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because you loved it last time

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<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation

User was banned for this post.

:O 🔫

This C3 was great!
Working on "A Mario Hack".
Roses are red,
violets are blue,
Alcaro's name is bad(ass)
And a muncher's for you
I don't understand this thread's title though. Who loves munchers?
this looks very unhealthy and I wouldn't touch it
can someone tell me how to muncher #fim{TTwTT}
This is a fucking arthouse thread, 10/10.
munchers are overrated

edit: fuk u alcaro
You have to just slide on a Muncher, right click on it and left click on the picture's URL copying option. Then you click Insert Image to add your image or write Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.</a>

[img]" alt="">
finally, one of those real munchers instead of the fake alcaro-developed munchers
What a masterpiece
>Mark danced crazy!
Backloggery MyAnimeList
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