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wario art

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more like #wario{>:|}
My Wario art!
Here's the Straw Poll For the sequel of Super Spongebob World. Vote now!
I like Mario but I like Sonic more.
Here's My YouTube Channel help me out and subscribe to my channel!
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My Halloween Drawings.
I'm leaving. Goodbye!

I was 19 years old. I love Wario. I got addicted into wario since the Wario game I got called "Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land". Now I have all Wario games and stuff. I couldn't stop loving him because he had amazing muscles and a beautiful face. Today I went to Mario hacking community club to see what's here.

The only people I see here are just complete anime porn fans. Once I asked them, if they like Wario, they called him gay and told me to kill myself.

I did not expect this kind of reaction. I feel sick now, and that hurts.

I went to the dark place and lied on something. The lighs couldn't be turned on, so I had to be in the dark. I feel like I should stop being Wario fan, otherwise I think I'll get more hurt then ever. But suddendly, something comes to the place.

It's Wario!!!

Wario tells me "you're my friend now". That calmed my nerves. I didn't expect Wario to exist in my world. I feel like special now.

Suddendly, a anime porn fan appears and makes fun of Wario. My favorite personal character gets tired of making fun of him and decides to make the shit out of him.

He uses a long long tongue and grabs his head, making him rip off the neck and eat his head. That was a suprising moment.

With Wario I can enjoy the rest of my life. With his help, we may stop the fangame takedown against nintendo or we may do some treasure hunt in south africa. Wario is the character only the true fans love.
this thread is pure gold and quality i approve

Benny Harvey RIP, miss you big man.

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