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Super Mario World Adventure - trailer


I wanted to get a demo done for this C3, but then - get this - I found my own place to live! So right now I'm right in the middle of moving and don't have the time or energy to finish up the demo as I want it, but I figure this trailer works just as well.

Hopefully I can get that demo up and running soon, it's nearly done anyhow.
Even if this trailer is relatively short, the displayed levels seem to be quite well designed and pleasant to play.

I also must admit that your palettes are really neat, too and give the levels a beautiful and fitting atmosphere #tb{:]}

Nice trailer! The design seems solid so far, and the visuals are pretty good too. The castle palettes in particular are great imo. The background in the cave level might be a bit too bright, but that's more of a nitpick than anything.
Thanks guys! I'm glad that the design and palettes shrine through, I put a lot of effort into it.

The background might look a bit brighter than it should because the recording program I use seems to saturate the colours a bit. Not sure why that happens, but I could darken it a bit in-game and see if it looks better.