentially, I'm going to be redoing the Japanese-themed sets I did for SMWCP2 into a couple graphics sets that can be used together. Rocky coastal foreground, the palace and bamboo set, and the 3rd set will be a full canopy of cherry blossoms ala SMW's forest set.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed what I did finish on time, it was fun working on graphics again.
This is impressive! I love this stuff. Good job!!
I ended up working on this instead of drawing tonight lol

Download Here
Nice to see this finished up. I really like the dirt filler tiles. They feel really unique compared to other sets out there.