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C3 Summer 2017 Voting - Results after site maintenance!

Link Thread Closed
As with every C3, you can now finally nominate your favorite threads in each of the chosen categories to win a little trophy award!
These trophies are displayed on the profiles of everyone credited in the thread, for those who aren't aware, right under their bio.

You can find the voting page here:
C3 Voting Page
left to vote!

How it works!

You can nominate up to 3 different threads in each category. Voting the same thread multiple times in the same category is invalid, but voting the same thread in multiple different categories is fair game.
To vote for a thread, simply look through the list below the voting form on that page and find its numerical ID, displayed in bold right in front of the title, and enter that number into the appropriate voting field.

The first category, Best Feedback, is special. It requires you to vote for a user instead of a thread.
To find a user's numerical ID, simply visit their profile and check the URL at the top of your browser window. For example, Koopster's ID is "17663" because his profile's URL ends in "/?p=profile&id=17663".

You can update your vote as many times as you wish before the deadline ends, and it will be saved for when you return to the page once you submit your votes, so you won't need to write them down or anything if you want to change them later.

Please refrain from voting for your own threads or projects you have made significant contributions to, and especially don't make organized efforts to get your own project to win specific categories. All that does is ruin the event for everyone.

The categories!

Here's a more detailed explanation of each category, so nobody is confused about each trophy's point!

1) Best Feedback
Did another user catch your eye posting high quality feedback in lots of threads, or did someone drop a very helpful reply in your own thread? This trophy would be a good way to say thanks!

2) Most Impressive
For that thread that just absolutely blew your mind, whether it be an amazing hack, a crystal clear port collection or an incredible ASM release.

3) Biggest Game-Changer
If there was anything that made you think "wow, this will change the way we hack SMW," then vote for it here. It could be anything, from an exciting, game-overhauling patch to a new essential tool.

4) Biggest Surprise
Was there a thread that caught you completely off-guard? Something you never thought would see the light of the day, something authored by someone you did not think to ever see again or something amazing that came completely out of the blue to you?

5) Most Promising Hack in Progress
This category is meant for hacks that are not yet finished, but look really promising to you. How this happens is up to you, it can be anything from a demo or a level teaser to screenshots, a trailer or even just mere mention of an upcoming hack.

6) Quality over Quantity
For that really tiny C3 thread that still clearly involved a lot of effort. One or two ports, a single sprite, one graphics tileset, a really small level teaser, anything that seems to have as much work put into it as other, much bigger projects!

7) Funniest Thread
Vote for your favorite joke or gimmick thread, just any thread that let you have a good time!

8) Least Informative Title
Did someone clearly skimp out on the budget for their thread's title? Did any title attract you to a thread by its sheer meaninglessness?

9) Weirdest Item
If any C3 submission left you with a sour taste in your mouth or just completely dumbfounded, vote for it in this category. Maybe someone will explain it if it wins?

10) Best Finished SMW Hack
Vote for your favorite SMW hack that was released at this C3.
Cheat sheet: Big Brawler, Blind Devil, Gamma V, JUMP Team, KDeee, levelengine, natnew, Roberto Zampari, S.N.N., toad64.

11) Best Demo SMW Hack
Vote for the best SMW hack demo released this C3. Whether it's 3 levels or 4 worlds doesn't matter!
Cheat sheet: bandicoot, Big Brawler, DPBOX, Eevee, Epic_Manky, IronFoxGaming, jesus, Knucklesfan, LadiesMan217, Lespna1, Mario1989, Matheus2653, Ruberjig, Shiny Ninetales, smwc23105, TheBiob, ThePat545, toad64 (1), toad64 (2), Tob, Y.Y., yoshifanatic.

12) Best Non-SMW Hack
Did you know that there were actually hacks for games other than SMW shown off at this C3? You can vote for the best looking one in this category, no matter whether it's finished or not!
Cheat sheet: KingKoopshi64, Mattrizzle, Noivern, Raidenthequick, RussianMan, Shiny Ninetales, Team Cornersoft, Twoopliss.

