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lx5's 1000th post! (also asm AND hack stuff)

Welcome to my C3 thread! I wanted to use my 1000th post to do this, so here we are.

Sadly, I've been able to accomplish only one thing, which is...

A sprite for my Star Coins patch

As you can see, the sprites can go in front of the FG without problems, this also makes you not use objectool for making them not appear again! Leaving free precious ExAnimation slots and ExGFX60 space.

"But... where the graphics are stored? There are way too many frames and that would eat up SP space."

Well, I knew this was about to happen, so i decided to use Dynamic Sprites for this instead of regular sprites. Combine it with the optimizations I did to the Dynamic Sprites Patch and you won't worry about GFX space!

If you're curious about how the patch handles these, see these screenshots: (1) (2)

First screenshot shows a orange square on the bottom right corner, second screenshot shows how this sprite replaced the square with the star coin gfx! All of that thanks to SA-1 pack's code to handle the star coin.

Also, I've made an (unofficial) update to Minimalist course clear patch, so my patch actually saves the star coins that have been collected.

Star Coin sprite
Update to Minimalist Course Clear patch.

Have a happy C3 everyone!

Also thanks to Mirann for testing and providing a .gif!
Collectibles in front to FG 👌

I'm really glad that you made a sprite version of the Star Coins, plus a version of the Minimalist Course Clear patch compatible with them - it's neat to be able to have both now! I'm surely make use of these!

Also nice 1K
You didn't have 1000 posts already? #tb{:?}

And n0ice, I might actually use your star coins now LOL. Great job!!
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to hear birds and see none.
Nice thing, even if there isn't much to present.
I am going to try and see if I can make it 16x16 instead because I am crazy.
Impressive. But I don't know the first thing about dynamic sprites or sram so I probably won't get to use this...
your simplistic human mind cannot possibly comprehend the complexities of my thoughts
Cool this makes your patch so much easier.
So yeah, I also have something else to show.

I make levels too! (surprisingly) I'd like to share a few screenshots today.

Thanks to SubconsciousEye take the screenies \o/

I also have a .bps if you want to try these levels out, be aware, only two levels are actually finished.

Also I'd like some sort of feedback about the levels, but also report any bugs that you've seen while playing them.

If you look closely, you will notice that I had too much fun taking some of these.
I'd already played a couple of these but hot damn are these cool as shit. I actually had never seen the bob-omb level and I think it's my favorite so far, and how did you even do that with the breakable blocks that came crushing down like holy damn. And where are those bob-ombs even from???

And I love that they may have a flashy gimmick but the level based around them is still super well designed. I'd love to play an entire (mini) hack of these just to kill time. aunque los hubiera hecho de otra manera tbh

Btw what's the overworld music? #w{<3}
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to hear birds and see none.
This is amazing stuff and I like it, good job!
Dude these note blocks that also make sprites bounce are so cool - I hope they get to be used in more of your levels because there sure must be a lot of cool setups to be done with them.

I also like your graphics choice for the levels, especially for the autumn forest!
Thanks for those who cared enough to play these small levels I had in the bps!

I think I'll do a thread in the WIP forum soon, so people can know about this and I can post progress about it.

Also, it seems that the Note blocks level was quite popular by its main idea (which aren't the note blocks, but I forgot to rename the level lol).

Originally posted by MaxodeX
And where are those bob-ombs even from???
Btw what's the overworld music? #w{<3}

I tried to replicate Super Mario Maker Bob-ombs, I think they're almost fine, except for the part that you can keep bouncing on them against a wall forever until they explode.
The OW music is from RednGreen, The starry cradle. Got released during a C3.

Originally posted by MaxodeX
aunque los hubiera hecho de otra manera tbh

yo igual tbh
this is dope, hopefully ppl make nsmb style hacks
These levels are interesting! Although I think that the piranha plant at the start of Snow in the sky is kinda cheap #ab{:P}
I think there are chasing Rexes in one of the Ninji Jump games as well.