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Yet Another C3, Yet Another SMW Hack [Full-release-ish]

Yet Another SMW Hack, or YASH as I like to call it is your typical SMW Hack I guess. There is 7 Worlds, 32 Levels(33 Exits), first four can be beaten in any order, and then theres also one optional World.

There isnt any major gimmick other than being able to play first four/five worlds in any order, but each world has its unique set of sprites(more or less, there are tiny bit of overlap) and gimmick(s) so each world feels unique. There is some exploration for A-coins and HP upgrades too.

Difficulty is in Normal range, but it can vary due to HP system and HP upgrades(although the optional world probaly pushes the difficulty to hard).

Some other features are wall-jumping and ground-pounting, so its very smb2/sml2/nsmb inspired overall.

But why did you post this here when its been sitting on betatesting forum for months and labelled as RC(release candidate)? Well I got bored of waiting and had some sudden inspiration so I made new world, its between
The Void
and the Final level. I also made new level for the Challenge World

Dunno what else to say, you can download RC 2.0 Here if you want, and its probaly better to post feedback to my thread over at hack testing forum.

In case you played RC 1.5, heres patch notes for RC 2.0.
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I wonder why nobody has replied to this but anyway, this looks amazing! I'll definitely give it a play later
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You definitely can see the SMB2/SMB3/NSMB inspirations and judging from the screenshots it looks well made, too. If i weren´t a Kaizo-mod I´d definitely like to moderate this #tb{^V^}

So far this is a hack with many ups and downs. That could be bwcause i'm still playing the beta, but I do hope you took my tips into account with this. If you did, this could potentially be great.
in the latest patch (2.0) theres a debug coin farm? probably not supposed to be there.
Originally posted by Steven
in the latest patch (2.0) theres a debug coin farm? probably not supposed to be there.

Is here for testing purposes, it wont be there when I actually submit this to hack selection.

All A-coin however are obtainable normally, I personally tested all of them(175).
/▌This Is Bob Copy And Paste Him and soon
/ \ he will Take Over Smwcentral
Good hack! I played this and had lots of fun! Nice job!!
I wanna try this one out!!! #smw{;)}
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