13) Best Hack Teaser
For any thread that did an outstanding job getting you hungry for more, be that through a level sampler, a demo, screenshots or a trailer! Presentation is key after all.
Cheat sheet: Alex No (1), Alex No (2), Big Brawler, idol, IronFoxGaming, MarkVD100, Noivern, Sadistic Designer, Sariel, Shiny Ninetales, StrikeForcer, Team Välfärd, Y.Y., yoshimap, zacmario.

14) Best Trailer
Vote for the most amazing, funniest or most immersive trailer video for any hack here!
Cheat sheet: Alex No, bandicoot, Blind Devil, Daizo Dee Von, Gregor, RussianMan, S.N.N., Sariel, Team Cornersoft, Tob, yogui.

15) Best Level Design
This category is reserved for the best examples of good level design, in your opinion. Of course, only threads with actual playable content are allowed here, since you can't judge level design well without playing it yourself!
Cheat sheet: bandicoot, Big Brawler (1), Big Brawler (2), Blind Devil, DPBOX, Eevee, Epic_Manky, Gamma V, IronFoxGaming, jesus, JUMP Team, KDeee, Knucklesfan, LadiesMan217, Lespna1, levelengine, Mario1989, Matheus2653, Mattrizzle, natnew, Noivern, Roberto Zampari, Ruberjig, S.N.N., Shiny Ninetales, smwc23105, Team Cornersoft, TheBiob, ThePat545, toad64 (1), toad64 (2), Tob, Twoopliss, Y.Y., yoshifanatic.

16) Best Graphics Release
Vote for the best SMW graphics releases you had the pleasure of seeing. Sprite replacements are just as welcome as entire graphic tilesets, as long as they're pretty!
Cheat sheet: Gamma V, idol, IronFoxGaming, Mario Doge, Nariofan101, RussianMan, Snifit, StrikeForcer, SuperMario198, Teyla, TheJullasicFox, user23507, yoshimap (1), yoshimap (2).

17) Best ASM Release
Vote for your favorite piece of ASM released this C3. Blocks, Patches, Sprites and uberASM code snippets are all up to be nominated here!
Cheat sheet: Erik557, LX5, mario90, Raidenthequick (1), Raidenthequick (2), Sonikku, TheJullasicFox.

18) Best Music Release
Vote for the thread with the best music releases here. Both ports and original compositions are fine, no matter the amount.
Cheat sheet: a hick, Daizo Dee Von (1), Daizo Dee Von (2), gravitas, Heraga, Kinoko4Tsuki, LadiesMan217, Maxodex, MaxwelHacks, Nimono, Shree, tcdw, TheInsanity115, TheJuanCarlos64, Ultima, Wakana, Wavee, WhiteYoshiEgg.

19) Honorary Mention
The category for any thread that you believe deserves a trophy, but could not find a category for, or that you simply ran out of space for. You can vote for anything here!
Hey uh I accidentally broke something and category 1 and 2 were broken. You can now vote for them properly.

sry #ab{>_>}
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
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Originally posted by Original Post
whether it be an amazing hack, a crystal clear port collection or an incredible hack release.

Don't wanna be a dick but isn't the first and third thing pretty much the same?
They were but I meant to write something else, so oops!
Your layout has been removed.
I hope I get 1 vote
Uh is there reason why I cant post/reply in the C3 subforum?
Because the week is up. It would probably have been for the best to align voting and the period it stays open, but it took a while.
Your layout has been removed.
Wait, what?

Originally posted by Best level design
Of course, only threads with actual playable content are allowed here, since you can't judge level design well without playing it yourself!

Why my thread here? I just posted video without playable patch!

Because going through every single thread is tough! Fixed it.

Also, reminder that voting ends later today so get those votes in while you can!
Your layout has been removed.
It's over now!
We'll tally up the results and post them after the maintenance in the middle of next week, so stay tuned for that!

The voting page will stay accessible for a little bit because nobody that can close it down is awake right now (good organization on my part!), but the votes have been saved as they are right now so that won't change anything.
Your layout has been removed.
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