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This thread contains a lot of screenshots (and some rips)

First of all, I want to say that this is my first time posting on a C3 (yes, the first time, even being here since 2009 lul)

Back in my active old days, I used to hack SMW in a "non-serious" way, but I managed to sumbit and get approved a hack, but nowdays this hack sucks (don't play it, please)

And since 2014 (or arround) I tried to fix and update that hack to the new standards (basically I tried to reboot the hack)

Here are some screenshots showing the result I got:

I actually have taken levels from the previous hack and updated them, because some of the levels of that hack could be better with a bit more of work. Also, this is how the overworld and submaps looks like (they were made by a friend, not by me, fyi)

I'm not able to give you a download link though, I still need to polish a lot of things and make more actual levels to release a worth update to the obsolete demo.

However, I can give other thing, the original and first version of this hack, made back on 2010, when I was a completely noob at hacking.

Some screens:

This technically counts as a joke hack by now, but whatever. Not anything worth, but you can laugh about me being stupid making this levels and actually though that they were good. Download.

But well, let's show you a actual good thing. I've ripped 3 backgrounds that I wanted to use without releasing them, but I finally decided to release them:

A background from a stage of "The Smurfs"

Backgrounds used in the game Rocky Rodent

(Click on images to download)

And a little bonus:

Some screenshots from my upcoming YI hack

That's all folks!
Wow. the Backgrounds you ripped look excellent #smw{:peace:}

Also it´s always very nice to see, when people get back to their old hack and remaster them to improve the quality (i know this for myself since i remaster my hack i made back in 2015, too #tb{:D} )
To be honest i cannot remember that i´ve ever played your hack but now i look forward to your remastered version. The level design looks solid and varied, so this promises to be fun. The only thing I´d like to complain about are your palettes. Your orange, to be exactly. The Foreground in the 1st level and the Background in the 3rd level are too bright in my opinion and a bit eye-searing. But apart from that your palettes are fine, too. I especially like the palette of this cave.

So overall you revealed very nice things for this C3. And your 1st C3-thread is way better than mine was
(I´m still ashamed of what i did back then)
. Sadly, I´m not into YI-Hacking so i cannot say much about this, but for someone who has no idea it looks quite well, too #tb{^V^}

you have no idea how useful ALL of these BGs will be for my hack

thank you eternally

My video-game experience tells me there's a secret passage in those shadows...oh, it's a background? nvm then.

Those screenshots you posted look nice especially the fisrt ones.
Hey thanks for the rips. I might be able to use parts of that Smurfs cave BG in my Super Metroid hack one day.
This is sick. Love your stuff, good job!
Thanks everyone for the comments, I really appreciate them

On a side note, I've already released the rips
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I like the bonus, send it my way if you need playtesters