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The (Unsampled) Port Thread

I'm going to be doing something special for C3. I'm going to be taking requests for Ports you want made, and I promise I'll try to make them. After C3, I'll post the songs in the music section. However, there are rules (yes, I know it's inane to put rules in a music porting thread, but whatever).

1. Provide a link to a MIDI of the song and the Youtube version of the song.

I do MIDI2TXT porting, and it's easy on both you and me if I get a MIDI so I can create the song. The Youtube link's for easier access on what the instruments would sound like.

2. Make sure the MIDI isn't just random piano notes.

There's 2 different types of MIDIs, at least according to me. The ones that use multiple instruments and channels, and ones that just use the piano and have all the channels bunched up together. The second type is the one that's created when using a MP32MIDI converter, so find ones that are already submitted in websites, like VGMusic.

3. I do unsampled ports.

Getting samples and using them really isn't my niche, so it's gonna be unsampled, sorry.

4. Just because you requested it, doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to do it.

I know it makes me sound like a dick, but if I don't end up making your song, it's either because it's too complicated, I couldn't make it sound right, etc.

5. You can request multiple songs...

But only up to 3 at a time. I don't want everything to get all cluttered, sorry.

So yeah, that's the rules. Be sure to adhere to those when requesting, and everything will be fine.
Porting music is like walking down a street. Sometimes it goes nicely and sometimes you wANT TO STAB SOMEONE IN THE HEAD DUE TO HOW HARD TH IS IS
Chrono Trigger - Tyrano Lair

Hopefully this midi is good enough to work with. Thanks in advance if you decide to do my request.
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Can you do this unsampled port when you get a chance please?
Hopefully this won't be too much of a problem for you? Otherwise it's fine! :-)

F-Zero - Fire Field

YouTube Video
Request: Tower of Heaven - Stairway to Revelation

MIDI File | Original
// Layout by Maxo
How about the Snowball Park from Super Mario 3D World?


Super Paper Mario (Wii) - Gap of Crag

Youtube | MIDI
Wonder Boy in Monster World (GEN) - Island Theme



Bowser's Lullaby from Yoshi's Story. I really want that song. Hope you can do it.

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Originally posted by jesus

Can you please put a link to the MIDI? Thank you.
Porting music is like walking down a street. Sometimes it goes nicely and sometimes you wANT TO STAB SOMEONE IN THE HEAD DUE TO HOW HARD TH IS IS
Super Robot Wars D - Destinies - Original (GBA)
Super Robot Wars D - Desire - Original (GBA)
Super Robot Wars D - Devastator - Original (GBA)

I've done a little something to make your job a bit easier: I removed all of the duplicate channels (with the exception of the second song, and even then it was only for the sake of channel number consistency, as all of the MIDIs I have here have 6 channels total. Feel free to remove it if you want to). I didn't make any of these MIDIs. Good luck!
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The Gesthal Empire:


Original SNES Song:

Unsampled please?
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Thanks for the submissions, everyone. Now that C3 is over, I'm gonna try to port all of these songs, and I'll submit them on the SMW Music section when I'm done as a batch. So yeah, bye!
Porting music is like walking down a street. Sometimes it goes nicely and sometimes you wANT TO STAB SOMEONE IN THE HEAD DUE TO HOW HARD TH IS IS
Ah dang, I never saw this thread.