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SM64: A New Adventure - DEMO "2"

"lezg_g" Here!
Hello People!, It's been a while I haven't uploaded anything in here, and what a opportunity for C3!

I present you my second demo of my SM64 Mod:SM64: A New Adventure - DEMO "2"

-New Sfx
-A new level
-A new hub
-New coins ; 3
-Much more

I've put a lot of time into it, Enjoy! #w{=3}#w{=)}#w{:>}


If you want to be spoiled how to get all the stars, watch this:



I hope you like my work and see the video included too!
This looks great! It's a little weird at first to see Mario jump around an environment that's slightly less colorful such as this, but it kind of works.
Where's the video you mentioned though? I can't find anything!
Your layout has been removed.
I tried it for a while, but it's a bit hard to beat without savestates, maybe you should work on that. You can also access course 2 and 3, but course 2 crashes when you slide down the ice and course 3 made me run off a cliff in to fake water. I do like the first impression though, with the very clean voice samples and the altered SFX. It is a bit rough right now, but I am sure you can polish it as you go. Oh, and, the pause menu exit brings you to the inside castle level. You might want to fix this.

wow this actually looks really neat
I'd like to say that this is amazing hack, impressive work you made with the design. Can't wait for full release.
Thank you for everyone's comments. I know everything isn't polished but I'll try to improve on that.

I think I'll reestart making level 1 again since the difficulty is too much, Consider this hack as a second Test hack #w{=)}
Working on SM64: A New Adventure